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Sammer hits back at Klopp comments

May 22, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Bayern Munich general manager Matthias Sammer has hit back at comments made by Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp in an interview with the Guardian.

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In an extensive interview with the newspaper, Klopp touched on a number of topics ahead of Saturday's Champions League final against Bayern at Wembley Stadium.

Klopp was asked about the recent confirmation that star player Mario Gotze will be leaving the club for the Allianz Arena in the summer for €37 million.

With Robert Lewandowski also linked with Bayern, Klopp told The Guardian: "If that's what Bayern wants ... It's like James Bond - except they are the other guy [the villain]."

Klopp also suggested that neutrals should root for Dortmund during the Champions League final, adding: "I think, in this moment in the football world, you have to be on our side."

The interview made an impact in Germany - with one German newspaper using the headline 'Jurgen Klopp chases Dr. No' - and it did not take Bayern long to reply.

"To think the whole world is behind you is also a form of humility," Sammer told the press on Tuesday. "It is like it is: We have freedom of speech in Germany. He comments on certain things and we don't.

"If Jurgen Klopp thinks it is good idea to put certain images into the world, then it's his responsibility. We just don't have to feel addressed. That is not our standard. We control ourselves and behave with modesty and humility. I think we behave well."