Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson made his ...

April 17, 2013
By PA Sport

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson made his views on Carroll's challenge plain and suggested the officials' decision-making had not helped his team.

Asked for his opinion on the incident that sent De Gea tumbling to the floor, he told Sky Sports 2: ``I think it's obvious, I don't think we need to dwell on that, it's an obvious red card but the referee has seen it differently.

``We know how they play, the ball is in the air most of the time. You've got to defend those things and they're very, very aggressive so you hope there's a strong referee. I'm not so sure we got that tonight.''

Despite those misgivings, Ferguson was proud of his players' resolve and declared it the performance of ``champions''.

United are 13 points clear of rivals Manchester City, who have six games to play to the Red Devils' five.

``We had to stand up to a lot, we went down twice but we kept going. We played like champions tonight,'' he said.

``It was magnificent in terms of determination and courage to play.

``It's one more game away...that's five left - three at home and three away. We're determined to win, we don't like losing and they showed that tonight again.''