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Kompany aims to transform Brussels club

April 11, 2013
By ESPN staff

Vincent Kompany is helping to rejuvenate a struggling club in his native Belgium, aiming to turn it into an organisation that can benefit youngsters and the wider community.

Belgium's Vincent Kompany
AP / John WaltonBelgium's Vincent Kompany will help transform Brussels club FC Bleid

The Belgium and Manchester City captain has turned his attention to transforming Brussels outfit FC Bleid, who are bottom of Belgium's lowest league with two wins from 28 games.

A team led by his sister will oversee the changing of everything about the club. A new name, BX - shorthand for Brussels - has been chosen after more than 3,500 people voted via the We Start From Scratch website set up for the project.

Writing on the site, Kompany explained: "The youth of Brussels, in all its municipalities, is a truly multi-coloured mix and I strongly believe in its qualities and potential, which are at present written off much too quickly.

"I grew up in Brussels. I'm one of them, and I know that, with the effort in the right place, they're capable of anything - if they're given the chance."

He said the staffing of the club would enable youngsters to learn how to play a sport and would also offer them broader support in their lives, adding: "This project has to be more than a club where its members simply kick a ball around.

"Together with the present management, the players and the supporters we want, from the bottom up, taking our time and with an absence of any pretention, to build on a Brussels club that emanates positivism and passion and which really stands for something."