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Hyypia set to take UEFA course

March 27, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Former Liverpool captain Sami Hyypia is set to earn his coaching degree in a special UEFA course next season that would see him meet all requirements to become the only coach at Leverkusen, according to Bild.

AssociatedHyypia and Lewandowski have shared the management role at Leverkusen since April 2012

Leverkusen are currently coached by both Hyypia and Sascha Lewandowski and, over the past few weeks, both coaches have made their feelings clear that the current 'shared' setup could not last for much longer.

Voices from inside the club suggested Lewandowski could return to the Leverkusen youth academy after the season, while Hyypia, 39, could take over the hotseat on his own once he has the correct credentials.

The registration has yet to be confirmed by the UEFA's Jira-Panel, which is responsible for the education of future coaches but the Finnish Football Association has reportedly registered Hyypia for the course.

"I can only repeat - we are in close contact with the associations. Just like last year everything will be quite correct," Bayer Leverkusen general manager Rudi Voller is quoted as telling Bild.

"There have always been special courses for merited players. If all is according to the UEFA guidelines, the panel will not say no," the German panel member Frank Wormuth said.