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Snakes on a pitch in India

March 26, 2013
By ESPN staff

A match in the Indian I-League narrowly missed the invasion of over a dozen poisonous snakes after Mohun Bagan took on Arrows on Sunday.

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The Kalyani Stadium near Kolkata saw the reptiles slither their way onto the field shortly after a 3-2 win, while they were also spotted near the dressing room as the players were engaged in the game.

No-one was injured, but I-League CEO Sunanda Dhar told The Indian Express when asked if the venue would be banned: "No, we haven't taken such a decision yet. But we have instructed the authorities to take proper measures to ensure that snakes are removed from the premises of the stadium."

Kalyani Municipality chairman PK Sur revealed that the local area had become infested with snakes due to the recent hot weather, while Bagan midfielder Rahim Nabi told the paper: "I for one would be afraid of playing there again."