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Ten-month sentence in match-fixing case

March 19, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

A man has been sentenced to ten months in prison without probation by a German court for his involvement in a match-fixing scandal.

Milan Supina, pictured during his trial
APMilan Supina, pictured during his trial

Milan Sapina, a 47-year-old Croatian, told Spiegel Online that he would appeal against his sentence, which was imposed by a court in Bochum.

Sapina, the older brother of Ante Sapina, who faces a retrial at the same court over match-fixing allegations, was found guilty of making thousands of dollars betting on manipulated matches in Turkey and Austria.

Markus van den Hovel, the Bochum district court judge, said: "Such bets destroy the sport, as results are no longer down to the sporting performance but to the highest stake."

But Sapina said: "We will appeal. The verdict is not just and very disappointing. I have done nothing, and all witnesses in this trial have testified for me.

"But I am Milan Sapina. Apparently, my last name is enough for a conviction."