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Caceres involved in car crash

March 18, 2013
By ESPN staff

Juventus defender Martin Caceres is recuperating following his involvement in a car crash on Sunday morning.

Martin Caceres nodded Juventus in front.
GettyImagesMartin Caceres is believed to be in a good condition

Caceres, 25, was left with facial bruising and cuts after his Porsche was hit by a car that had ran a red light. The Uruguay international was also being treated for head trauma after the incident.

The Serie A club have said that their player is in a good condition but will spend the next few days at Clinica Fornaca di Sessant for further treatment and tests. Juve added that Caceres' diagnosis is a ''head injury, with a lacerated contusion wound to his scalp and right cheekbone''.

The former Barcelona man was initially taken to the trauma unit at Maria Adelaide Hospital before moving on to the clinic.