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Comedian fined for mocking Zidane

March 8, 2013
By Ian Holyman, France Correspondent

A comedian who called Zinedine Zidane "a billboard with three neurones" has been fined for insulting the former France captain by a Paris court.

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PA PhotosZinedine Zidane is currently Real Madrid's director of football

Christophe Aleveque was ordered to pay €5,000 in damages to Zidane by the French capital's Court of Appeal following the insults, which appeared in an interview the comedian gave to Sport-Mag in January 2011. Aleveque had also called the 1998 World Cup winner "a whore", and said he was "as stupid as a dick".

"It's a battle we've won by putting in all our energy and our passion, I'm emotional and happy," Carlo Alberto Brusa, Zidane's lawyer, said after the hearing, adding that he believed the insults were "humiliating and damaged the dignity" of his client.

Aleveque had initially been cleared of any wrongdoing when Zidane first took him to court, claiming €75,000 in damages. The former Real Madrid star reduced his claim to a symbolic, single euro on appeal.

"We're disappointed. We honestly thought that the right to humour would be recognised as it was initially," Thomas Klotz, Aleveque's lawyer, said. "There was absolutely no intention to harm."

Aleveque will also have to pay €5,000 in legal costs.