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Fan confronts Ribery at training ground

February 14, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery was accosted by a fan who managed to enter the dressing room at the club's training ground on Wednesday.

AssociatedRibery was surprised to find the intruder sitting in his place in the dressing room

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The intruder - a compatriot of France international Ribery - managed to sneak past security into the inner sanctum of the Sabener Strasse complex in order to confront the attacking midfielder about a dog he had tried to give the player as a gift last month.

According to Munich's Abendzeitung, Ribery came into the dressing room to see the man sitting in his place.

"We need to talk!" the man is reported to have said, to which Ribery replied: "We don't need to do anything. What are you doing here? What's your point?"

Security were called to the incident, and the man had left the scene by the time the police arrived. "Next time, he might bring a knife," Ribery warned security, according to Sky Sport.

Wednesday's incident came after the same man had left a dog for Ribery outside the training ground. An accompanying letter read: "Cher Franck, I am sorry, but I don't know who to turn to." The two-year-old dog was taken to an animal shelter.

Bayern press officer Markus Horwick said that the man gained access to the complex by slipping in when Ribery's brother and cousin came to visit, and added that the player was untroubled by the incident.

"The man seized the opportunity," Horwick told Abendzeitung. "Everything's fine. Fortunately nothing has happened. He is already joking again."