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Webb endures disrupted journey

February 12, 2013
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

A Lufthansa flight departing from Munich airport to Donetsk with referee Howard Webb has been delayed for several hours, a Spiegel Online reporter tweeted.

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PA PhotosWebb took charge of the finals of both the World Cup and the Champions League in 2010

Rafael Buschmann, a reporter covering the Champions League game between Shakthar and Borussia Dortmund and booked on the same flight as Webb, tweeted that the aeroplane was not able to meet the scheduled departure time of 10.15am GMT because of a heavy load.

According to the Buschmann, the flight to Wednesday night's Donetsk, where the first leg is to be played, was not able to take off after starting and landing conditions had changed.

Webb appeared to be calm and took pictures with Dortmund supporters, who had chosen the Munich route to see their team play the round of 16 game against Shakthar. 90 minutes after the plane was supposed to take off, the flight company offered €400 for everyone delaying a flight until Wednesday.

According to the reporter, a group of 11 Dortmund supporters did some calculating and took the €400, after having paid €290 for the flight to Donetsk. They will fly out to the Ukraine on the day of the match. After the Dortmund fans had left the plane, it was filled up with fuel and rescheduled to take off at 12.45 GMT.