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Anti-corruption officer hits out at UEFA

February 6, 2013
By ESPN staff

Mark Pieth, the FIFA anti-corruption adviser, has said he believes European officials are blocking reforms in order to further their own careers.

Mark Pieth
AssociatedMark Pieth says some countries are not pushing hard enough for reform

His comments came as he spoke in Geneva prior to a meeting of FIFA's working group, being held later this month, that will help shape reforms.

Pieth voiced anger with UEFA, saying he was "disappointed with what UEFA is coming out with, with the help of the British and the Germans'' and said president Michel Platini was attempting to silence countries with "unanimous declarations'' on their behalf.

His reference to "with the help of the British and the Germans" came after he accused nations that had been "making big noises in the past'' - when bribery and vote-buying allegations against FIFA were at their height - of not pushing hard enough for reform now.

And he concluded that UEFA's formal proposal in response to FIFA's global consultation was "basically trying to cut half'' the modernising programme recommended by his panel.