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Dynamo Dresden banned from DFB-Pokal

December 11, 2012
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Bundesliga 2 side Dynamo Dresden have been banned from next season's DFB-Pokal as punishment for rioting by the club's fans ahead of the cup tie at Hannover's AWD Arena in October.

DFB Pokal
PA PhotosDynamo Dresden forced Hannover to a penalty shootout by drawing 1-1 after extra time

Ahead of the second-round tie of the German cup - which Hannover won 4-3 on penalties - some 300 Dresden supporters were involved in scuffles with police after climbing fences to get into the ground, while others had earlier reportedly thrown bottles at officers. Three people were arrested during the riots, which left nine people injured.

On Monday, a tribunal for the German FA (DFB) banned the Saxony club from the 2013-14 edition of the competition. During the hearing, DFB official Klaus-Dieter Dunkel claimed the Dresden fans looked "extremely aggressive and some of them had hate-filled faces".

In a press statement, Hans E. Lorenz, the president of the DFB tribunal, explained that "the stadium raids were attacks on football in general, which needed subsequent punishment".

Lorenz also explained that Dresden are repeat offenders, which was taken into consideration. Last year, the club was fined €100,000 after violence during the cup tie against Borussia Dortmund.

Dynamo Dresden general manager Christian Muller said: "The tribunal attested that we as a club did nothing wrong. It still punishes us, even more harshly than last time, but we did nothing wrong. It is a vicious circle which threatens the existence of our club and which makes fan and safety work harder - both financially and content-wise."

Dresden argued they had fulfilled all safety requirements ahead of the game and during the tribunal were able to prove that they were well-prepared ahead of the explosive cup tie. Muller also said he was embarrassed by the behaviour of a minority of Dresden fans. Dresden left it open as to whether they will appeal against the verdict.

Meanwhile, Hannover, who hosted the cup tie and whose fans lit flares during the game and had tried to enter the stadium without control, were fined €70.000 by the tribunal.

"The damage for Hannover 96 is immense, not only financially," Hannover president Martin Kindl said. "Right now, I cannot rule out the possibility that consequences for the perpetrators will be even more comprehensive than they already are."