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Orsoni fears he will be killed

November 16, 2012
By Fabien Perrin, France Correspondent

Ajaccio president Alain Orsoni has revealed he is intending to resign as he is fearing for his life after two people close to the club were murdered in the last month.

Manuel Valls, Christiane Taubira
PA PhotosFrench Interior Minister Manuel Valls and Justice Minister Christiane Taubira answer questions following the killing of Jacques Nacer

Since the turn of the year, 17 people have been shot dead in Corsica, an island that has a longstanding problem with organised crime and violent separatists.

Two days ago, Jacques Nacer, Ajaccio's general secretary and the president of the Chamber of Commerce of South Corsica, was killed when leaving his downtown clothes shop. Nacer had replaced Antoine Nivaggioni, who was killed in October 2010, on the Ajaccio board.

One month ago, Antoine Sollacaro, the club's lawyer, was shot dead at a petrol station.

Nacer and Sollacaro were close to Orsoni, who led a nationalist movement in Corsica, and is still under investigation over a 2009 killing. Having been the subject of a murder attempt shortly after becoming Ajaccio president in 2008, he said in Friday's edition of Le Parisien that he considers himself to be a "priority target" and feels that he has been "condemned to death by rumours".

He added that he plans to leave the island and move to another country "if [he is] still alive".

On Thursday, in an interview with the France Inter radio station, he had said: "Of course I'm scared. I have a family, children, a 78-year-old mother who trembles every day when she reads the papers.

"More than scared, I'm desperate. I don't know how I can get out of this situation. I think I will quit Ajaccio."