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Pachuca fires coach Hugo Sanchez

November 15, 2012
By news services

After a dismal 4-0 loss to América on Nov. 3 and subsequent postseason elimination, Mexican club Pachuca fired coach Hugo Sanchez on Thursday after just six months on the job.

Group Pachuca said Thursday that former player Gabriel Caballero will take the reins for the team.

"For all the teams that didn't qualify (for the playoffs) obviously it was not a good season," said Sanchez, who added that he had hoped to have two or three years to rebuild the team. "In this case many of the teams didn't bring the results and so one can't be very happy."

Sanchez had six months left on his contract.

"This is what happened to me with Pumas, the first stage did not go well and we hoped that would happen here, but for that you need patience," he said. "This is the start of a project of two or three years and we were close but didn't reach the goal."