Roberto Mancini lashes out at reporters

November 5, 2012
By Press Association

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini reacted angrily Monday to further questions about his link with Monaco.

Last week Mancini did not deny reports that he spoke to the Ligue 2 club last season and said he was "close to seven or eight teams." That remark has been interpreted in different ways, with the manager having given no indication as to whether he was joking about the speculation or whether he really had spoken to several other clubs.

You need to have respect for the people sometimes. I don't understand why you continue to ask me this. Why? -- Roberto Mancini

"I don't understand why you continue to ask me (about) last year, last month. This is finished. Why? Why, for which reason? Why do you continue to ask me, 'Last year you had a chance to go?' "

"I stay here because my work is here. I worked for two years. I built with the chairman and the owner, this team. We won three trophies in two years. For 50 years we didn't win. Never," he said, when asked for clarification about his comments last week at a news conference.

Mancini stayed at the Etihad Stadium and guided City to their first league title in 44 years.

He was rewarded for that success, which followed a FA Cup triumph in 2011, with a new five-year contract. Despite that there has been conjecture about his future and the surfacing of stories claiming a past link to Monaco overshadowed the build-up to Saturday's Barclays Premier League game at West Ham.

Continuing his outburst, Mancini, who banged the table with his hand, said: "You need to have respect for the people sometimes. I don't understand why you continue to ask me this. Why?

"You asked me one question. I am polite because I answered your questions. I didn't answer because I was there to talk about West Ham. I am polite because I answered, I said it is true -- every year I can have two or three new situations where I can go (but) I want to stay here. I decided to stay here because I worked for two-and-a-half years, I worked hard."

Mancini told reporters that he thinks they "should have respect for this, for me, for the club, for the players. I don't understand why every time we talk about this."