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Moratti struck by 'absurd' Juve win

October 30, 2012
By Adam Digby, Italy Correspondent

Tension is already mounting ahead of this weekend's Juventus-Inter clash with Massimo Moratti describing the Bianconeri win in Catania as "absurd" while the Turin club have cancelled their media engagements for the week.

Massimo Moratti: Made a quick decision
GettyImagesMassimo Moratti wants what is best for the club

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Catania's Gonzalo Bergessio had a goal allowed, then incorrectly disallowed by the referee, after vehement protests from the Juventus bench, in a game Juve went on to win 1-0, which maintained their three point lead at the top of Serie A.

The Calciopoli match-fixing scandal of 2006 - and revelations since - have further heightened the rivalry between Inter and Juve in what is known as the 'Derby of Italy', a point the Inter president was quick to highlight as he discussed Sunday's events with reporters outside his offices in Milan.

"I was a bit struck by yesterday's match in Catania, although in the run-up to Saturday's match I wouldn't want to intensify the less than perfect understanding that exists between Inter and Juventus fans," Moratti said on Monday.

"I don't think there's any need to emphasise what the newspapers have emphasised perfectly. The situation from Sunday is absurd but we always need to hope that it was just an error, and we can only hope that such serious errors don't happen again."

His Juventus counterpart Andrea Agnelli released a statement in which he announced the traditional pre-match press conference ahead of the midweek fixture against Bologna would not take place, citing the manner in which members of the media spoke to assistant coach Angelo Alessio in Sicily.

"There is absolutely an attitude, a behaviour of tension surrounding Juventus before, during and after the game," the statement said. "There were insults in the stands that forced our directors to leave their seats and at the press conference it was obvious what a siege was waiting for Alessio.

"These are unpleasant things that do the sport no good. I condemn this behaviour towards us and I find it wrong that even the designator Braschi should be dragged into it because of a refereeing error."