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Dyer: Soumare the unsung hero of the Fire's back line

Kristian Dyer | July, 20 2009

Chicago has one of the most notoriously stingy back lines in MLS, much of it due to the rapid improvement of young defender Bakary Soumare, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Sorry state of Red Bulls saddens Ammann

Kristian Dyer | July, 16 2009

Red Bulls fans aren't the only ones hurting this season. The team's sorry start has upset former players, too, like goalkeeper Mike Ammann, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS notebook

Kristian Dyer | July, 6 2009

MLS is well represented in the CONCACAF Gold Cup with standouts like Grenada's Shalrie Joseph, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS notebook

Kristian Dyer | June, 29 2009

Clint Mathis is among the growing number of players that have returned to the U.S. after stints in Europe -- a reversal of trend that can only be good for MLS, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS notebook

Kristian Dyer | June, 23 2009

Newly-acquired Nick Garcia has helped to shore up the Toronto defense, while off the field, Garcia continues to help those in need, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: U.S. expectations are too high

Kristian Dyer | June, 19 2009

While it's easy to blame coach Bob Bradley for the U.S. team's poor performance, it's become obvious that expectations for the U.S. are far too high, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS notebook

Kristian Dyer | June, 16 2009

Underachieving midfielder Juan Pietravallo is a microcosm of all that has gone wrong for the Red Bulls this season, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Ching brings blue-collar work ethic to the U.S.' front line

Kristian Dyer | May, 31 2009

He's a lightning rod for criticism among U.S. fans, but Brian Ching has the support of the people who count -- his coaches and teammates, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Pickens bounces back from his failed European adventure

Kristian Dyer | May, 2 2009

After a failed stint in Europe, Colorado's Matt Pickens has re-established himself as a top-caliber MLS goalkeeper, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: End of reserve league is a step back for MLS

Kristian Dyer | January, 5 2009

MLS' decision to dissolve the reserve league is shortsighted and likely to stunt the development of U.S. players, says Kristian Dyer.

75 articles returned.