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Off the Ball: £20m Downing dupe, Boateng sexed out

Dominic Raynor | January, 29 2012

This week in Off the Ball, Reds paid £20m after seeing fake Downing video and Boateng sidelined by too much sex.

Off the Ball: Pepe Le Pew, Amauri for sale on eBay

Dominic Raynor | January, 21 2012

This week in Off the Ball, Pepe Le Pew stinks up El Classico and Juve striker Amauri is up sale on eBay.

Off the Ball: Does Becali dream of electric sheep?

Dominic Raynor | January, 11 2012

This week in Off the Ball, madcap Bucharest owner Gigi Becali hopes thousands of sheep will soothe his fury.

Off the Ball: Kompany lost for words, Ribery shisha bar

Dominic Raynor | January, 7 2012

This week in Off the Ball, Vincent Kompany is stuck for words, Franck Ribery wants a shisha bar and Luis Suarez is zapped by a laser.

McManaman: It meant everything to me

Dominic Raynor | January, 6 2012

"It was everything to me" - Steve McManaman shares his FA Cup memories ahead of ESPN's weekend coverage.

Raynor: Off The Ball hands out the annual awards

Dominic Raynor | December, 31 2011

Hot zombies from Getafe and Ronaldo in a nappy? It can only be Off The Ball's end of year awards.

Off the Ball: Unwise man, Mourinho bears gifts, Kenny's carol

Dominic Raynor | December, 24 2011

This week in Off the Ball, Kenny Dalglish sings a Christmas carol for Sir Alex Ferguson and an unwise fan sees stars.

Off The Ball: Diego Milito's career in Golden Bin

Dominic Raynor | December, 17 2011

This week in Off the Ball, Diego Milito's career is in the Golden Bin and a crazy goalkeeper takes a bite out of an opponent's face.

Off The Ball: Adriano laid low by post-party diarrhoea

Dominic Raynor | December, 10 2011

This week in Off the Ball, Adriano misses title match with party-induced diarrhoea and electric-shock football.

Off The Ball: Gladbach turn to rock, paper, scissors

Dominic Raynor | December, 3 2011

This week in Off the Ball, Gladbach play rock, paper, scissors during a game and a WAG mugged in Naples.

75 articles returned.