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Duerden: Jilong declines AFC presidency

John Duerden | March, 16 2013

East Asian football has been left in shock after the 11th hour withdrawal of Zhang Jilong for the presidency of the Asian Football Confederation, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: China hurtling toward Beckham fix

John Duerden | March, 8 2013

John Duerden examines China's move to appoint David Beckham as an ambassador from a grassroots perspective.

Duerden: Japan's flowers at risk flowers fading

John Duerden | March, 2 2013

John Duerden examines the recent demise of Japan as a continental force in club football.

Duerden: Japan's infatuation with Wenger

John Duerden | February, 22 2013

John Duerden reveals the story behind Japan's love affair with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Duerden: Asia's inferiority complex

John Duerden | February, 17 2013

John Duerden says that Asia's efforts with foreign coaches had their place, but now it is time to look in their own backyard.

Duerden: Learning from match-fixing in Asia

John Duerden | February, 8 2013

Instead of pointing fingers, Europe should open their ears and learn from the history of match-fixing in Asia, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: UAE follow Saudi Arabia's legacy

John Duerden | February, 3 2013

An emerging crop of talented youngsters will help the United Arab Emirates become a powerhouse in Asia, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: Asia's dwindling interest in Serie A

John Duerden | January, 27 2013

A lack of big names, creativity and European success has made the Serie A less appealing in Asia, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: Raising the sights of Asia's youth

John Duerden | January, 20 2013

John Duerden questions the wisdom of players moving from leagues in Asia to Scotland or the Championship.

A journey into the unknown

John Duerden | January, 12 2013

John Duerden examines the history and geographic traits of Asian owners in Europe and their varying degrees of success.

75 articles returned.