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Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Korea recap

Brent Latham | October, 2 2009

The U.S. U-20s needed a good performance against Korea. To say that they failed to deliver is an understatement. Thomas Rongen's team was completely outclassed in every respect as Korea waltzed to an easy win, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Korea preview

Brent Latham | October, 1 2009

Which American squad will show up versus South Korea? If it's the cohesive unit from the U.S.'s last game, the path through the U-20 World Cup will likely become that much easier, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Cameroon recap

Brent Latham | September, 29 2009

Behind several key lineup changes and an effective counterattacking strategy, the U.S. U-20s routed Cameroon 4-1, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Cameroon preview

Brent Latham | September, 28 2009

The U.S. U-20s will try to put a disappointing opening performance behind them when they face Cameroon, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Germany recap

Brent Latham | September, 26 2009

Missing most of its top stars, a weakened German team was still far too good for the U.S. U-20s in their opening Group C clash, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s vs. Germany preview

Brent Latham | September, 25 2009

With Germany's U-20 team forced to field a weakened squad, the matchup suddenly looks a lot more winnable for the U.S., writes Brent Latham.

Latham: 2009 U-20 World Cup preview

Brent Latham | September, 21 2009

With European clubs refusing to release their star youth players, the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup could be an anticlimax, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: U.S. U-20s aim to make their mark in Egypt

Brent Latham | September, 14 2009

The U.S. roster for the 2009 U-20 World Cup lacks the individual talent of years past, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: Jones and Castillo still awaiting FIFA clearance

Brent Latham | August, 31 2009

U.S. fans who are excited to see the debuts of Jermaine Jones and Edgar Castillo might have to wait awhile, writes Brent Latham.

Latham: Bradley likely to ring the changes for Haiti matchup

Brent Latham | July, 9 2009

With quarterfinal qualification assured in the Gold Cup, U.S. coach Bob Bradley is likely to make plenty of lineup changes for Saturday's game against Haiti, writes Brent Latham.

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