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Hays: Smith gives England a cutting edge

September, 21 2007

England's success depends on the play of Kelly Smith. So far, she's lived up to expectations, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. England preview

September, 19 2007

The U.S. will need to rediscover its offensive rhythm if it hopes to defeat England (Saturday, 8 a.m. ET, ESPN2), writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. Nigeria recap

September, 18 2007

In the win against Nigeria, the U.S. women's national team played its best possession soccer of the opening round, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. and European grip on World Cup might be waning

September, 17 2007

North Korea and Brazil could be the teams that end the domination of the World Cup by the U.S. and Europe, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. Nigeria preview

September, 16 2007

The U.S. women can't take their final Group B opponent Nigeria (Tuesday, 8 a.m. ET, ESPN) for granted, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Ellertson arrives on the World Stage

September, 15 2007

Tina Ellertson could have played for Ghana, but she opted for the U.S. She hasn't regretted her decision, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. Sweden recap

September, 14 2007

The key to the U.S. win over Sweden was coach Greg Ryan's willingness to experiment with lineup changes, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Sweden's hopes hinge on veteran striker duo

September, 12 2007

Beset by injuries, Sweden will depend more than ever on strikers Hanna Ljungberg and Victoria Svensson , writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. Sweden preview

September, 12 2007

The U.S. women take on a familiar opponent, Sweden, in a critical matchup (Friday, 5 a.m ET., ESPN), writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. North Korea recap

September, 11 2007

The North Koreans lived up their billing as a possible dark horse as the U.S. was fortunate to escape with a draw, writes Graham Hays.

66 articles returned.