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Folarin: More than a game

Sulaiman Folarin. | September, 3 2008

Sulaiman Folarin examines some of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers for September.

Folarin: Football final fails to match hype

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 24 2008

Sulaiman Folarin recaps a disappointing and dull Olympic Final in the heat of Beijing.

Folarin: Final ready to surpass epic of 1996

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 21 2008

Sulaiman Folarin hopes that this year's final can surpass that of Nigeria's win in 1996.

Folarin: Revenge motivating Nigerian gold quest

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 20 2008

Nigerian coach Samson Siasia tells Sulaiman Folarin he is out for revenge against Argentina.

Folarin: Promising start for Olympic football

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 9 2008

Sulaiman Folarin on some of the match-ups in the first round of group games.

Folarin: Q&A with Brad Guzan

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 6 2008

On the eve of the Olympics, Brad Guzan spoke with Sulaiman Folarin about the U.S. men's preparations for the tournament.

Folarin: Africa has potential to win Gold

Sulaiman Folarin | August, 1 2008

Sulaiman Folarin on the African nations' chances of winning Olympic Gold in Beijing.

Folarin: Club versus the Olympics

Sulaiman Folarin | July, 29 2008

Sulaiman Folarin calls for common sense over the Club v Country debate for the Beijing Games.

Folarin: Can Africa really host the World Cup?

Sulaiman Folarin | July, 19 2008

Sulaiman Folarin questions whether South Africa have what it takes to host the World Cup in the next two years.

Folarin: RSL soaring under Kreis

Sulaiman Folarin | July, 13 2008

The biggest surprise of the season? Jason Kreis' new-look and much-improved Real Salt Lake squad, writes Sulaiman Folarin.

17 articles returned.