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Dyer: Without additions, Red Bulls risk falling flat

Kristian Dyer | March, 15 2010

The New York Red Bulls have a gleaming stadium set to open, a new European brain trust and a star in Juan Pablo Angel. But without more remodeling, it likely won't be enough, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: 2010 Philadelphia season preview

Kristian Dyer | March, 14 2010

In the weaker Eastern Conference, expansion franchise Philadelphia could exceed expectations, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: 2010 Kansas City season preview

Kristian Dyer | March, 9 2010

What the Kansas City Wizards lack in talent, the team aims to make up for in work rate and effort, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS and players far apart on labor negotiations

Kristian Dyer | December, 6 2009

With MLS and the players' union far apart on their negotiation stances, the league faces an offseason of labor worries, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Onyewu plans a speedy recovery from knee surgery

Kristian Dyer | November, 9 2009

While medical experts estimate a six-month timetable for his knee to heal, U.S. defender Oguchi Onyewu hopes to be ready in less, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: End of an era as Red Bulls leave Giants Stadium

Kristian Dyer | October, 26 2009

The Red Bulls played their last game at Giants Stadium and ended on a high note with a win. Perhaps it's a sign of better things to come, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: MLS remains well-positioned despite recession

Kristian Dyer | October, 20 2009

Despite a slight dip in attendance, the economic outlook for MLS remains positive even in this time of recession, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Dallas mounts unlikely surge for postseason

Kristian Dyer | October, 13 2009

Need proof that the MLS playoff format creates more excitement? With only a couple of games per team left on the schedule, all but two teams are still alive, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Mathis reminisces with Honduras flashback

Kristian Dyer | October, 9 2009

It's going to be a big task for the U.S. team to win on the road in Honduras, but it's been done before. Former national teamer Clint Mathis can teach the current squad a thing or two, writes Kristian Dyer.

Dyer: Donovan should headline MLS' Best XI lineup

Kristian Dyer | September, 29 2009

MVP candidate Landon Donovan and Chivas goalkeeper Zach Thornton are just two of many standouts this season. Kristian Dyer projects his MLS Best XI lineup.

75 articles returned.