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A sad end to a magnificent journey

Alex Chick | July, 10 2006

Zidane will be forgiven, even if his crime will never be forgotten, say Alex Chick.

The battle of the blues

Alex Chick | July, 8 2006

If France are to win the World Cup they'll need to address Alex Chick's key battlegrounds.

Scolari's fortunes take a dive

Alex Chick | July, 6 2006

Alex Chick was rather glad Portugal's tactics did not pay off in Munich.

Alex Chick: The sword is mightier than Le Pen

Alex Chick | July, 2 2006

Alex Chick is suitably reverential after Zidane carries France to deposing champions Brazil.

Alex Chick: French faith comes flooding back

Alex Chick | June, 28 2006

Victory over Spain has instilled a new sense of belief around the French team, says Alex Chick.

Alex Chick: The sweet smell of success?

Alex Chick | June, 24 2006

They came up smelling of roses in Cologne, but Alex Cick wonders how France will re-accomodate Zinedine Zidane.

Big Sam's shopping list

Alex Chick | June, 22 2006

Alex Chick composes a shopping list for Bolton bargain hunter Sam Allardyce.

Chick: France living the nightmare again

Alex Chick | June, 19 2006

Alex Chick on how 2006 is turning into a reprise of 2002 and 2004 for France.

French succumb to fear factor

Alex Chick | June, 14 2006

The best part of France's performance was the national anthem, says Alex Chick.

Stricken Cisse's dose of Le Bleus is over

Alex Chick | June, 8 2006

Alex Chick was in St. Etienne to witness Djibril Cisse's sickning leg break in France's friendly.

27 articles returned.