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Downie: We won it five times...?

Andrew Downie | November, 8 2007

Andrew Downie reports on the trophy controversy surrouding the Brazilian championship.

Downie: Anderson prepared to be patient

Andrew Downie | July, 31 2007

Andrew Downie finds Copa America winner and new Man Utd signing Anderson in confident mood.

Downie: Role reversal favours Argentina

Andrew Downie in Maracaibo, Venezuela | July, 13 2007

Argentina will be playing the silky soccer against a dour Brazil in the Copa final, says Andrew Downie.

Downie: Messi sets the standard

Andrew Downie in Venezuela | July, 9 2007

Andrew Downie reports on Argentina's march to Copa America glory, being led by Lionel Messi.

Downie: Early signs good from a thrilling Copa

Andrew Downie | July, 7 2007

Andrew Downie celebrates a thrilling beginning to a revitalised Copa America.

Downie: Castillo impressing as Mexico progress

July, 3 2007

Mexican hopes have been raised by the emergence of Nery Castillo, writes Andrew Downie.

Downie: New broom may spell doom for Dunga

Andrew Downie | June, 29 2007

Andrew Downie reports from the Copa America as Brazil get off to a rotten start.

Downie: Milan's superstar remains grounded

May, 21 2007

Andrew Downie shares his thoughts about Milan's Brazilian playmaker Kaka.

Downie: An unexpected cast in Libertadores knock-outs

April, 30 2007

Andrew Downie rounds up all the action from the qualifiers of the Copa Libertadores.

Downie: Flamengo gaining more than respect

April, 19 2007

High flying Flamengo have now shed their image of being a 'joke' team, writes Andrew Downie.

43 articles returned.