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Forlan idol

Dan Brennan | June, 15 2005

Manchester United flop turned European Golden Boot winner Diego Forlan talks turkey, amongst other things, with Dan Brennan.

The Russians are coming...

Dan Brennan | June, 1 2005

CSKA Moscow's UEFA Cup victory reflects the growing affluence and lure of Russian football. Dan Brennan reports.

Milan ready for Milan

Dan Brennan | May, 24 2005

Milan Baros chats to Dan Brennan ahead of the Champions League final, discussing his role in the Liverpool side and he expectations for the future.

Dida all fired up

Dan Brennan | April, 25 2005

AC Milan's formidable shotstopper Dida talks to Dan Brennan ahead of the Champions League semi-final with PSV.

Ignore at your peril

Dan Brennan | April, 4 2005

Lyon are still considered Champions League outsiders but, argues Dan Brennan, no one was talking about Porto at this stage last year.

Inter-necine warfare

Dan Brennan | April, 4 2005

The stakes could not be higher in Wednesday's Milan derby. Dan Brennan on how Inter want to stop being the poor relation.

King Carlos on the brink

Dan Brennan | March, 29 2005

Azeri manager Carlos Alberto stands only one defeat away from the sack and with England next on the fixture list he could be packing his bags, says Dan Brennan.

15 facts about Azerbaijan....

Dan Brennan | March, 29 2005

Here are 15 things you never needed to know about the 'land of fire'.....

Heinze means business

Dan Brennan | March, 23 2005

Manchester United have a new cult hero in their Argentine defender. Dan Brennan speaks to a man with the toughest reputation around.

AC-centuate the positive

Dan Brennan | March, 8 2005

Hernan Crespo scored home and away to end Man United's campaign and put his Chelsea troubles firmly behind him. He spoke to Dan Brennan.

25 articles returned.