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Off the Ball: What a pest!

Jon Carter | May, 19 2012

This week's Off The Ball on some geographically challenged Basques and Balotelli's brother.

Off the Ball: Coming home to roost

Jon Carter | May, 12 2012

This week's Off The Ball has chicken puns aplenty with Blackburn's woes and Cardiff won't go blue.

Off the Ball: Roy's mask, Rossi wrath

Jon Carter | May, 5 2012

Off The Ball: Roy gets a mask tribute, Ronaldo is put in his place and Delio Rossi takes things into his own hands.

Off the Ball: Messi by name and the path to goal

Jon Carter | March, 30 2012

This week in Off the Ball, Messi's namesake gets some attention and German fans show the way to goal.

Raynor: Off The Ball hands out the annual awards

Dominic Raynor | December, 31 2011

Hot zombies from Getafe and Ronaldo in a nappy? It can only be Off The Ball's end of year awards.

Off The Ball: Barca serve up a treat and 'Berbenbauer'

Jon Carter | September, 24 2011

In Off the Ball, Barca go culinary, Torres' miss is taken online and Joey Barton proves he can read.

Neuer's code of conduct

Dominic Raynor | July, 22 2011

Off The Ball: Bayern Munich's ultra's issue their own goalkeeper Manuel Neuer with a restraining order.

Inler unmasked, Benayoun wonder goal

Dominic Raynor | July, 15 2011

Off The Ball: Gokhan Inler arrives at Napoli in a lion mask and Rio Ferdinand turns into Freddy Krueger.

Hargreaves fitness video, Swedish shirt swap

Dominic Raynor | July, 8 2011

Off The Ball: Owen Hargreaves is for sale on YouTube and a Swedish beauty swaps her shirt with fan.

Ronaldinho party hotline

Dominic Raynor | July, 1 2011

Off The Ball: Flamengo set up a Ronaldinho party hotline and Mihajlovic's stolen sunglasses.

16 articles returned.