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Duerden: Asia looks to Anfield for Kagawa

John Duerden | August, 31 2013

John Duerden: Hints on Shinji Kagawa's future at Manchester United can be found at Liverpool on Sunday.

Duerden: 2013 South Asian Cup preview

John Duerden | August, 25 2013

John Duerden: India are confident of defending their crown when the forthcoming South Asian Cup begin in Nepal.

Duerden: What's in a name?

John Duerden | August, 18 2013

John Duerden: Do name/kit changes with the Asian market in mind, like Hull and Cardiff, actually work?

Duerden: The premier option for India?

John Duerden | August, 4 2013

John Duerden questions whether a tournament akin to cricket's IP is the route to success for Indian football.

Duerden: China see brighter future in Lippi

John Duerden | July, 28 2013

World Cup winner Marcello Lippi can potentially guide China into a brighter future, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: Asia demands more from big clubs

John Duerden | July, 21 2013

Asia deserves more respect from European and Premier League clubs on pre-season tours, writes John Duerden.

Duerden - Bumpy road required for Japan

John Duerden | July, 14 2013

The Confederations Cup reiterated that Japan need further tests against the best before the 2014 World Cup, writes John Duerden.

Duerden: Asian success at U-20 World Cup

John Duerden | July, 7 2013

After success from Asian nations at the Under-20 World Cup, John Duerden delves into the continent's inferiority complex.

Duerden: Qualification tension in Asia

John Duerden | June, 9 2013

John Duerden assesses a tense penultimate round as Asian nations look to join Japan in Brazil at the 2014 World Cup.

Duerden: The inflation of the Blue Samurai

John Duerden | June, 2 2013

John Duerden records the rise of the Blue Samurai as Japan is set to become the first team to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

75 articles returned.