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Dutch run out of aces

Jayaditya Gupta, Soccer City stadium | July, 12 2010

Jayaditya Gupta on how Netherlands' fighting style saw them miss out on the big prize.

Proud exit for understrength Uruguay

Joy Gupta | July, 7 2010

Understrength Uruguay fell short but they should be proud of their run anyway, says Joy Gupta

Unexpected guests aim to party on

Jayaditya Gupta, Cape Town | July, 5 2010

Few expected Uruguay to reach the semi-finals, but Jayaditya Gupta says they are still up for the fight.

Germans winning over neutrals

Jayaditya Gupta | July, 3 2010

Jayaditya Gupta enjoyed watching an improving Germany advance to the semi-finals.

Portugal and Brazil fail to start the party

Jayaditya Gupta, Durban Stadium | June, 25 2010

Jayaditya Gupta enjoys the party even as Brazil and Portugal fail to provide the entertainment.

Don Fabio back in control

Jayaditya Gupta, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium | June, 23 2010

Jayaditya Gupta watched a much improved England book their place in the next round.

Ronaldo reigns supreme

Jayaditya Gupta | June, 21 2010

Jayaditya Gupta says that Ronaldo is now back to his best after breaking his goal drought.

The ghost of 1966

Jayaditya Gupta | June, 20 2010

Jayaditya Gupta on the Portugal v North Korea clash, which brings back memories of 1966.

People's horn is beyond FIFA's grip

Jayaditya Gupta | June, 17 2010

Jayaditya Gupta thinks the annoying vuvuzelas are the one thing beyond FIFA's control.

9 articles returned.