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Rewind to 1986: Scotland savaged by Uruguay

Robin Hackett | June, 13 2013

Robin Hackett rewinds to 1986, when Alex Ferguson's Scotland suffered the bitterest of exits from the World Cup.

First XI: Returning managers

John Brewin and Robin Hackett | June, 6 2013

Following Mourinho's return, First XI picks out a selection of bosses to have gone back to their old club.

Rewind to 2002: Leverkusen suffer treble disappointment

Robin Hackett | May, 30 2013

Robin Hackett rewinds to 2002, when Leverkusen finished runners-up in the league, cup and Champions League.

First XI: Battle of the Bundesliga

Robin Hackett and Stephan Uersfeld | May, 23 2013

Ahead of Saturday's Champions League final, we select a First XI Bayern-Dortmund clashes.

First XI: One-man goal gluts

Robin Hackett | May, 9 2013

After Miroslav Klose's five-goal haul, First XI picks out a selection of other individuals to have racked up the goals.

Rewind to 1953: Stan stuns Wembley

Robin Hackett | May, 2 2013

Sixty years on, Robin Hackett rewinds to the 1953 FA Cup final, when Stan Matthews inspired a remarkable comeback.

First XI: Long suspensions

Robin Hackett | April, 25 2013

With Luis Suarez facing a ten-game ban, First XI picks out a selection of lengthy suspensions.

Rewind to 2005: Special One spooked by a ghost goal

Robin Hackett | April, 18 2013

With Liverpool hosting Chelsea on Sunday, Robin Hackett rewinds to 2005, when Benitez outmanoeuvred Mourinho.

First XI: Missile crisis

Robin Hackett | April, 11 2013

After a Swedish match was called off as players were pelted with bottles and fruit, we pick out a First XI missiles.

First XI: Wild things

Robin Hackett | March, 14 2013

After a pine marten made an unwelcome appearance in Switzerland, we pick out a First XI animal invasions.

75 articles returned.