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England buoyed over bid progress

Andrew Warshaw | August, 27 2010

Andrew Warshaw says that England can view FIFA's visit as a success for their 2018 bid.

Seeing is believing

Andrew Warshaw | August, 23 2010

Andrew Warshaw thinks that England faces a crucial four days as FIFA's inspection team are in town.

Nick Clegg looks to put England in prime position

Andrew Warshaw | August, 23 2010

Andrew Warshaw reports on the progress of England's 2018 bid as the Prime Minister misses FIFA's visit.

A case of what might have been

Andrew Warshaw | July, 12 2010

Andrew Warshaw looks back on the World Cup with a feeling of what might have been.

Africa holds hopes for the future

Andrew Warshaw | July, 11 2010

Andrew Warshaw on Africa's hopes of hosting another World Cup in the near future.

Lessons to learn before Brazil 2014

Andrew Warshaw | July, 10 2010

Andrew Warshaw tells Sepp Blatter what lessons FIFA must learn from an imperfect World Cup.

FIFA firm over government intervention

Andrew Warshaw | July, 7 2010

Andrew Warshaw explains why FIFA remain so firmly opposed to government inteference in football matters.

Coaches in the firing line

Andrew Warshaw, South Africa | July, 3 2010

Andrew Warshaw on some of the coaches who are now looking for work after the World Cup.

Two Mullers, one goal

Andrew Warshaw, Johannesburg | July, 1 2010

Andrew Warshaw finds German legend Gerd Muller paying tribute to his namesake Thomas.

Howard's way to the World Cup final?

Andrew Warshaw, South Africa | June, 30 2010

Andrew Warshaw talks to referee Howard Webb, the one Englishman who could reach the World Cup final.

35 articles returned.