Premier League

February 22, 2003



2 - 1


Premier League

12:30 +00:00, February 22, 2003

Goodison Park, England

Referee: D Elleray

  • 90'

    A wonderful final effort from man-of-the-match Radzinski. The full-time whistle goes - agony for Saints but they have been pummelled throughout the second half and, in truth, Everton deserve the points.

  • 90'

    Last chance for Everton as Gravesen forces his way through the Saints midfield. The Dane lays it off to Radzinski who thunders an unstoppable drive past Niemi at the near post. A stunning winner

  • 90'

    Prutton plays it short, looking to hold it the corner and winning a throw. Beattie gets it with his back to goal, but only pops it into the hands of Wright

  • 90'

    Davies gets a first touch, finding Prutton for a hopeful strike. Blocked for a corner

  • 90'

    Three minutes to be added for stoppages. Weir goes down in the box looking for a penalty. Saints are furious - but no caution for a blatant dive by the centre-half

  • 89'

    Superb control from Rooney in midfield. The now trademark acceleration and dribble draws around six defenders and the youngster eventually gets forced out of it

  • 89'

    Gemmill pulls at Prutton's shirt as the midfielder looks to break free

  • 88'

    Watson heads the corner wide. On comes Kevin Davies to replace Anders Svensson

  • 87'

    Gravesen skips past Prutton to cross. Two ricochets and Dodd's last-ditch block denies Rooney at the far post

  • 86'

    Higginbotham hoofs away - that's all Saints can do at the moment

  • 84'

    Enough time for a winner? The home fans sense it. Rooney causes more havoc, twisting to hit left-footed but Dodd does just enough to force a mis-hit

  • 83'

    Finally the resistance crumbles as Dodd stands off Rooney, who sends in a perfect cross for Radzinski to head into the bottom corner from eight yards. 1-1!

  • 82'

    Corner drops for Rooney, who hammers a fierce volley from six-yards to produce an unbelievable point-blank save from Niemi

  • 81'

    Now Rooney twists to hit left-footed. Saints block as Campbell crashes down. But only a corner given...

  • 80'

    Everton almost caught - but they press again. Watson gets to the byeline but rolls his low cross directly at the keeper.

  • 79'

    Saints conjure a chance for Oakley, who hammers from 23 yards. Strong-handed save from Wright and Beattie is ruled offside at the follow-up

  • 78'

    Another long hit from Gravesen - this time with his stronger right foot but straight at Niemi

  • 77'

    Offside against Beattie as Dodd hits long from the right. Campbell's presences forces a throw at the other end

  • 76'

    Rooney crosses from the right but Niemi is up to claim

  • 76'

    Niemi takes an eternity over a goalkick. Increasing anxiety in the crowd as we head into the last 15 minutes

  • 73'

    Gravesen swipes an ambitious and unnecessary left-footer. Respite for the visitors as the ball sails wide

  • 72'

    Everton pile on the pressure. Campbell finds Radzinski on the right, but the Canadian's cross is too close to keeper Niemi

  • 71'

    Dodd immediately into action, conceding a corner. Niemi fists clear

  • 70'

    Pistone comes inside to hit left-footed from 25 yards - curling just beyond the far post. Veteran Jason Dodd replaces Fernades as Strachan looks to shore up the right side

  • 68'

    A rare threat from Saints, but Gravesen cuts out Oakley's ball towards Fernandes

  • 67'

    Undeterred, the wonderkid latches onto Stubbs' ball over the top, cutting inside to hammer right-footed, but straight at Niemi

  • 66'

    Saints under all sorts of pressure. Radzinski finds Rooney, who - uncharacteristically - fails to control

  • 65'

    Three strikers now for the Toffees. Watson's quick throw finds Campbell. A delicate ball for Radzinski who blasts right-footed off the outside of Niemi's left post.

  • 64'

    Radzinski makes yet another raid - left flank this time - but his cross is too strong. Here comes Roonaldo, replacing Naysmith as Everton press for the equaliser

  • 63'

    Gemmill chips ahead for Campbell who forces his way past Lundekvam but lofts his shot just over the bar with Niemi well-positioned

  • 62'

    Yet another Radzinski surge down the right. A low cross is just beyond Naysmith and Higginbotham has to clear

  • 62'

    And immediately fouls Weir. Everton break through Radzinski but Oakley is there to intercept in the box

  • 61'

    Tessem replaces the luckless Ormerod for Saints

  • 59'

    Meanwhile, Higginbotham has to head behind. Stubbs powers in for the corner and Niemi, off balance, has to palm over. Now Watson is penalised

  • 59'

    Double change from the Toffees as Campbell replaces Weir up front with Gravesen on for Li Tie

  • 58'

    Saints force a corner though, cleared off the line by Weir.

  • 57'

    Fernandes surges down the left. A perfect cross for Beattie to hammer a fierce volley that Wright does well to block

  • 56'

    Anothger Radzinski cross. McBride flies in at the near post but Lundekvam blocks superbly. Stubbs is up for the corner, but heading straight down

  • 55'

    A bit of daylight for Saints as Anders Svensson looks for Beattie up ahead, but Wright is out to gather

  • 54'

    Saints clear but Everton are pressing furiously. Watson takes aim, but on his weaker left foot and Lundekvam can scramble clear

  • 52'

    Another break from Radzinski - this time from the right. The ball flies across the box for Naysmith to force a brilliant one-handed save from Niemi, tipping it over the bar for a corner

  • 51'

    Michael Svensson lets Radzinski clean through after Naysmith's long clearance. But the Canadian's shoot is awful. Niemi takes

  • 50'

    Beattie's touch almost releases Ormerod, who is furious not to be given a freekick for Weir's desperate challenge

  • 49'

    Exactly the start David Moyes would have demanded from his men but the visitors are weathering the storm for now

  • 48'

    Radzinski finds space to cross again. Off Telfer and Niemi has to be alert to gather at the near post. Now McBride takes aim and the Finnish keeper saves low to his right

  • 47'

    It drops for Watson to strike at the far post but Saints scramble it behind again. Niemi half clears before Radzinski heads weakly back at him

  • 46'

    Radzinski's cross strikes Telfer's left arm. Howls for a penalty but instead it's a corner

  • 46'

    Watson loses out to Higginbotham on the Everton right

  • 46'

    No changes to either side as Saints restart

  • 45'

    45 minutes rather summed up by Beattie's scruffy goal but Saints will be more than happy, having then dominated a jittery home side

  • 45'

    Half-time whistle goes.

  • 45'

    Oakley looks for Beattie, but - typically for this half - the pass is wayward.

  • 45'

    Two minutes to be added for stoppages in the opening period

  • 45'

    Saints break but a weak strike from Ormerod

  • 44'

    Radzinski crashes to the floor under Higginbotham's challenge as he shapes to shoot after McBride's ball across the box. But play waved on

  • 43'

    Everton break, Radzinski finding room to shoot from the inside right, but easy for Niemi, who falls on the ball low to his right

  • 43'

    Fernandes looks for Oakley to take aim - but a total mis-hit

  • 42'

    Beattie drops deep to build the next Saints move. Ormerod shifts it to Anders Svensson, who is forced wide but wins a corner.

  • 41'

    Everton hit long but Lundekvam rises above McBride.

  • 40'

    Unsworth heads down in the Saints box. Gemmill takes aim but skies the ball over the top. The Scot wants a corner, but again nothing given by referee Elleray

  • 39'

    Anders Svensson bursts through an empty Everton midfield. Danger - but the Swede slices his right-footed shot a little and Wright watches it drift wide

  • 38'

    Now the Everton keeper slices horribly. Ormerod's onto it but Stubbs crashes in just outside the area. Incredibly, no freekick

  • 37'

    Saints brought to life by that goal,sensing the uncertainty in Everton's ranks. Wright has to be alert for Ormerod's deflected cross

  • 37'

    Now Prutton surges down the Saints left, but a poor cross

  • 36'

    Beattie's almost onto another chance but Wright is out quickly

  • 34'

    Out of nothing that goal - but Everton's defence was asleep. Wright got a hand to Beattie's strike but it wasn't enough

  • 33'

    Fernandes lofts one over the top for Beattie. Weir steps up but Pistone plays the England striker onside and he jabs it past the onrushing Wright for the opener. 1-0 Southampton!

  • 31'

    Li Tie is wasteful with a quick freekick intended for Gemmill after Lundekvam's foul

  • 30'

    Now Michael Svensson heads behind after Naysmith's cross. Telfer heads the corner half clear, but McBride is caught offside as Saints push away from goal

  • 29'

    Niemi collects as Lundekvam and Michael Svensson allow Wright's clearance to drop

  • 27'

    Fernandes breaks free after robing Li Tie. Options left and right but Beattie and Ormerod are ponderous. Saints rebuild, Prutton winning a corner. Overhit by Fernandes

  • 26'

    Naysmith hoofs away after Beattie runs out of support in the box

  • 24'

    Unsworth's cross drops for Watson to strike - another great defender's block, this time Michael Svensson

  • 23'

    Beattie has a crack from long range - but scuffed well wide. Cue the mocking cries of 'Rooney, Rooney'

  • 22'

    Li robs Fernandes, not much control of possession from either side

  • 22'

    Unsworth blasts into in the wall. Oakley in the way

  • 21'

    Radzinski hares forward. Prutton puts a foot in right on the edge of the box. Freekick and a yellow card

  • 20'

    Ormerod wins a corner off Weir after Fernandes' ball down the right. The Frenchman takes but Everton head clear

  • 19'

    Anders Svensson's through ball puts Ormerod clear - but offside

  • 17'

    Telfer crosses for Beattie, Weir gets to it first though. Saints build again but Prutton's flick is more of a volley which slams into Higginbotham's face

  • 16'

    Gemmill thumps at goal after Pistone's long throw. Lundekvam again with the block

  • 15'

    Watson seeing plenty of the ball - this time a flick-on that Lundekvam again has to hoof away under pressure from McBride

  • 15'

    Lundekvam holds off McBride's challenge to win Saints a goalkick

  • 14'

    Higginbotham heads away. Pistone takes aim - but embarrassingly off target. All the pressure with the home side though

  • 13'

    Now Radzinski bursts clear on the right. He cuts it back for Gemmill - but just behind the midfielder and Fernandes has to concede another corner

  • 12'

    Watson is up a again, shooting from the inside right and Higginbotham lunges to block. Corner kick - but Saints are up to head away

  • 11'

    Referee Elleray blows a foul after a robust Michael Svensson challenge. Saints half clear the freekick but Watson spins to strike venomously. Blocked by a defender

  • 10'

    Li Tie chips it to the far post but where Watson is up - but no control on the header. Goalkick

  • 10'

    Michael Svensson climbs on McBride. Freekick to Everton 40 yards out

  • 9'

    Oakley picks up but his ball for Fernandes is far too strong

  • 8'

    First real touch for Beattie, winning a throw down the right

  • 7'

    Lundekvam stabs clear as McBride bears down

  • 6'

    Oakley strikes from range after Anders Svensson's knockdown - but the ball wouldn't sit down for him and Wright watches it sail high and wide

  • 6'

    Offside against Radzinski as Wright clears. Saints pushing up

  • 5'

    Radzinski surges down the left but Michael Svensson is strong in defence

  • 5'

    Oakley picks up after Unsworth's back-heeler. Saints go long but it's straight to Wright.

  • 3'

    Stubbs takes an eternity to clear under pressure from Ormerod - a few jitters among the home crowd but the former Celtic man looked cool enough

  • 2'

    And now Anders Svensson almost latches onto Ormerod's prod through into the box. But Wright is out to collect

  • 1'

    Wright gets a couple of early touches at the back, and Everton press down the right. Michael Svensson heads clear from Pistone's long throw

  • 1'

    Saints' pre-match huddle causes a few jeers at Goodison, but Everton are soon able to kick off


    Saints are without Marsden, meaning a start for new signing Prutton. Higginbotham continues in the absence of England left-back Bridge


    McBride and Radzinski continue up front for the Toffees, who also retain Weir and Stubbs at centre-half with Yobo on the bench


    All the Saturday action from Goodison Park, kicking off at 12.30 GMT