English FA Cup

February 19, 2012



6 - 1


English FA Cup

16:30 +00:00, February 19, 2012

Anfield, England

Referee: A Marriner


    It's a great win for Liverpool, who progress to the next round against Stoke City. Brighton shouldn't be disheartened because of the bad luck they've had today, but Liverpool were clearly the superior side and good value for the win, if not necessarily the scoreline. A potential cup double is on the cards; all attention will turn to next Sunday's Carling Cup final against Cardiff City.

  • 90'

    Full-time: Liverpool 6-1 Brighton

  • 90'

    Play's stopped again. There's a streaker on the pitch...

  • 90'

    Two minutes of added time to be played

  • 90'

    And it restarts again. Liverpool are visibly playing with less purpose now

  • 89'

    Play yet to restart following Bridcutt's injury, who's leaving the field...

  • 87'

    Injury has been added to insult for Bridcutt, who's currently down in pain

  • 86'

    Vicente fires wide for Brighton! Shows some nice touches; can't help but feel he could play for a Premier League side

  • 84'

    GOAL Liverpool 6-1 Brighton! Suarez the scorer!

  • 82'

    The chance has gone but Liverpool remain positive in possession

  • 82'

    There could easily be another goal or two left in this...

  • 82'

    Corner to Liverpool...

  • 81'

    The striker missed! Poor penalty, really. Brezovan saved with ease

  • 80'

    Suarez to take...

  • 80'

    Kuyt brought down in the area when about to shoot, and probably score

  • 80'

    Liverpool penalty!

  • 79'

    What a waste by Carroll! The striker had plenty of space to run into before shooting - unchallenged - but instead chose to shoot from distance. He struck the ball well but it didn't test Brezovan.

  • 78'

    Nice touch there from Gerrard, shaking the hand of his former youth team-mate Navarro as he left the pitch. Carragher becomes Liverpool's captain for the remainder of the game

  • 77'

    Gerrard, Downing and Henderson off; Maxi, Shelvey and Kuyt on

  • 76'

    Dalglish would prefer Liverpool to have scored their own goals but he'll be happy with the luck they've had

  • 75'

    Suarez's cross was fumbled by the goalkeeper onto Dunk who failed to clear the ball, instead turning it over his own line

  • 74'

    GOAL Liverpool 5-1 Brighton! It's another own goal

  • 74'

    This game's surely over as a contest, though there could yet be at least another goal...

  • 72'

    Unlucky for Brighton, but Gerrard did very well there! After his first shot was saved, he chased the ball instead of accepting a corner, cut it back very well and forced Bridcutt's own goal after the defender tried to block it. Harsh on the defender, but...

  • 71'

    GOAL Liverpool 4-1 Brighton!

  • 71'

    Brighton corner

  • 70'

    As is energetic, hard-working and, by Championship standards, good finisher Mackail Smith

  • 69'

    Talented but fitness-challenged Vicente, who has won with Valencia at Anfield in the Champions League, is on

  • 69'

    Positive changes from Poyet, those

  • 69'

    Vokes off, Mackail Smith

  • 68'

    El-Abd off, Vicente

  • 67'

    Any threat from Brighton has dwindled completely. They're good at keeping possession, but look bereft of ideas once they're in Liverpool's half

  • 65'

    ...partly why they've such a good defensive record, this season

  • 64'

    To Brighton's credit they continue to try and attack but Liverpool are defending well, holding their shape and refusing to give the Championship side any openings

  • 63'

    Liverpool throw-in. They're looking very comfortable and confident at the moment. Dalglish will be pleased, but they should avoid taking any risks

  • 61'

    Liverpool fans will be pleased to note Carroll's sudden energy; he's clearly been lifted by that goal

  • 60'

    Woeful pass there from Gerrard with Liverpool breaking! That should have been a fourth goal

  • 60'

    Crucially, it could well play into Liverpool's hands if they continue to attack; Liverpool are having lots of success on the counter

  • 58'

    Clear space now between Brighton and Liverpool. Difficult to see the Seagulls getting back into the game

  • 57'

    A decent move by Liverpool culminated with Downing's low cross for Carroll which the striker took well, firing low into the net. Good finish

  • 57'

    GOALLiverpool 3-1 Brighton! Carroll scores!

  • 55'

    They actually miss Agger today, given the way they're choosing to play. Adam's having to drop deep to start any attacks when previously Agger may have run out from defence. Carragher and Skrtel aren't nearly as good at playing the ball

  • 55'

    Liverpool now with the ball in defence

  • 53'

    Brighton again with the ball at the back...

  • 51'

    Close from Liverpool! Henderson tries to deflect Gerrard's wayward shot on target but the ball still goes wide

  • 51'

    Adam crosses towards Carroll but Dunk heads back towards his 'keeper. Well defende

  • 50'

    And a foul at the other end by Johnson. Brighton free-kick

  • 50'

    Vokes is caught offside there. Liverpool free-kick, Reina to take

  • 49'

    Suarez chips towards goal but Brezovan, a 6ft 6ins goalkeeper, catches with easr

  • 48'

    ...it's taken short but Johnson's subsequent effort flies over the bar

  • 48'

    Liverpool corner..

  • 47'

    Interestingly, Noone is also known for roofing an extension to Gerrard's house when he was a non-league player

  • 46'

    Buckley off, Noone on

  • 46'

    Sloppy from Adam as a misplaced pass gives the ball away...

  • 46'

    Brighton kick-off...


    Both teams are out now for the second-half...

  • 45'

    Brighton have paid for ineptly defending two set pieces but, to be fair, it's a lead Liverpool deserve

  • 45'

    Half-time: Liverpool 2-1 Brighton

  • 45'

    One minute of added time to be played...

  • 45'

    Foul on Suarez. Liverpool free-kick again, and again from a crossing position, this time from the right

  • 44'

    It's an untidy goal but Liverpool won't complain; Johnson's header was cleared off the line but hits Bridcutt and is turned into the net. Liverpool deserve that

  • 44'

    GOAL Liverpool 2-1 Brighton!

  • 44'

    Gerrard's cross ended up going towards goal until Brezovan tipped over. Corner to Liverpool...

  • 43'

    Liverpool free-kick on the very edge of the box after Calderon fouls Downing

  • 42'

    ...he does well to shoot after beating Johnson but his effort hits the side netting

  • 42'

    Lua Lua's breaking down the left..

  • 41'

    Carroll blocked from meeting Gerrard's cross by Greer. The striker isn't happy but the referee waves his appeals off

  • 40'

    Suarez's cross blocked. Liverpool throw-in deep into Brighton's half

  • 39'

    Liverpool's midfield tends to drop too deeply, leaving Carroll isolated and entirely reliant on Suarez to make up the space in between them. With that happening, it's harder for them to counter as they'd wish

  • 38'

    Brighton again with the ball in midfield...

  • 37'

    Better now from Brighton, with Buckley leading their attack. Liverpool now need to regain some composure in possession

  • 34'

    Danger's cleared and Brighton recover possession

  • 33'

    Liverpool have another corner...

  • 32'

    Better there from him! A lovely cross into the box from Gerrard which Carroll jumps to head but his effort is just over the bar. Should be 2-1 now.

  • 29'

    Free-kick against Carroll for pushing Greer. The striker's getting very frustrated at the game so far

  • 29'

    Comes to nothing. Liverpool with the ball at the back...

  • 28'

    What an intervention by Calderon! Suarez cut inside the area and beat the 'keeper with his shot but the right-back was in position to block and send it over the bar. Liverpool corner...

  • 27'

    Vokes heads over from Lua Lua's cross. The goalscorer's certainly making things happen for the away side

  • 26'

    Optimistic effort there from Suarez. The forward dropped into midfield and shot from distance but the ball went high and wide

  • 25'

    It's taken quickly but comes to nothing. Brighton goal-kick

  • 24'

    Free-kick to Liverpool for Navarro's (ex-Liverpool Navarro) foul on Suarez

  • 23'

    Great trickery in the box there by Suarez, should have been a goal! He just needed to get his shot away and Liverpool surely would have been back in front then

  • 21'

    Close from Downing, who poked his effort past Brezozan before the ball was cleared away. Needed a 'fox in the box' to convert that.

  • 20'

    Liverpool again with the ball at the back...

  • 18'

    Lua Lua fired the free-kick low and hard just beyond the wall and past Reina! That'll remind Anfield regulars of the days of Riise and Cisse

  • 17'

    GOAL Liverpool 1-1 Brighton! What an equaliser!

  • 16'

    And now a free-kick to Brighton for Henderson's foul on Lua Lua

  • 15'

    Taking quickly by Liverpool but Gerrard's low drive goes wide

  • 15'

    Free-kick to Liverpool on the edge of Brighton's box after a foul on Enrique

  • 14'

    Good break down the left from Downing and a good cross, but Dunk heads back towards his 'keeper

  • 13'

    In contrast to the majority of this weekend's FA Cup matches, this could well be a game where more football is played

  • 12'

    Better from Brighton as they attack down the right from Buckley...

  • 11'

    Brighton have learned from the first and cleared the danger

  • 10'

    Liverpool have another corner after another Downing cross is deflected out...

  • 10'

    Adam, as he has tended to do all season, continues to drop and sit in front of the two centre-halves and provide another passing option. It's a role that suits him

  • 9'

    Some nice football being played here, with both sides stroking the ball around in midfield.

  • 7'

    Their consolation is that their game plan hasn't necessarily altered as a result of their approach. As they're not set-up defensively, they can potentially recover from conceding

  • 6'

    Nice, routine goal from Liverpool as Skrtel heads in Gerrard's corner at the near post. Disastrous start for Brighton

  • 5'

    GOAL Liverpool 1-0 Brighton! Skrtel scores!

  • 5'

    Liverpool corner...

  • 4'

    Good save there from Brezovan after he touches Downing's deflected cross over the bar

  • 3'

    That could ultimately be to their detriment, of course, but Gus Poyet's side really isn't set up to contain others

  • 2'

    Liverpool seem to have gone for a 4-4-2, with Carroll unsurprisingly leading the line and Suarez playing with freedom. Brighton, to their credit, and going against what many other non-Premier League sides have done in this competition so far, appear to be adopting their normal tactics

  • 1'

    Liverpool kick-off...


    Liverpool's tactics could really be decisive today. Brighton prefer to keep the ball on the ground, which more often than not is Liverpool's approach, though today they may decide not to in order to avoid giving Brighton a chance to play to their strengths


    The afternoon also represents a chance for Andy Carroll to impress, and for Luis Suarez to finally put a controversial period behind him (hmmm)


    Brighton have already knocked Newcastle United out of the FA Cup, when Will Buckley was particularly impressive, but they're strong underdogs today.


    They've already reached the Carling Cup final so and still potentially have a successful season


    Liverpool haven't taken any risks in their team selection. It strongly appears as though their hopes of Champions League qualification are thin so it makes sense for them to target the FA Cup