English FA Cup

January 29, 2012



1 - 1


English FA Cup

13:30 +00:00, January 29, 2012

Stadium of Light, England

Referee: K Friend


    As with most Premier League sides, it won't suit Sunderland to draw and have the replay but Boro deserve just that and will be pleased with their performance.


    The draw seems like a fair result, and of course there will be a cup replay. Sunderland were the better side on the balance of the game, and also had a first-half effort disallowed, but Middlesbrough wasted several chances too; it would have been cruel for them to lose.


    Full-time: Sunderland 1-1 Middlesbrough

  • 90'

    Though Emnes can't head the ball properly and the chance has passed

  • 90'

    But Boro win the ball back and launch their own attack!

  • 90'

    Time for one last Sunderland counter attack...

  • 90'

    McLean fires just wide! Decent effort with power, but it's just outside the near post. Dangerous from Sunderland

  • 90'

    Good catch by Ripley, collecting the deep cross. He's in no hurry to resume play, a replay would be good for Boro, particularly with Sunderland looking more likely to win

  • 90'

    Four minutes of added time to be played...

  • 90'

    But Boro defend well...

  • 89'

    McLean now leading another Sunderland attack...

  • 88'

    Haroun offside. Sunderland free-kick

  • 87'

    Campbell loses possession and Boro look to break...

  • 86'

    Larsson really overhits a follow-up cross from the corner and it's out for a goal-kick

  • 85'

    Great defending by Bates following the best move of the game by Sunderland, one that culminated in a cross from McLean that Bates clear. Sunderland corner

  • 84'

    Williams clears the loose ball. Sunderland throw-in

  • 83'

    Campbell fouls Bates. Boro free-kick inside their own penalty area

  • 82'

    Less than 10 minutes left for either side to find a winner, then

  • 81'

    Boro 'keeper Coyne replaced after suffering an injury with the son of Stuart Ripley (the ex-Blackburn winger and England international), Connor, replacing him

  • 80'

    Coyne off, Ripley on

  • 79'

    Boro corner...

  • 79'

    What defending from Larsson! Makes a great tackle with Jutkiewicz preparing to shoot - would surely have scored from that

  • 78'

    Boro now looking to build their own attack...

  • 77'

    Stat: Middlesbrough have had more players sent off against Sunderland than any other club

  • 76'

    Corner comes to nothing with Williams penalised for fouling Mignolet

  • 75'

    Nice end-to-end football being played. Though Sunderland are the better side, Boro could very possibly win this too, particularly if the home side leave themselves exposed

  • 75'

    Boro win a corner as Robson's cross is deflected over

  • 75'

    Sunderland struggling to clear the ball from their penalty area...

  • 74'

    Campbell shows his pace to reach the loose ball but can't quite keep it on. Boro goal-kick

  • 73'

    Well defended from McMahon again, diving to head and clear the ball with McLean ready to pounce

  • 72'

    Boro goal-kick, Coyne to take...

  • 71'

    Sunderland looking to attack again; Campbell's proving a much more reliable focal point for their attacks (something they've lacked this season)

  • 70'

    Williams booked for fouling McLean

  • 69'

    Campbell through-ball runs out for a Boro throw-in. Wasted chance

  • 68'

    Sessegnon slices harmlessly over. Boro goal-kick (and a much needed relief from the pressure)

  • 68'

    Nice football there from Sunderland, with Gardner and McLean combining well for McLean to cross, though the effort's out for a corner

  • 67'

    Good save there from Coyne! Sunderland looking to take the lead now

  • 66'

    Well defended again by McMahon on McLean; good duel taking place between these two

  • 66'

    Emnes fires the loose ball well over! Boro need to take some of these chances if they want to avoid defeat today

  • 65'

    And another corner, after Bardsley heads clear

  • 64'

    Boro corner after Williams' shot is deflected wide

  • 63'

    The roles have very much been reversed - Boro suddenly look unsettled and need more time on the ball, with Sunderland looking energised by the equaliser

  • 63'

    Larsson overhits the cross and McMahon heads clear

  • 62'

    Sunderland corner...

  • 61'

    Campbell, playing off the shoulder of the defender, has added so much more mobility to Sunderland's attack and he and Sessegnon are really threatening

  • 60'

    Sunderland now piling the pressure on!

  • 59'

    Brown off, Turner on

  • 58'

    Sunderland break following Boro's corner, with McLean running down the left wing and laying the ball off for Campbell to finish. It was a great finish by the ex-Manchester United striker who showed great confidence and composure to shoot first time instead of taking a touch. Good goal

  • 58'

    GOAL Sunderland 1-1 Middlesbrough! Campbell equalises on his return to the first-team!

  • 57'

    Middlesbrough will take the consequent corner once he has recovered

  • 56'

    Well defended from Brown - very committed but he's hurt himself following a big fall

  • 54'

    Brown tackles Haroun and it's a Boro throw-in. McMahon, however, is still complaining about McLean's challenge

  • 53'

    Good tackle by McLean on McMahon with the full-back advancing

  • 53'

    Haroun heads clear. And Boro now have a throw-in

  • 52'

    Now a Sunderland free-kick from the edge of Boro's penalty box, but it's at a wide angle

  • 51'

    Robson shoots but the effort curls wide. Decent effort though

  • 51'

    Now a Boro free-kick following Gardner's foul on Haroun. Also shooting distance

  • 50'

    Emnes fires wide! Decent connection with the ball but it's off target the moment it leaves his foot

  • 49'

    Boro now win a corner at the other end following good work from Robson

  • 48'

    Gardner shoots but it's off target

  • 48'

    Sunderland win a free-kick 30 yards from Boro's goal. Possibly shooting distance

  • 47'

    Fraizer Campbell returns following a long injury lay-off, and Wickham's off following a disappointing first-half

  • 46'

    Wickham off, Campbell on

  • 46'

    The second-half's underway...


    That said, one strongly suspects O'Neill will correct things at half-time and it could be a difficult second half for Boro. That said, Boro are an improving side and have a decent manager in Mowbray. Given that this is also a derby, they may just have enough about them to seal what would be a good victory


    Despite Sunderland having a goal disallowed, Middlesbrough deserve the lead. The Premier League side have been poor in possession and have given the ball away too often.


    Half-time: Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough

  • 45'

    Foul by McMahon on McLean, while Sessegnon and Williams are also visibly unhappy with each other

  • 45'

    Two minutes of added time to be played - seems right

  • 45'

    Boro miss a great chance! Good 'keeping by Mignolet from Jutkiewicz's shot but when the rebound comes to the debutant he hits it horribly wide. That could be crucial

  • 44'

    Sunderland given a deserved free-kick. The challenge was fair

  • 44'

    Hoyte booked for the foul

  • 44'

    Hoyte with a heavy challenge on Sessegnon and he'll be penalised...

  • 43'

    Middlesbrough free-kick on the halfway line for a foul on Haroun

  • 42'

    Sunderland suddenly look more tidy in possession, despite Boro continuing to press

  • 41'

    And Bardsley goes close following an ambitious attack, though his effort's saved

  • 40'

    Sunderland have since upped their tempo...

  • 39'

    Gardner penalised for a handball in controlling the ball just before he turned and shot inside the right post. Very good effort

  • 39'

    Sunderland have an equaliser disallowed!

  • 38'

    Wickham overhits his cross on the edge of the Boro penalty area and the ball's out for a goal-kick

  • 37'

    Mignolet collects the loose ball...

  • 36'

    Though play's yet to resume with Williams currently receiving treatment following a clash of heads with McLean

  • 35'

    It's a decent delivery from Larsson but Wickham heads over. Goal-kick to Boro.

  • 34'

    And a Sunderland free-kick. To far out to shoot, but a good crossing opportunity. Larsson to take

  • 33'

    Sunderland fans started to get frustrated with the home side misplacing too many passes, the latest giving Middlesbrough a throw-in

  • 32'

    But the long ball from Brown's overhit and, following good defending from McMahon, McLean can't recover the ball. Boro goal-kick

  • 31'

    Sunderland now looking to counter, with Vaughan in possession in midfield

  • 31'

    ...and yet another

  • 31'

    ...and another

  • 30'

    And now a throw-in, deeper into Boro's half

  • 29'

    And a Sunderland free-kick on the edge of their own penalty area...

  • 28'

    Corner comes to nothing; no threat at all. Boro free-kick for Bardsley's foul on McDonald

  • 28'

    Sunderland corner after Haroun tackles McLean

  • 27'

    Sunderland now with the ball in defence

  • 26'

    Getting scrappy in midfield again. Both sides are struggling to keep control of possession and build any momentum

  • 25'

    Sunderland corner after Richardson's low cross is deflected out by the goalscorer Robson

  • 23'

    And McLean again! Vaughan curled in a very good cross from the right which McLean headed goalwards, but Coyne saved comfortably. Better from Sunderland

  • 23'

    And a decent effort from McLean at the other end, but it's a good save from Coyne

  • 22'

    Well defended from Bardsley, shielding the ball and taking it away from danger

  • 21'

    Sundelrand give the ball away in midfield. Boro throw in

  • 20'

    Gardner fires over for Sunderland! He's scored some decent goals recently and is clearly confident but, though he connected well with the ball, the effort was ultimately too high

  • 19'

    Williams shoots harmlessly wide for Boro

  • 18'

    Fact: Manager Tony Mowbray marked Kevin Keegan on his Middlesbrough debut as a player

  • 17'

    Sunderland now need to settle. The onus will very much be on them as an early goal would have been exactly what Boro would have hoped for

  • 16'

    Robson volleys in the loose ball on the edge of the Sunderland area but it's a great strike; it wasn't a great shooting position, the penalty area was crowded yet he managed to shoot across the face of goal into the bottom corner. What an effort

  • 16'

    GOAL Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough! Robson puts the away side ahead out of nothing!

  • 15'

    Yet Vaughan shoots, but it's over the bar! A decent effort but it was a tight angle and he'd have been lucky to score from there. A bit too ambitious

  • 15'

    Sunderland free-kick to the right of Boro's penalty box. A good crossing opportunity for the home side

  • 14'

    Well defender from Bates; well-timed sliding tackle on the attacking Sessegnon

  • 13'

    It's a decent delivery but McLean heads over. Goal-kick

  • 13'

    Vaughan to take...

  • 12'

    Wes Brown's come forward for it...

  • 11'

    Good pressure from McLean on McMahon, wins Sunderland a corner

  • 10'

    Boro fail to break following a sloppy pass from the striker Emnes

  • 9'

    Though that's not necessarily a great surprise; one of the features of this Sunderland team under O'Neill may have been a more clinical approach, but they've certainly not been a side to play possession football

  • 8'

    This game's yet to really settle so far. The ball's making it's way from one end to the other with relative ease, and with little substance to play

  • 7'

    McLean stopped in his tracks by McMahon - decent defending from Boro's fullback. McLean, along with Sessegnon, have been in good form since O'Neill's arrival

  • 6'

    And Danny Coyne then does the same for 'Boro

  • 5'

    Mignolet collects the loose ball following an aimless long-ball from the back by Middlesbrough

  • 4'

    Plenty of intent from Middlesbrough so far, they're pressing Sunderland and playing with a lot of tempo

  • 3'

    Decent effort from ex-Celtic man McDonald from the edge of Sunderland's box, but Mignolet saves tidily

  • 2'

    It's an entire ex-Manchester United back four today for Sunderland, with Bardsley-O'Shea-Brown-Richardson selected...

  • 1'

    Middlesbrough would probably have been more confident today had Steve Bruce been in charge, but since Martin O'Neill's arrival at Sunderland they've improved considerably, making them today's favourites

  • 1'

    And Middlesbrough kick-off. It's the 140th derby between these two...


    Both teams are out on the pitch...