Premier League

April 21, 2012



1 - 0


Premier League

16:30 +00:00, April 21, 2012

Loftus Road Stadium, England

  • 96'

    A fantastic rearguard action from QPR in the face of a Tottenham onslaught. They deserve their victory as Spurs didn't quite do enough to claim a share of the spoils. Kenny, Ferdinand and Hill were superb while Spurs' poor form continues. They are now fifth, three points behind Newcastle.

  • 96'

    FULL TIME QPR have done it!

  • 96'

    Into the final minute....

  • 95'

    Taiwo pinches the ball from Defoe, runs a full 50 yards, finds Zamora and he wins a throw by the corner flag.

  • 94'

    That was QPR's fifth red card in 12 games, as Ferdinand heads clear a Bale cross. He's been magnificent.

  • 93'

    A rare break from QPR and a slide rule pass for Zamora - he tried to cut back across Walker, the defender got a toe in, at the expense of a corner.

  • 92'

    Here we go again - Lennon on the ball and Modric shooting this time. Another corner. That is 13 for Spurs now.

  • 91'

    Yet again QPR defend valiantly from the corner and Kenny wins a free kick.

  • 90'

    Another Kenny parry from a VDV shot. Another Spurs corner. Five minutes added time.

  • 89'

    Zamora does well to win a free kick near the corner flag. Some breathing space for QPR but six minutes of stoppage time to come we hear.

  • 88'

    Bit of a hoo ha about the fourth official telling Clattenberg about Taarabt's existing yellow but no idea why. Surely it is a good thing he waded in to help?

  • 87'

    Real Madrid have scored. Khedira with it!

  • 86'

    Surely one of these set pieces has to deliver for Spurs?

  • 86'

    VDV's free kick is met by Bale but a corner is given. This is tense.

  • 85'

    Kenny boots downfield to Friedel and the pattern will begin again. All QPR's players within 30 yards of their goal.

  • 84'

    Parker goes off, Dos Santos (remember him?) is on.

  • 83'

    Modric ends a long spell of possession with a shot that Kenny parries before Hill turns it behind.

  • 82'

    Now all QPR's players are sitting on the edge of their area. Even deeper than before.

  • 81'

    Right, the second yellow card for Taarabt was for kicking the ball away after the Hill foul was given but Clattenberg clearly didn't realise he'd already been booked. Presumably prompted by the fourth official, he then produced the red card.

  • 80'

    Now QPR fans hold onto the ball in the crowd, and Bale takes matters into his own hands by marching in there to get it himself! He can't, and shouldn't, do that.

  • 79'

    Well, that was bizarre. Taarabt had been booked but his second yellow, presumably for dissent, came from nowhere. Spurs now have a corner.

  • 78'

    Taarabt is off! No idea why!

  • 77'

    Barton's peacemaking involved prodding a finger into Parker's chest. A novel approach. Now Hill fouls Lennon and is carded It is all getting heated.

  • 76'

    A flashpoint between Parker and Onuoha. The midfielder rather made the most of it even though there was contact and Barton plays peacemaker, for once.

  • 75'

    Zamora shuns an easy ball square to try and play Mackie in but Rose sticks to him closely and ensures he can't latch onto it.

  • 74'

    Onuoha clatters into Bale and is rightly booked.

  • 73'

    Taarabt again forces Friedel into a save but his effort is weak and right at the goalkeeper. Much more space opening up on the Premier League's tiniest pitch now.

  • 72'

    Buzsaky has had two touches since he came on and they've both been rotten. The latest a dribbly shot wide from 25 yards.

  • 71'

    Now VDV squanders a very good chance, as a cross is cleared to him he takes it down and volleys over from 12 yards out. We expect better from him.

  • 70'

    Diakite goes off and Buzsaky is on.

  • 69'

    By the way, there is another game about to start but it is only El Clasico.You can follow it here if you wish, or whwy not follow both?

  • 68'

    What a chance for Zamora and what a lack of conviction from the striker! He turns in the area and finds himself 12 yards out with a clear shot but delays and allows Gallas to get in a vital block.

  • 67'

    Somehow the ref misses a clear foul by Derry on Van der Vaart. QPR put the ball out so the Dutchman can receive treatment.

  • 66'

    Danny Rose is on for Spurs, in place of Assou-Ekotto.

  • 65'

    It is pretty much all Spurs at the moment. You feel QPR will do very well to see the game out sitting this deep. They are just inviting pressure.

  • 64'

    Excellent cross from VDV, Kenny punches onto the back of Gallas head but a corner is given.

  • 63'

    Walker is brought down by Taiwo. Good chance to get quality ball into the box.

  • 62'

    London's wildly unpredictable weather continues - after dazzling sun in the first half it is now shedding it down.

  • 61'

    Quite a lot of the QPR fans are wearing fez's - in honour of Taarabt.

  • 60'

    The corner is taken short and Bale touches off to Modric who has his shot blocked by Barton.

  • 59'

    Good low cross from Bale but Defoe is blocked off cleverly by Onuoha. Lennon wins a corner though.

  • 57'

    Taarabt finds more space for himself but slips as he shoots.

  • 56'

    Half a chance for Defoe as Bale's flick falls for him in the area, his vollley over his shoulder screws wide.

  • 55'

    Parker could be in line for some too, blasting over from 25 yards.

  • 54'

    A nice move from QPR - good passing - but the end product is a dragged shot from Diakite, who definitely needs some shooting practice on Monday morning.

  • 53'

    Definitely a play on the break mentality from QPR now. Protect what you have got and hope Taarabt and Zamora can produce something out of nothing.

  • 51'

    A good break from the corner aa Barton finds Taarabt - he gets to the edge of the Spurs box but his flick for Mackie is ambitious.

  • 50'

    QPR sitting very deep - on the edge of their own box in fact, Spurs struggling to find a way through. Lennon wins a corner in the end.

  • 49'

    He tweaked his ankle as he landed after going up for a header. Not nice but it looks as if he should be able to continue.

  • 48'

    Looks like a more familiar 4-4-2 for Spurs this half now Lennon is on. VDV floating behind Defoe. Now Bale is down clutching his shin.

  • 47'

    Another great run from Diakite - he's tidy in possession - but he tries an outside of the boot flick on goal that only troubles the side-netting.

  • 46'

    We begin again with a change for Spurs - Sandro off, Lennon on.


    And celebrates accordingly


    Taarabt fires QPR in front


    Seeing the replay of Taarabt's goal and Friedel definitely was late in starting his dive to get across. The ball actually bounced just on the line, indicating how little power there was in the shot.

  • 45'

    HALF TIME An entertaining half, with Taarabt's free kick separating the teams. Friedel was at fault, and Spurs have not been at their best. Plenty for them to do in the second half.

  • 44'

    A good free kick from QPR as Zamora holds the ball up and feeds off to Barton, the ball is blocked by Parker, goes back off Barton and over the bar.

  • 43'

    Great play from Modric as he gets into the area and finds VDV, his flick is hacked away by Ferdinand.

  • 42'

    QPR defend the free kick well as Derry then Ferdinand clear their lines.

  • 41'

    Taarabt gets a card for pulling down Walker about a foot outside the penalty area, out to the right flank.

  • 40'

    Looks to me like Brad Friedel needs a cap. He's shielding his eyes from the sun when the ball is down the other end.

  • 39'

    More calamity at the back for Spurs as Friedel again tries to pass his way out and Gallas' return ball almost concedes a corner. Then Taarabt works hard to win one himself.

  • 38'

    He is fine to continue, looks like he fell awkwardly on his arm/shoulder.

  • 37'

    BAE is down after a slip. His hair was all over the place.

  • 36'

    Good tracking from Ferdinand as Defoe receives the ball from VDV.

  • 35'

    VDV floats another ball into the box and Kenny claims. Not the service defoe thrives on is it?

  • 34'

    Barton is down after a clash of heads.

  • 33'

    Defoe has hit first pop on goal but sends it wide of the target.

  • 32'

    QPR have definitely sunk back a good few yards since their goal. Soaking up pressure.

  • 31'

    Modric gets into the box again but picks the wrong option, trying to find Defoe in a crowded penalty area.

  • 30'

    From the free kick, Barton slips and Van der Vaart forces Kenny into a smart parry before Defoe nods the rebound over.

  • 29'

    Mackie gets tight on BAE but eventually gives away a free kick.

  • 28'

    A brilliant intervention from Onuoha as Modric flicked a ball in for Defoe.

  • 27'

    Sublime control from Taarabt, as he brings down a looping ball and ghosts past Parker, he tries an ambitious effort with the outside of his foot but dribbles it into Friedel's arms.

  • 26'

    Walker with a chance to play Bale in as Spurs broke from the corner but he overhits the pass.

  • 25'

    Spurs are all over the place here. Friedel now puts King in trouble after a backpass, Barton steals it and Mackie wins a corner.

  • 24'

    How long did it take Friedel to get across then?! It wasn't well hit and he took an age to move but it was far too late before he did. It creeps into the corner.

  • 24'

    GOAL Taarabt scores!

  • 23'

    Taarabt wins a free kick just outside the box after initially miscontrolling the ball.

  • 22'

    Not a great ten seconds for Zamora, he gives the ball away, is beaten by Sandro then is booked for tugging him back.

  • 21'

    This time a short routine sends Van der Vaart into space and his shot is heading towards the top corner before Kenny gets across to catch.

  • 20'

    Either side of Kenny and that was in. As it was, a regulation tip over the bar.

  • 19'

    Another corner won by Spurs after Modric's deep cross and from it Kenny turns over a powerful header from Bale.

  • 18'

    Now Parker finds Modric inside the area but Ferdinand is across to block after the Croatian hesitated.

  • 17'

    Poor from Walker as Modric creates space for him but the cross is right at Taiwo.

  • 16'

    A bit of a comedy episode from Paddy Kenny who backpeddles to his byline then falls over as he clears.

  • 15'

    Taiwo shields the ball out of play as Walker tried to hassle him into a mistake.

  • 14'

    A bit of a lull in the game now after that intense spell of QPR pressure.

  • 13'

    Sandro inadvertently handles the ball as Parker fed him on the box edge.

  • 12'

    A wayward shot from Bale draws howls of derision from the home fans.

  • 11'

    Now Diakite makes a mazy run, beating Modric, Parker and BAE before dragging a shot wide from the edge of the box. Good spell for QPR.

  • 10'

    An almighty mess between Walker and Friedel as Macike crosses to the back post. Niehter keeper nor defender takes control as Zamora lurked and QPR win a corner.

  • 9'

    Taarabt's delivery is not good and Friedel claims underneath his own bar. Sun in his eyes too.

  • 8'

    King fouls Zamora and QPR have a free kick just inside the opposition half.

  • 7'

    Spurs sit fifth after Newcastle's win remember. A win would take them back into that position, on goal difference.

  • 6'

    A poor pass from Modric as Defoe had found some space. He's rather dropped off in the last few games, like many of them have.

  • 5'

    Tottenham coach Tim Sherwood already on the blower to the bench from his seat in the stands.

  • 4'

    More danger in the box for Spurs as Barton tries to get in on goal but he only succeeds in fouling BAE.

  • 3'

    What a run from Mackie! Twisting past Bale & BAE before firing wide.

  • 2'

    Walker wins an early free kick, it is cleared to Assou-Ekotto who fires over.

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