Premier League

February 6, 2012



0 - 0

Tottenham Hotspur

Premier League

20:00 +00:00, February 6, 2012

Anfield, England

Referee: Michael Oliver


    Scott Parker named man of the match for tonight's game. Not the greatest performance of his career; even though he played well, that decision's more emblematic of the way the game was


    Even with Suarez, Liverpool need to be more clinical in the final third or they'll continue to drop points


    Not only were they at home, but they had far more chances and far more possession and were again unable to make it count.


    Liverpool will be more disappointed with the draw than Tottenham, even though Bale had the game's best chance.


    Full-time: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham

  • 90'

    (it was)

  • 90'

    Foul by Carroll, perhaps unfairly, according to the referee when in Spurs' penalty area. Surely the last chance...

  • 90'

    Poor from Johnson, crossing in aimlessly and out for a goal-kick.

  • 90'

    Liverpool win a corner. Good defending by Parker to block the initial cross

  • 90'

    Brilliant tackle by Gerrard on Parker. Chased his fellow midfielder down and his subsequent slide tackle couldn't have been better

  • 90'

    Four minutes of added time to be played

  • 90'

    Free-kick to Spurs after an accidental handball by Suarez. That could be it...

  • 88'

    Kranjcar off, Rose on

  • 87'

    Downing now firing over!

  • 86'

    Suarez close now! Good cross into the box and the forward had a free header but he nods it unthreateningly towards Friedel, who effortlessly collects

  • 85'

    Absolutely outstanding goalkeeping from Reina! Bale was through on goal, one-on-one with the Spaniard but he did everything right and saved superbly. That was the best chance of the game and could have won it for Spurs

  • 84'

    Liverpool with the ball in midfield. Any real progress they make tends to be undermined by a poor final ball

  • 83'

    For all of Liverpool's possession, they still don't look like scoring

  • 82'

    Superbly defended from Friedel as the American punches clear

  • 81'

    Liverpool have a free-kick, from crossing distance, after Kranjcar's foul on Agger

  • 80'

    Liverpool upping the pressure now, though Carroll's proving no more reliable in front of goal after firing that header over.

  • 78'

    Good break for Liverpool that results in a corner after Carroll's cross is blocked by Parker

  • 76'

    Skrtel booked for fouling Bale

  • 76'

    Looks like it could be another draw at Anfield...

  • 75'

    Had time and space to finish - and possibly win the game - inside Spurs' area but sliced high and wide. That was a big chance

  • 74'

    Carroll misses a great chance! Woeful stuff!

  • 73'

    Bellamy off, Downing on

  • 72'

    Bale fires wide, shooting with his right foot! The chance was out of nothing and wasn't particularly threatening, but Bale can be lethal

  • 72'

    Ex-United and Everton striker Saha makes his Spurs debut at Anfield...

  • 71'

    Saha on, Adebayor off

  • 69'

    Suarez booked for kicking Parker (it appeared accidental)

  • 70'

    Liverpool really dominating possession now.

  • 67'

    Which Carroll wins but the header's straight at Friedel. More authoritative from Carroll, this half

  • 66'

    Great introduction by Suarez. Plays with such intent and purpose, though Parker tackled him. liverpool corner

  • 66'

    Kuyt off, Suarez on

  • 65'

    Adam's shot blocked! Lots of power in that, and looked to be on target

  • 64'

    The game's every so gradually becoming more open. Liverpool are the stronger side and have more possession but they're still lacking good shooting opportunities

  • 63'

    Another shockingly misplaced pass from Spearing. Really not convinced he's good enough to be a Premier League regular

  • 62'

    Suarez is getting ready to come on...

  • 61'

    And another... (good work there from Carroll by pressuring Ekotto into conceding the corner)

  • 60'

    Good shot from Kelly but Friedel saves well! the full-back found space on the edge of Spurs' area and got the finish on target. Corner to the home side

  • 58'

    Spurs goal-kick after Kuyt chased Assou Ekotto's clearance down

  • 57'

    Wasteful there from Bale. The winger had a good shooting chance inside the area - on his right foot - but, under pressure from Carroll, sliced the ball out for a goal-kick

  • 56'

    Corner to Spurs...

  • 55'

    Bale booked for his reaction, not the dive

  • 54'

    Bale reacts aggressively after Agger - rightly - accuses him of diving.

  • 54'

    Finally, some action!

  • 53'

    There really is some dull football being played out there. A complete non-entity of a half

  • 52'

    Suarez is warming up...

  • 51'

    Now a Spurs goal-kick... Entertaining stuff, this.

  • 50'

    ...Liverpool goal-kick

  • 48'

    Gerrard's shoots from distance but the ball rebounds off King and away from danger

  • 47'

    Spurs throw-in, deep into Liverpool territory

  • 47'

    It's still early but the second-half has, perhaps unsurprisingly, began in the same way the first ended. Plenty of passes but little danger of which to speak

  • 46'

    Still no Suarez, but Liverpool kick-off for the second-half


    Perhaps it's time for Liverpool to introduce Suarez?


    Not the greatest half of football. There's a good tempo to the game, and it's not been a scrappy affair, but both teams are playing very similarly - and are set-up similarly - so they're very much cancelling the other out. The game needs a goal from a set-piece, or somewhere, to open it up a bit.


    Half-time: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham

  • 45'

    Good save from Friedel, saving Johnson's shot from the edge of the area. The save was the last move of the half...

  • 45'

    One minute of added time to be played. It would have been a big shock had there been any more

  • 44'

    Reina does well to collect a dangerous looking cross there. Liverpool now countering with Gerrard

  • 43'

    Spurs have had the ball in midfield for some time now, and are stringing multiple passes together without actually making any progress. Liverpool are content to sit deep and for the ball to stay there

  • 42'

    That was the sort of save Carroll should have been attacking with far more conviction than he has been

  • 41'

    Johnson goes close! His inswinging cross from the left began to curl inside the post and Friedel had to scramble to save. Highly alert there, the American

  • 39'

    Bellamy wastes the free-kick. Straight at the wall. The ball has now run the whole way back to Reina

  • 38'

    Parker booked for the foul

  • 37'

    Gerrard fouled on the edge of the box - it's going to be a free-kick and a booking

  • 36'

    Comes to nothing. Liverpool not with the ball in midfield

  • 35'

    Liverpool win a corner after the overlapping Kelly's cross is blocked. Another chance (currently difficult to see where a goal's coming from, if not a set-piece)

  • 34'

    Possession in the last ten minutes: both sides at 50%

  • 33'

    Bale's now coming over to the right wing and central midfield in an attempt to give another option, though doing so has yet to prove fruitful

  • 32'

    Closest chances of the game! Spearing, in space - and bereft of any decent options - decides to shoot from distance before firing just wide. The ball was initially heading for the top corner and even the excellent Friedel was beaten

  • 31'

    Spearing goes close there!

  • 30'

    More of the same. Some nice passing football in and around midfield but there's yet to be any real success in the final third

  • 28'

    Parker - again - playing superbly for Spurs. Helping the defence to shore up any danger and then instantly looking to build attacks. He's been a superb signing and looks as though he's been at Spurs for years

  • 27'

    Both sides very much cancelling each other out, at the moment. Both enjoying lots of the ball, and attempting to counter wherever possible, but it's in the final third where play's coming to a halt. Defences very much coming out on top, so far - the game needs some imagination

  • 24'

    Woeful from Spearing! Wastes possession with a terribly misplaced pass...

  • 23'

    Liverpool again stroking the ball around in defence...

  • 22'

    Great sliding tackle by Skrtel on Bale, gave him no time there whatsoever. Dalglish has clearly prepared for Bale by selecting Kelly and Kuyt on the right...

  • 21'

    And another, after Gerrard is tackled...

  • 20'

    Liverpool have a throw-in deep inside Spurs' half after Kranjcar's tackle on Bellamy

  • 19'

    If I'm not mistaken, each of Liverpool's starting strikers - Kuyt, Carroll and Bellamy - have been linked with transfers to Spurs before eventually joining Liverpool. Lucky escapes, Spurs fans, or big misses?

  • 18'

    Assou Ekotto fouls Kuyt. Liverpool free-kick near the halfway line

  • 17'

    Liverpool currently pressing high up the pitch and boxing Tottenham into the final third. They are, however, struggling to open Spurs up when they've the ball

  • 16'

    Liverpool now with the ball at the back again. Not personally a big fan of Adam but his addition is beneficial to Liverpool's defence in the way he drops to join Skrtel and Agger when they've the ball. It suits him to do so, too - one of his strengths is playing as a deep-lying playmaker

  • 15'

    Tottenham have a throw-in after Johnson overhits his cross and it curls out and away from danger

  • 15'

    Liverpool now countering with Bellamy...

  • 14'

    And it's gone! Whisked away, more comfortably than a routine pitch invader would be, by a steward.

  • 13'

    They're still waiting for it to make its way off...

  • 12'

    Play's currently stopped because of a cat running onto the pitch

  • 11'

    Spurs again with the ball at the back. Liverpool are adopting a five-man midfield when not in possession, with Carroll as the lone striker which is making the midfield rather congested. Adebayor is Spurs' only out-and-out frontman so that could happen all evening...

  • 8'

    Nice one-touch football there from Tottenham with Parker and Livermore combining to exchange possession in midfield. Spurs now comfortable with the ball

  • 7'

    The free-kick's blocked and the danger's gone

  • 6'

    This time Liverpool do get the decision after Parker fouls Johnson. Free-kick on the edge of the box.

  • 5'

    Big early shout there! Carroll brought down by Dawson in Tottenham's penalty area but referee Michael Oliver has let play continue. Liverpool wanted a penalty but it was far from certain

  • 4'

    Kuyt blocks Modric's shot and Liverpool look to break (though how capable of countering they'll be with Kuyt and Carroll, admittedly alongside Bellamy, leading their attack, is another matter)

  • 3'

    Carroll with a woeful back pass just there. he was under no pressure but played the ball terribly back towards Reina where it rolled out for a Tottenham corner

  • 2'

    Some interesting battles could emerge tonight. Particularly Martin Kelly vs Gareth Bale and Scott Parker vs Steven Gerrard

  • 2'

    Liverpool currently with the ball at the back in defence

  • 1'

    The fog has lifted from Anfield; vision is now perfectly clear

  • 1'

    Tottenham kick-off...


    Earlier in the season, Tottenham beat Liverpool 4-0 at White Hart Lane. Tonight's home side have been in good form lately, though, even though question marks rightly remain about their ability to win at home. Drawing too many games at Anfield has been their biggest downfall this season.


    The teams are both in the Anfield tunnel. We're minutes from kick-off


    Other possible Euro 2012 players include Martin Kelly, Glen Johnson, Andy Carroll (yes, seriously), Ledley King, Kyle Walker, Michael Dawson, Scott Parker, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing


    Fabio Capello is at Anfield to overlook potential England players (particularly possible captains Steven Gerrard and Scott Parker).


    The Tottenham manager, Harry Redknapp, meanwhile, is unable to attend. Having spent the day at a court case in London, Redknapp's plane experienced 'technical difficulties' and was unable to take him to Liverpool. Consequently, Kevin Bond and Joe Jordan will manage Spurs for the evening


    Preamble: Tonight's fixture has had quite the dramatic build-up. Luis Suarez is available once again for Liverpool following his suspension and has been named as a substitute.


    "Tottenham have had a fantastic season and are as good as anyone" - Kenny Dalglish, pre-game


    Tottenham: Friedel; Walker, Dawson, King, Assou-Ekotto; Livermore, Parker; Kranjcar, Modric, Bale; Adebayor. Subs: Cudicini, Bongani, Nelsen, Rose, Luongo, Lancaster, Saha.


    Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Spearing, Kuyt, Gerrard, Adam, Carroll, Bellamy. Subs: Doni, Suarez, Henderson, Coates, Downing, Carragher, Aurelio.


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