February 9, 2011



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19:15 +00:00, February 9, 2011

Parken Stadion

Referee: Jonas Eriksson

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    There are still plenty more games going on this evening - France have just taken a 1-0 lead against Brazil through Karim Benzema, while Argentina and Portgual are drawing 1-1. Join Tom McGowan for all the live updates and chat from tonight's internationals. Until next time, that's all folks.

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    FULL-TIME.Denmark 1-2 England. Denmark were a shadow of the team that bossed the first half, the arrival of the more defensively-minded Parker and Barry quelled the threat of Eriksen and Milner and Young looked exciting attacking outlets. Excellent finish from Young for the winner but the game petered out into a snoozefest after that second goal. Capello will no doubt be a happy bunny tonight though, and the English press can't have too many complaints.

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    It's all over...

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    Milner just got absolutely cleaned out by Kjaer on the left touchline.

  • 92'

    Rushed clearance from Johnson. Denmark still pressing upfield.

  • 91'

    Vingaard floats it towards the back post and Cahill does will to head it out for a corner.

  • 91'

    Possibly a chance for Denmark now, about thirty yards out from a free-kick.

  • 90'

    Three minutes of added time to play. Minutes of my life I will never get back.

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    Vingaard on for Kvist

  • 89'

    Agger drives forward with the ball at his feet but his ball to the right wing is poor. Very poor.

  • 88'

    Young has a shot blocked from just inside the area. It's all happening now. Minor chances galore.

  • 87'

    Silberbauer crosses but Cahill knocks the ball away from danger with his knee.

  • 86'

    The no longer homseick Leighton Baines advances down the left but Denmark once again have the ball. Scrappy.

  • 84'

    Bent called up for catchign Kjaer.

  • 84'

    But once again, England stand firm and frustrate Morten Olsen's side in this second half.

  • 83'

    Denmark free-kick now about 40 yards out and Agger and Co are heading into the England penalty area.

  • 82'

    Corner dealt with easily.

  • 81'

    Enevoldsen on for Rommedahl.

  • 81'

    Denmark corner after Barry's interception.

  • 81'

    Gareth Barry is now the new England captain - do you think Terry feels a bit snubbed?

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    Baines on for Cole.

  • 79'

    Rommedahl tries an outrageous chip from the edge of the box, but fails miserably and the attempt looks more like Shevchenko's timid penalty in the 2005 Champions League final.

  • 78'

    Downing turns Poulsen inside out but his cross is too strong for club team-mate Darren Bent.

  • 77'

    Bendtner finds Poulsen and finally Denmark string some passes together to release Rommedahl. But Cole is back to tackle.

  • 77'

    Parker's presence just seems to have given the midfield a little more balance.

  • 76'

    Is it a coincidence that England's midfield has looked better since Frank Lampard went off?

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    Stats: Aston Villa have provided more England internationals over the years than any other club.

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    England free-kick after Ashley Young was felled.

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    The game seems to have petered out a little bit at the moment. Let's have some semblance of action for me to wrtie about!

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    Stats: The head-to-head record between these two sides reads: Played 17, England won 10, Denmark 3, Drawn 4,

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    Hart slices a clearance out under some pressure from Eriksen.

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    Our live chat man and Aston Villa afficionado Tom McGowan is positively drooling at Villa's contribution to the England team. Cahill, Milner, Barry (all former Villa) and Bent, Downing and Young (all current Villa) are all now on the pitch.

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    England have generally looked the better team in what has been a much poorer quality second half.

  • 69'

    Pedersen on for Krohn-Dehli

  • 68'

    Denmark 1-2 England. Johnson with a marauding run after winning possession, he passed it inside to Young who calmly slotted past Sorensen from just inside the area.

  • 68'

    GOAL Young.

  • 66'

    Downing on for Walcott.

  • 66'

    Sorensen looks to be in discomfort but he's back on his feet.

  • 65'

    Ashley Young sees some space open up in front of him and tries an optimistic effort that ends up drifitng tamely wide.

  • 64'

    Until now. Eriksen again the creative lynchpin, storming into the box before back-heeling to Rommedahl, whose low shot was well saved by Hart.

  • 63'

    Kvist tries to instigate a Denmark attack, they've been more subdued in the second half.

  • 62'

    Milner whips it in but it's tidied up easily enough...until it drops to Terry on the edge of the box, who strikes a defelcted effort over. England corner.

  • 61'

    Christian Poulsen penalised for fouling Johnson and England have a right-wing free-kick.

  • 60'

    Terry meets Milner's cross but it's wide.

  • 59'

    Walcott teases Silerbauer down the right and Sorensen just manages to palm his cross out for a corner.

  • 59'

    Cahill on for Dawson.

  • 59'

    Silerbauer on for Jacobsen.

  • 58'

    Swift counter for Denmark through Rommedahl and Krohn-Dehli but with a three-on-three break on the cards, Parker manages to retrieve the ball.

  • 57'

    Milner looking much livelier for England since the interval and he has just won his side a corner.

  • 56'

    Eriksen skins Johnson with a lovely piece of improvisation but his cross is headed away by Dawson.

  • 55'

    Bent collects Milner's through ball, but his left-foot shot is wide of the post. Good movement, poor finish.

  • 54'

    Not quite the entertainment value we enjoyed in the first half just yet.

  • 53'

    Milner with a raking 50-yard pass towards Walcott, but even Speedy Gonzales himself couldn't have reached that one.

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    Stats: Of the last six players to captain England, four have lost their first match ? Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and David Beckham ? while only Michael Owen and John Terry have seen England pick up a victory on their debut as skipper. Ashley Cole is England's captain for this half by the way.

  • 51'

    Milner with a left-wing cross towards Young and his header is straight into Sorensen's hands.

  • 50'

    Great chance for Bent. Ashley Young with a makeshift toe-poked cross and Sorensen does superbly well to block Bent's header from close range.

  • 49'

    Bendtner with an impressive scooped pass fromt he edge of the box towards the onrushing Rommedahl, but Milner had tracked his man well and headed back to Hart.

  • 49'

    Eriksen in space beyond Barry and he swicthes the ball across to Wass on the Denmark right wing.

  • 48'

    Really good ball retention from the Danes, though there is very little upfield progress being made.

  • 47'

    Denmark seeing plenty of the ball early on in this half, England are chasing Scandinavian shadows.

  • 46'

    Wass on for Simon Poulsen

  • 46'

    Kjaer on for Jorgensen

  • 46'

    I wonder if messrs Ancelotti, Wenger and Ferguson have had a quiet word with Fabio...

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    And we're off for the second half...

  • 45'

    Parker on for Lampard

  • 45'

    Barry on for Wilshere

  • 45'

    Young on For Rooney

  • 45'

    A few subs to tell you about ahead of the second half...

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    France v Brazil may be goalless at the moment, but remember when Les Bleus beat a lacklustre Ronaldo and Co. in the 1998 World Cup final? Reminisce here with Tom Adams' latest Rewind feature.

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    But DBTheTruth himself, Darren Bent equalised with his second goal in eight games for England.

  • 45'

    Daniel Agger's header gave Denmark the lead against England.

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    And if you want to keep up to date on the action in tonight's other friendly games, you can join Tom McGowan for all the live scores and chat. Germany are beating Italy 1-0 and France are locked at 0-0 with Brazil.

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    HALF-TIME: Denmark 1-1 England. Goals from Agger and Bent see us all square at half-time but it's been a fairly engaging encounter. Eriksen has been the standout player of the first 45 and it's clear to see why he is so highly rated.

  • 45'

    There goes the half-time whistle.

  • 45'

    Another really teasing cross but Agger can't quite get his noggin' on the ball.

  • 45'

    Denmark free-kick on the right wing, Eriksen to take.

  • 45'

    One minute of stoppage time to play.

  • 44'

    Rooney picks up the ball on the left and lofts a dainty pass towards Wilshere and Ashley Cole but neither can get hold of the ball.

  • 43'

    It's been a fairly entertaining first half as England friendlies go! But Denmark have unquestionably played the more expansive football of the two sides.

  • 41'

    Wilshere concedes a foul and Denmark retain possession again - Eriksen is seeing plenty of the ball and Lampard and Wilshere are really struggling to track his drfiting runs.

  • 40'

    Walcott drove the ball into the box and Lampard turned it past Sorensen with a back-heeled finish. But Jacobsen had just stepped out in time.

  • 40'

    Lampard just scored a delightful goal, but he was offside.

  • 40'

    Stats: Denmark and England first played each other in a dull 0-0 draw in September 1948.

  • 38'

    Eriksen dropped off and dragged John Terry out of possession before feeding Rommedahl, who fired across Hart but the City goalkeeper saved with his leg.

  • 38'

    Very good save from Hart.

  • 37'

    Rommedahl again pulling the strings and Jacobsen has another chance to cross on the overlap. Too long, though and Johnson heads it away.

  • 36'

    Rooney with a delicious cross-field pass to Walcott, but the Gunners speedster is dispossesed.

  • 35'

    Loose pass from Rooney and Kvist intercepts and releases Bendtner. There is no support though and England manage to prevent a rapid counter attack.

  • 33'

    Excellent work from Bendtner in the lead up to that chance showing some good footwork to provide Eriksen with the shooting opportunity.

  • 33'

    The ball rebounds out to Krohn-Delhi, who scoops it over.

  • 32'

    Rasping left-footed shot from Eriksen smashes the post!

  • 32'

    Milner cuts in from the left wing and crosses the ball straight into Sorensen's grateful grasp.

  • 31'

    Wilshere prods one through from the edge of the area but fails to find an England team-mate. Disappointing end product from the youngster.

  • 30'

    Wilshere looks to have hurt his knee in a challenge, but he is just shaking it off.

  • 29'

    Lampard slices one wide from distance.

  • 28'

    Johnson again almost dwells in the ball too long, but he manages to keep the ball and advances at pace down the right. He directs a cross in towards Bent but again the Villa striker is eased away from the ball.

  • 27'

    Krohn-Delhi makes some room on the left wing, with Johnson looking a little bit loose at right-back today, but the Brondby star can't find a red shirt with his cross.

  • 26'

    Walcott almost nips in behind Christian Poulsen, but Liverpool's forgotten man just intercepts in time.

  • 25'

    Stats: This is Darren Bent's eighth England cap and he has earned those for four different clubs - Charlton, Tottenham, Sunderland and now Aston Villa.

  • 23'

    Bendtner and Jacobsen combine on the edge of the England box, but Terry steps in to make a tackle.

  • 23'

    Rommedahl and Eriksen dictating play in midfield for Denmark and they are certainly frustrating their opponents with some patient possession.

  • 21'

    Wilshere with a beautiful touch to bring the ball under control and he passes it out wide to Walcott. The winger turns on the burners and floats in a cross which is easily collected by Sorensen.

  • 20'

    Stats: England have won just four of their 14 opening games in a calendar year since 1997 and all of those victories came at home.

  • 19'

    Fantastic cross from Milner and Bent makes a near post run but misses contact with the ball by what looked a matter of inches.

  • 18'

    But England steal the ball back and Rooney and Milner come forward for England.

  • 17'

    England clear their lines but Denmark just happy to build up some patient possession.

  • 16'

    The ball is headed out to Rommedahl, who fires another effort into the box, which is deflected out for another corner.

  • 15'

    Eriksen with a shot from the edge of the box that is blocked over by Dawson for a Denmark corner.

  • 14'

    Jacobsen with acres of space to run into and he attempts a one-two with Bendtner, but the Arsenal striker's return pass is heavy.

  • 13'

    Walcott on the left now attempting to engineer some space, but the Danish defence and Daniel Agger are holding firm.

  • 13'

    Some excellent exchanges between Lampard, Wilshere and Rooney, with the latter trying to feed Bent but over-hitting his pass.

  • 12'

    Two fists this time from Hart and England advance with Rooney and Johnson.

  • 11'

    Eriksen's delivery is tipped out by Hart for another corner on the opposite side.

  • 10'

    Rommedahl runs at England and they look all at sea att he back after Johnson gave the ball away again. Corner for Denmark.

  • 10'

    What a great start, both teams putting on a good attacking spectacle.

  • 10'

    Denmark 1-1 England. Superb balls from side to side. Wilshere looked left to Cole, Cole looked right to Walcott - he beat Simon Poulsen and laid it on a plate for Bent who couldn't miss from a yard out.

  • 10'

    GOAL Bent.

  • 8'

    It really was a wonderful delivery. Eriksen 1-0 Wilshere.

  • 8'

    Denmark 1-0 England Superb cross from Eriksen and Agger has plenty of time and space to direct a powerful header past Hart.

  • 8'

    GOAL Agger

  • 6'

    Cleared out by Terry and then Milner.

  • 6'

    Jacobsen with a marauding run down the right wing and Denmark have a corner. Eriksen to take it.

  • 6'

    But Denmark are out quickly and can break themselves.

  • 5'

    England corner now, taken short to Walcott.

  • 5'

    It was actually pretty decent piece of goalkeeping from Sorensen, he was undersold massively by Kvist.

  • 4'

    Great chance for England - Bent was quick on to a back pass and the ball broke to Rooney who shot towards an keeper-less goal, but he was denied by a block from Jorgensen.

  • 3'

    Johnson caught in possession by Krohn-Dehliand it's another early effort for Bendtner. Wide.

  • 2'

    Turns out he was offside anyway.

  • 2'

    Bendtner is fed by Eriksen with a delightful through ball but BEndtner fires his shot straight at Hart.

  • 1'

    Early touch for Wilshere as he advances with the ball at his feet, four completed passes in four attempts from the Arsenal midfielder. Solid.


    Bendtner wins an early header against Terry but England come forward through Glen Johnson.


    Right, we're off...


    Christian Poulsen (of Liverpool substitute fame) is the Denmark captain, while Frank Lampard captains England for the first time.


    The players are all out on the pitch and the Danish national anthem is currently blaring out - it's a noisy old atmosphere in Copenhagen.


    Eriksen is playing in attacking midfield for Denmark, while Wilshere will be playing in a holding midfield role.


    Could be an intriguing battle between the two nations' brave young hopes - Christian Eriksen ('the new Michael Laudrup') and Jack Wilshere ('the new Franco Baresi, Paulo Maldini and Raul' - not sure about that, Mr Capello!).


    England: Hart, Johnson, Dawson, Terry, Ashley Cole, Lampard, Wilshere, Walcott, Rooney, Milner, Bent.

    Subs: Green, Walker, Cahill, Lescott, Baines, Downing, Parker, Barry, Young, Defoe, Carlton Cole, Stockdale.


    Denmark: Sorensen, Christian Poulsen, Jorgensen, Agger, Simon Poulsen, Jacobsen, Kvist, Eriksen, Krohn-Delhi, Rommedahl, Bendtner.

    Subs: Lindegaard, Wass, Kjaer, Silberbauer, Schone, Vingaard, Junker, Lorentzen, Enevoldsen, Pedersen.


    Teams are as follows...


    The last time England played here, Sven Goran Eriksson witnessed his side receive a 4-1 hammering by the Danes - Ashley Cole, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney all played that day and all line up tonight too.


    Hello everyone and welcome to live text commentary of England v Denmark from the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.


    Live comments will appear here from 1900 GMT.


    Jack Wilshere is expected to make his full debut for England and on the eve of the game was compared to Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi and Raul by Fabio Capello. No pressure then. Here's our preview of tonight's match.