Capital One Cup

October 27, 2010


Newcastle United

0 - 4


Capital One Cup

18:45 +00:00, October 27, 2010

St James' Park, England

Referee: A Marriner

  • 93'

    NEWCASTLE 0-4 ARSENAL. A cracking game for the neutral, but a little harsh on Newcastle. A freak goal gave Arsenal the lead, before counter attacking football took over and Walcott shone. The Gunners are through.

  • 93'

    Hang on, Carroll beats the offside trap, but Szczesny comes out and it's a great save from the Pole. A good performance from him.

  • 92'

    Arsenal knocking the ball around. Keeping it well and Newcastle's game is over.

  • 91'

    Barton into the book for a late one on Fabregas.

  • 90'

    Rosicky fancies his chances and dances inside to hit the ball. It flies just wide.

  • 90'

    Three minutes left.

  • 89'

    Barton's knee slams into Eastmond's hamstring and that's a dead leg. Painful.

  • 88'

    A little harsh on Newcastle as it was pretty close at 1-0, but the Gunners have caught them on the counter time and time again.

  • 87'

    GOAL Walcott runs through after a great ball from Fabregas. A cool finish and it's 4-0.

  • 87'

    Taylor gets around Eboue and swings in a good cross, but Szczesny manages to hold it.

  • 86'

    Carroll takes the ball down, turns inside and hammers a shot with his left foot. It flies wide, but that was a decent effort.

  • 85'

    Szczesny saves from a Taylor free-kick. Gets a good hand on it, and it's cleared.

  • 84'

    Bendtner off, Emmanuel-Thomas comes on.

  • 83'

    Great chance for Newcastle. Taylor swings in a perfect free-kick and Carroll is six yards out, but heads over the bar.

  • 83'

    What a strike from the Dane. A very clean hit and that is game over.

  • 82'

    GOAL On the counter. Fabregas' reverse pass after Guthrie's error and Bendtner crashes the ball into the roof of the net from a tight angle.

  • 82'

    Great spell from Newcastle. Szczesny dives on the ball as Ranger's header goes among five players and Taylor tries to hack it into the net.

  • 81'

    Carroll finds himself one-on-one with Kosciely, but the Frenchman's leg nicks the ball away from him as he tries to turn inside. Good defending.

  • 80'

    Poor cross from Gutierrez. He found himself free on the left and only found the head of Djourou when Ranger was in a great position.

  • 79'

    Eboue robs Taylor and sends Bendtner free. He runs at his man, cuts inside, but then the final ball is cut out. Either side could get the next goal at the moment...

  • 78'

    Great vision from the young Vuckic, but Djourou cuts off his pass. A mazy dribble from Gutierrez eventually comes to nothing.

  • 77'

    Perch comes across again and gets Rosicky off the ball.

  • 76'

    Newcastle refusing to lie down. But Arsenal are always looking a danger on the counter.

  • 75'

    Sagna loses the ball to Gutierrez and mows him down.

  • 74'

    Carroll and Djourou tangle in the area. The Newcastle man goes down. That was a clash of the titans, but now penalty given.

  • 73'

    Bendtner and Walcott break again. A great one-two and Walcott is slipped through the middle. Great recovering tackle from Perch stabs the ball out of danger.

  • 72'

    Walcott drives forward on the counter, running at two defenders, but halts himself and slips it to Sagna who tries to cut inside and loses the ball.

  • 71'

    Barton immediately drives forward and Fabregas is forced to clear from Carroll inside his own area.

  • 70'

    Smith off, Joey Barton on.

  • 70'

    Rosicky looks like he'll play on the wing and Fabregas moves into the middle.

  • 69'

    Vela off, Fabregas on.

  • 68'

    Ryan Taylor latches onto a clearance from Kosciely and hits a shot down low. Szczesny collects with ease though.

  • 67'

    Arsenal doing their thing now. Keeping hold of the ball and the Oles are coming.

  • 66'

    Koscielny does very well to cut out the cross from Gutierrez and Newcastle are attacking with more intent now. There's no other way.

  • 65'

    Carroll getting booed as he picks up the ball. Surely not by his own fans?

  • 65'

    Sagna brilliant tackle on Gutierrez, but his ball forward is just too far for Walcott.

  • 64'

    Ranger turns Eboue and the ball eventually breaks for Carroll in the middle after a tussle with Djourou. He drags his shot wide.

  • 63'

    Arsenal playing neat football on the edge of the box. Newcastle are under the cosh.

  • 61'

    Smith brings down Vela and he's walking a tightrope now.

  • 60'

    Ranger limping now. He's been impressive, but may have run himself into the ground.

  • 59'

    Vela slips it to Rosicky on the left, who chips a cross over the head of Bendtner. The crossing from the Gunners has been pretty poor.

  • 59'

    Sagna caught up the pitch as Gutierrez runs into the space.

  • 58'

    Perch slides in on Bendtner, who flicks the ball on. But the move breaks down as Vela tries to beat Williamson.

  • 57'

    Guthrie chips the ball into the box, but Ranger slips as he tries to get the ball under control.

  • 56'

    So a double change for the Toon. They need something.

  • 56'

    Routledge off and Gutierrez on. Lovenkrands off, Andy Carroll steps onto the pitch.

  • 55'

    Ranger is brought down by Djourou as he went to turn. The crowd are baying for blood.

  • 55'

    A long way back for Newcastle now. Walcott's pace will cause them trouble on the counter.

  • 53'

    And Arsenal are 2-0 up. Bit of controversy with Bendtner's role there, but it was a cool chipped finish.

  • 52'

    Bendtner was running back and Williamson was caught by the striker, as he tracked him. He probably wouldn't have caught Walcott anyway.

  • 52'

    GOAL Walcott! The ball was headed through by Djourou and Walcott beat the offside trap.

  • 51'

    Cool play from Sagna and Koscielny. The ball is hit up to Rosicky who penetrates the defence with a great pass to Walcott. The winger sprints clear but once he's beaten his man, he overruns the ball.

  • 50'

    Header from Perch from the corner. Gets in front of Denilson and the Brazilian didn't even jump. It was a free one, but headed over the bar.

  • 49'

    Ranger does very well, but hacks into Djourou to try and win the ball back. No foul given and the striker is up and running again until Koscielny comes across to cover.

  • 48'

    Walcott is tracked by Kadar, who fouls him. Sagna gets a cross in and Williamson does very well to get in front of Bendtner, otherwise that was 2-0.

  • 47'

    Rosicky swings in a free-kick and it causes problems. Djourou tries to get his head on it, but it is hacked clear.

  • 46'

    Smith into the book for bringing down Walcott.

  • 46'

    Eboue gives the ball away and Routledge runs at the defence. Vuckic does really well, but Lovenkrands is caught offside.

  • 45'


  • 45'

    Arsenal celebrate their goal.

  • 45'

    HALF-TIME. A comedy of errors there and Newcastle go 1-0 down. It was a great half and plenty of chances and, on the balance of it, Arsenal probably deserve the lead.

  • 45'

    Bendtner heads the ball back into the box after a corner is cleared. The ball slips through Krul's grasp, is cleared off the line by Taylor, but hits the back of the keeper's head and goes in!

  • 45'

    GOAL A Krul own goal, how unlucky! But what a mess.

  • 45'

    Intricate passing from the Gunners as usual, but there's not an end product. Vela found space on the edge of the box, but let it away from him and chance was gone.

  • 45'

    Two mins left of the half. Both sides are looking to go into the half without conceding.

  • 43'

    Sagna swings in a cross with his left foot. Vela is on the end of it, but he's not got the aerial ability to get it on target from that far out.

  • 42'

    Szczesny claims after a great cross from Routledge. It was plucked out of the air.

  • 41'

    Bendtner with a fantastic flick to Denilson bursting forward. He's closed down, but it rebounds to Bendtner and his shot is straight at Krul again.

  • 41'

    Djourou goes down in the box under an awkward bouncing ball. The Newcastle man seemed to take him down there... but no penalty given.

  • 40'

    Vela slips and loses the ball. Denilson picks it up, sends it to Vela, who hammers the cross too far for Bendtner again.

  • 39'

    Eboue gets past him man. He's found some space on the left and there's no-one near him.. he's at a sharp angle, but wastes his chance as he hits the shot into the side netting from close range.

  • 38'

    Vela shows some quick feet, but is tackled by Taylor as he almost breaks free. He's had a poor game so far.

  • 37'

    Bendtner runs at his man. He does really well to get past Taylor, and again, but his shot is dragged low into the keeper's hands.

  • 36'

    Lovenkrands scores after Denilson loses the ball. He's miles offside though and the goal is chalked off.

  • 35'

    Ranger impresses to win the ball back in his own box from Eboue - that's showing some grit!

  • 34'

    Arsenal break and Sagna bursts forward. He chips it on to Walcott, who miscontrols and the ball bounces off Kadar and behind.

  • 33'

    Routledge does really well and takes on Eboue. He gets in a great cross, but Koscielny is there to head clear.

  • 32'

    Perch is back up and I'm not sure the ref even called a foul. No, he didn't. But Arsenal give the ball back to Newcastle.

  • 31'

    Perch is down clutching his leg. Did Eastmond go over the top there? He followed through and that looks painful.

  • 31'

    Arsenal concede their first foul, as Rosicky pulls down Guthrie.

  • 30'

    Vela gets free down the left, but that's a poor cross and it doesn't beat the first man.

  • 29'

    Newcastle defending deep and just sitting back to mop up the Arsenal pressure.

  • 28'

    Eboue takes on his man down the left and tucks inside on his right foot, he's pushed all the way across the box and the danger dies out.

  • 28'

    Rangers does very well to latch onto a long pumped ball upfield. Djourou does very well to get back and make the tackle in the box.

  • 26'

    Smith was a little too hard into the tackle on Denilson and is given a warning. He's spitting venom, but doesn't get booked.

  • 25'

    Rosicky treads on the ball as he should have controlled and burst forward. Bendtner eventually gets onto it and beats his man, but runs out of room near the touchline.

  • 24'

    Vela's corner comes in and floats over everyone's head. Poor stuff.

  • 24'

    We're missing a ball, but now two have appeared at once...

  • 23'

    Djourou completely misses a defensive header and it deflects off his hand. No call, and Arsenal break. Bendtner is free in the middle but Walcott's cross is deflected behind.

  • 22'

    Having been overrun for ten minutes, Newcastle are getting the better of the Gunners in the middle of the pitch now. And there are less chances coming.

  • 21'

    Eboue being booed now as Routledge pushes him in the back. He did go down easily.

  • 20'

    Arsenal sending a few long balls up the pitch and Walcott wasn't able to get on the end of that one.

  • 19'

    Kosciely mops up now and is pretty cool under pressure as he passes it back to Szczesny.

  • 18'

    Sagna on for Gibbs. That one was coming as he wasn't able to shake off the injury. Eboue moves to left-back.

  • 18'

    Gibbs is still hobbling, he looks a little unhappy and may not last much longer.

  • 17'

    More mopping up work from Williamson as Vela was lurking with intent. There's a lot of space behind the Arsenal defence everytime they lose the ball and Eastmond saves the day after almost giving it away.

  • 15'

    Both sides have had great chances to break the deadlock and now Newcastle are looking to keep hold of the ball.

  • 15'

    What a start to the game, it's a little like watching Spurs!

  • 14'

    Now Alan Smith hammers a shot from 30 yards out, and it hits the bar. Inches away for the Toon!

  • 13'

    Great chance for Newcastle. Smith slides in to win the ball and Ranger charges forward.. he's through and beats Szczesny. But with two men back, he's tackled as he gets the shot away.

  • 12'

    Vela called up for handball, and Krul really wastes the long clearance.

  • 11'

    Newcastle struggling to get hold of the ball, as you would expect. But also struggling to get a counter attack going when they do get it.

  • 11'

    Rosicky attempts to float the ball forward from the space in behind the strikers, but fails to connect properly and it is cut out.

  • 10'

    Koscielny does well with a tough header, but Ranger was prowling around looking for any mistake from the Arsenal defender.

  • 9'

    A bit of a delay, but Gibbs is back on the pitch again.

  • 9'

    Gibbs is down injured now as he goes in on Routledge. He hasn't had the best of luck with injuries.

  • 8'

    Routledge and Lovenkrands put pressure on Koscielny, but his header goes safely back to Szczesny.

  • 7'

    Gibbs and Eastmond pressing down the left and Gibbs gets forward, his pass deflects to Bendtner who pops it back and Gibbs' shot is deflected behind.

  • 6'

    Walcott is finding a lot of space on this big pitch against the inexperience of Kadar. Eboue keeps cutting inside and looking dangerous, another shot is unleashed but flies well over the bar.

  • 5'

    And another chance. Great movement from Bendtner and his shot is dragged wide. It could be 4-1 already!

  • 4'

    What a ball forward, Walcott is sprinting away down the right. He cuts inside, rides the tackle and tries to chip a cross in. The ball is eventually cleared.

  • 3'

    Koscielny sprays the ball out to Walcott, who gathers well but is tackled. Arsenal get the ball back and a great passing move sees Eboue get some space. His shot is right at Krul though.

  • 3'

    Perch does well to cut out Rosicky's long ball and it's been a fast paced start already.

  • 2'

    Rangers too strong from Djourou and Vuckic bursts onto the ball. His shot slides into the side netting.

  • 1'

    The corner comes in and falls to Bendtner who is just hammering shots away and getting the rebound. Krul forced into action again.

  • 1'

    Arsenal presssing already and Vela dispossesses Williamson. He's in on goal, but Krul makes the save with his legs.

  • 1'



    The teams are coming out, so we'll be underway shortly.


    No Sol Campbell for Newcastle as he is also injured. He would have wanted to play against his old side and would have been a good experienced head to have at the back.


    Arsenal fans will be keen to see what reserve keeper Szczesny has to offer. Fabianski is on the bench as Mannone is on loan and Almunia is injured.


    Some big names teams already out of the competition, so both teams will be keen to progress and avoid Man Utd until at least the final.


    Arsenal will be on a high after their 3-0 drubbing of Manchester City last weekend, while the Magpies are also on form after beating West Ham.


    One feels that with that lineup, the Gunners are favourite. Speculation has mounted about the future of Chris Hughton, and that could get worse after tonight.


    Newcastle are also fielding some kids, with Nile Ranger and Haris Vuckic given a chance.


    Team news and Cesc Fabregas is on the bench for Arsenal alongside Arshavin and Sagna. Starts for Vela, Bendtner and Walcott up front, with Rosicky the only experienced player in the XI.


    Join us at 1945 BST to see the Toon take on Arsenal at St James's Park.


    Chris Hughton's side beat Chelsea in the last round.


    It's more Carling Cup action, but it looks as if Newcastle will be the ones resting players as opposed to Arsenal.