Premier League

November 29, 2009



0 - 3


Premier League

16:00 +00:00, November 29, 2009

Emirates Stadium, England

Referee: A Marriner

  • 90'

    For Chelsea, they look hot favourites for the title. Let's see how they handle the African Nations....

  • 90'

    Arsenal looked toothless without Van Persie, which is a real worry for the rest of the season

  • 90'

    For the second season in row, Arsenal lose by three goals at home to Chelsea

  • 90'

    And that's it - a comprehensive win for Chelsea

  • 90'

    Empty seats everywhere. Arsenal fans gutted.

  • 90'

    Fabregas is booked for a series of tackles in frustration. Played five minutes now

  • 90'

    Sagna down injured, a few more seconds added

  • 90'

    Deco slids it across the face for Malouda, who just fails to connect

  • 90'

    The only thing that may happen here is another Chelsea goal, but in truth time is just ticking away

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added on

  • 89'

    Anelka shoots inches wide of the post, but the flag was already up

  • 88'

    Shot from Sagna. It ends up in Seven Sisters

  • 87'

    Malouda is on in place of Drogba, who gets the applause of the Chelsea fans

  • 87'

    He sidefoots with unerring power which gives Almunia no chance. Game. Over.

  • 86'

    What a strike from Drogba!

  • 86'


  • 86'

    Good chance this. 25 yards out, central. Lampard?

  • 85'

    Fabregas brings down Essien as he bursts towards goal

  • 85'

    Awful cross from Walcott, over the top of Vela and out for a throw

  • 84'

    Gallas dwells on the ball considering the backpass and is nearly robbed by Anelka

  • 83'

    Wenger does not look happy

  • 82'

    Great defending from Ferriera - Walcott is snuffed out and then he wins a foul

  • 81'

    Now even Arshavin's control is letting him down

  • 80'

    Essien very nearly puts Drogba through

  • 79'

    Arsenal look to have run out of steam now

  • 78'

    Up the other end and Lampard wriggles through, he shoots but it's from a tight angle and Almunia makes himself big

  • 77'

    Vela gets space for the shot on the edge of the D but just runs into trouble. Why did he not shoot?

  • 76'

    Denilson and Drogba bump into enough, they'll need a bit of attention. Denilson has come off worse

  • 75'

    Walcott lays a pass back for Arshavin put Carvalho is alive to stick a foot in

  • 74'

    Cross from Drogba on the right, Anelka just fails to connect

  • 73'

    Chelsea will make a change - Ashley Cole is replaced by Paulo Ferreira. Chelsea will hope it's not a problem related to his depressed frature of the leg

  • 72'

    Vela feeds in Fabregas down the line, Fabregas plays it low across the area and Cech sticks out a boot to clear

  • 72'

    Ashley Cole is struggling

  • 71'

    Vermaelen strikes it - straight into the wall

  • 70'

    Mikel trips Rosicky 25 yards out. Yellow for persistent fouling. Great chance for Arsenal for a shot

  • 69'

    Vela goes to ground like a Cristiano Ronaldo. Shocking. Just on the edge of the box. Rag doll.

  • 68'

    Commentator's eye. Joe Cole is replaced by Deco

  • 67'

    Nasri is replaced by the lesser-spotted Tomas Rosicky

  • 66'

    Neat play from Walcott, he chips a cross to the far post for Vela but the flag is up

  • 65'

    J Cole tries to turn a full circle but loses control. Maybe a little tired now.

  • 64'

    Corner comes in, easy for Almunia

  • 63'

    Shot from Drogba, it hits Gallas and then Lampard and is corner into the corner before Almunia dives across his goal to push it round the post. That would have been a bizarre goal

  • 62'

    Corner to Chelsea, Lampard takes but Terry cannot make anything of it

  • 61'

    Now Lampard brings down Walcott. Great position for this free-kick, Nasri takes, finds Fabregas but it's a weak header through to Cech

  • 60'

    Foul by Ivanovic on Nasri. It's a free-kick on the left, Fabregas and Cech is able to fist away. No Arsenal player near him

  • 59'

    Anelka steams through, but the flag goes up against him. Almunia plays it out to Sagna and Arsenal are moving forward... but he pulls it back for the offside. Pointless

  • 58'

    Cross from the right... into the hands of Cech. Arsenal are finding it hard to create real openings against the best defence in the Premier League

  • 57'

    And that's goodnight from Eduardo. On comes Carlos Vela for a rare outing

  • 56'

    Eduardo thinks he's through but Terry produces a wonderous challenge - what a tackle!

  • 55'

    Arsenal takes, Drogba heads away brilliantly

  • 55'

    Corner to Arsenal

  • 54'

    Anelka thinks he's through - offside

  • 53'

    Walcott has really added urgency to the Arsenal team. He's lifted everyone.

  • 52'

    It's all Arsenal

  • 51'

    That all came from a horrific backpass from Drogba which almost put Eduardo in

  • 50'

    Eduardo is penalised for kicking the ball out of the hands of Cech, forcing it to Arshavin. Probably fair enough

  • 49'

    No! Disallowed!

  • 49'

    Again it's a poor touch but it drops for Arshavin! Goal!

  • 49'

    He takes too long to control and the chance is gone and it's worked back in for Eduardo!

  • 49'

    Cech rushes out to claim in front of Eduardo, it runs for Arshavin who must score!

  • 49'

    Arsenal have come out fighting

  • 48'

    Walcott came on for Song, so an attacking move

  • 47'

    Nice ball for Eduardo, this is an opportunity - poor touch, the ball runs away from him and that chance is gone.

  • 47'

    Stats fans: Chelsea have equalled a club record of 28 games in which they have scored consecutively

  • 46'

    Walcott is on, will confirm who for shortly.

  • 46'

    Arsenal kick off

  • 45'

    Sorry Arsenal fans, without Van Persie - or even Bendtner (!) - I cannot see you getting back into this game.

  • 45'

    A pretty poor half, in truth, which was turned on its head by two brilliant crosses from Ashley Cole - of all people!

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    but Chelsea break again, Anelka has the chance to feed in J Cole but shoots... and scuffs it harmlessly wide

  • 45'

    Arsenal look to hit back before the interval

  • 45'

    Another wonderous cross from A Cole - right into the "corridor of uncertainty". Gallas missed the ball, it hit the shin of Vermaelen and - amazingly - went in off post and bar again!

  • 45'

    Vermaelen own goal!

  • 45'


  • 44'

    Drogba almost through again, Gallas deals with the problem

  • 43'

    You have to say, you wonder where an Arsenal goal will come from. And this is a side which is the top scorers in the division, and has scored in every game

  • 42'

    Brilliant pass across the face by A Cole, Drogba guides it on into the corner and it goes in off both the bar and post. No chance Almunia

  • 42'

    To Chelsea!

  • 42'


  • 41'

    Eduardo goes racing through on goal and Cech comes out too. The keeper claims the ball... and amazingly no dive from the Croatia international

  • 40'

    Cross from J Cole, finds Drogba unmarked but has to use his neck muscles from distance and cannot direct it correctly.

  • 39'

    Sublime crossfield pass from J Cole to Anelka there

  • 38'

    Still pouring down...

  • 37'

    Vermaelen stays down, needs a bit of treatment but should be fine

  • 36'

    Drogba is very late on Vermaelen after the ball has gone - yellow card

  • 35'

    Drogba breaks forward, he has two options to pass ahead of him... and messes it up completely. What a waste.

  • 34'

    Carlo looks a bit like Benny from Crossroads. I'm sure a few of you may remember him!

  • 33'

    J Cole blatantly drags back Nasri. Free-kick, but no yellow card

  • 32'

    It's not going to go down as a classic so far. Maybe a damp squib!

  • 31'

    Arsenal have had the edge, but created nothing

  • 30'

    Eduardo almost gets in ahead of A Cole, but the flag is up for offside

  • 29'

    Mobile phone update! It was not a mobile, but a camera. A fake camera. What is going on!?

  • 28'

    Awful pass by Fabregas, out of the reach of Sagna and out of play

  • 28'

    Great, fast break by Arsenal. Arshavin gets towards the byline, looks to check back but seems to stand on the ball and can't dig it out properly. His pass only finds Cech

  • 27'

    It comes in, but Chelsea cannot find a man from Lampard's delivery

  • 26'

    Traore drags back Ivanovic on the right. It's a booking for the Arsenal man. Good position for a cross again

  • 25'

    Snap shot by Nasri, and it's easy for Cech

  • 24'

    Let me confirm that an Arsenal fan threw their mobile phone at Lampard. Their mobile. I wonder how they'll be tracked down?

  • 23'

    It's worked back in for Drogba, who can only head tamely into the arms of Almunia

  • 22'

    Lampard finally takes the corner, Essien manages to head back towards his own goal!

  • 22'

    Someone's thrown a mobile phone! What a clown!

  • 22'

    The ref's not happy... speking to his linesman. It appears something was thrown at Lampard as he prepared to take the corner

  • 21'

    Lampard takes, Vermaelen helps it behind for a corner

  • 21'

    Free-kick to Chelsea over on the left flank. Good chance to deliver

  • 20'

    There were not many appeals from the Chelsea players about the decision, but replays seem to show Anelka was held back. That should have been another spot-kick this weekend

  • 19'

    It runs back to Lampard who shoots wildly wide

  • 19'

    He's in on goal, looks to shape to shoot and looks to be dragged back by Sagna and goes down! No penalty!

  • 18'

    Lampard looks to feed Drogba in, he misses in but it runs through for Anelka!

  • 17'

    Fabregas takes the corner but it's straight into the arms of Cech

  • 17'

    Corner to Arsenal as Essien tackles Arshavin

  • 16'

    Great move from Arsenal as the ball is worked wide by Arshavin to Nasri, there's options in the centre but it goes over everyone. Eduardo goes down but it's never a pen

  • 15'

    Ashley Cole plays a pass directly out of play which results in huge cheers and jeers from the Gunners fans

  • 14'

    Poor ball from Anelka after J Cole had sprinted up in support. He apologies

  • 13'

    Drogba spins off Gallas and is through on goal - but the flag goes up! Never offside! Lucky, lucky Arsenal

  • 12'

    Arsenal know that defeat today could be damaging, leaving them 11 points behind Chelsea though with a game in hand

  • 11'

    Arsenal are bossing possession, not much to show for it so far though

  • 10'

    Drogba wants a foul for a push in the back by Gallas. No joy.

  • 9'

    The rain is getting worse. We'll be in a monsoon shortly.

  • 8'

    Corner to Arsenal, but it doesn't clear the near post. Very poor.

  • 7'

    Eduardo almost wriggles through into space but there's a good tackle from Carvalho

  • 7'

    Both players are fine to continue

  • 6'

    There's going to be plenty of sliding around in this torrential downpour

  • 5'

    Eduardo and Essien go crunching into each other sliding for the ball. Both will need a bit of treatment

  • 4'

    Nasri tries to force a shot in, but it's a bouncing ball and he cannot get a decent connection

  • 3'

    Drogba tries to backheel the ball into the path off the sprinting J Cole but it doesn't come off.

  • 2'

    Arsenal passing it around nicely

  • 1'

    Chelsea get the match started


    Chelsea v Watford West Ham v Arsenal


    Don't forget the FA Cup draw is happening right now. I'll let you know who these teams draw.


    Last season this game was 1-4 to the Blues. Surely that cannot happen again?


    Joe Cole gets the nod for Chelsea, Frank Lampard is fit while Branislav Ivanovic is starting again


    Armand Traore is in at left-back with Gallas and Sagna available. Eduardo continues up front with Van Persie now out for most of the season.


    It's a wet and dismal London today, expect lots of sliding around. Sadly, the days of a mud bath are long gone