Premier League

October 25, 2009



2 - 0

Manchester United

Premier League

14:00 +00:00, October 25, 2009

Anfield, England

Referee: A Marriner

  • 90'

    Liverpool fans will dream again now... until the next crisis

  • 90'

    There's no doubt that Liverpool were the better side. United looked out of sorts and Rafa's team took advantage

  • 90'

    And the final whistle goes!

  • 90'

    Liverpool fans are celebrating wildly, swinging their scarves

  • 90'

    Liverpool broke up the pitch, Kuyt feeds Lucas who slipped in Ngog. He kept his head to slide home. Game over

  • 90'

    David Ngog!

  • 90'


  • 90'

    Into time added on to time added on

  • 90'

    Van der Sar chased out to clear and Mascherano did not pull out. He's off again against United!

  • 90'

    Mascherano sees red!

  • 90'

    United desperately hacking away - but United do not look like breaking through

  • 90'

    The game is bitty now - just want Liverpool want. Two minutes!

  • 90'

    Another change for Liverpool to add strength at the back as Skrtel comes on for Benayoun

  • 90'

    Free-kick to United in the deep. Giggs delivers but Agger heads away. It comes back in but Rooney can only head over

  • 90'

    Five minutes!

  • 90'

    He hauled down Kuyt on the half-way line as he was about break through. Vidic had gone the flight of the ball all wrong and - for the third game in a row - Vidic sees red against Liverpool

  • 90'

    Vidic is sent off!

  • 89'

    It's all United now, probing outside the box

  • 88'

    Nani's effort is pathetic and stright into the arms of Reina

  • 87'

    The free-kick is five yards outside the box. What a chance.

  • 86'

    Owen spins Carragher and could be in - but the striker is brought down. Carragher gets away with a yellow and is very lucky. Sir Alex is going crazy!

  • 85'

    Real tension in the ground now

  • 84'

    Owen holds the ball up well, and feeds in Valenica - he looks for options and decided to smash the shot - and it comes back off the bar. Ooooh!

  • 83'

    No sign of an alamo yet from United, surely it will come

  • 82'

    Plenty of possession from United before Carrick lofts a wasteful ball over Rooney and out of play for a goal kick.

  • 81'

    Fernando Torres makes way for David Ngog

  • 80'

    Owen almost gets in, good defending from Agger

  • 79'

    Benayoun gets into the box but the ball just wont sit for the shot

  • 78'

    Rooney's shot from the edge of the box is superbly blocked by Carragher

  • 77'

    Nani gets space for the shot but it's a terrible effort. He came on for Scholes at the same time as Owen

  • 76'

    Vidic brings down Torres then sticks his foot in again. No choice but to be booked

  • 75'

    "Judas" sings the crowd as one.

  • 74'

    Double change for United and the boos ring out. You know what that means. Michael Owen is on for Berbatov

  • 73'

    Giggs takes the free-kick straight into the gloves of Reina

  • 73'

    Finally! Mascherano is booked for a late tackle on Evra

  • 72'

    Corner to Liverpool. Aurelio takes, Vidic mis-controls allowing Lucas to shoot - but he blazes well over

  • 71'

    The game is really hotting up now

  • 71'

    Show from Mascherano - blocked by Vidic

  • 70'

    Kuyt drags a shot wide, he wants a corner but it really didn't deserve one

  • 69'

    Rooney takes it and can only hit the wall

  • 68'

    The free-kick is central about 30 yards out

  • 68'

    Again Lucas is penalised, further up the pitch. Still no booking!

  • 67'

    Mascherano is furious after being penalised again. Surely that's his last warning?

  • 66'

    Game on! United now must respond. It might not be long before we see Michael Owen.

  • 65'

    Superb slide rule pass by Benayoun, Torres is put through and he holds off Ferdinand brilliantly before firing into the roof of the net

  • 65'

    Fernando Torres does it!

  • 65'


  • 64'

    Rooney is caught by Carragher, it must be a booking but no! Rooney is furious about it

  • 64'

    A good spell for United

  • 63'

    It comes back into the box and Giggs is inches away from forcing it home

  • 62'

    Giggs takes from the left, it's eventually headed away

  • 61'

    Giggs delivers to the far stick to Carrick, his header comes off Agger and behind for a corner

  • 61'

    Free-kick to United over on the right for a foul by Mascherano on Valencia. Chance to deliver

  • 60'

    Valencia fells Agger, free-kick

  • 59'

    Quality. Hicks and Gillett are no longer sat next to each other. Must have been a stormly half-time chat!

  • 58'

    The free-kick is on the left of the box on the angle. Rooney and Giggs stand over it. It's Giggs who floats it over and Torres does brilliantly to head it off the head of Berbatov. However, the flag had (wrongly) gone up for offside anyway

  • 57'

    Lucas blocks off Rooney just outside the area, it's a free-kick and again Lucas is not carded

  • 56'

    Shot from Mascherano - it smacks into the face of Ferdinand and he flops to the ground much to the joy of the home fans

  • 55'

    Benayoun sees his shot blocked by Vidic

  • 54'

    Torres gets room to burst into down the right. He has options in the middle but gets it badly wrong and it's out for a throw.

  • 53'

    United haven't really got going in the second half

  • 52'

    It's Aurelio again, Agger has to stretch backwards to flick it on but it evades a clutch of reds shirts and goes behind for a goal-kick

  • 51'

    Vidic blocks Torres, the boos ring out from the home fans

  • 50'

    Kuyt tries gets space in the box but decides not to shoot and pull it back instead, it's a poor ball and Benayoun cannot control leading to a free-kick for a high foot

  • 49'

    Liverpool restart strongly

  • 48'

    Corner to Liverpool, Aurelio deliver and Van der Sar punches away

  • 47'

    Berbatov lays the ball out wide for Valenica - but he's not there! Berbatov looks miffed

  • 46'

    Liverpool kick-off

  • 46'

    The teams are back out

  • 45'

    Finally the players and the officials leave the playing area

  • 45'

    Man United fans are surrounding the referee - they feel they've not had the rub of the green. It looks like Sir Alex may have words too.

  • 45'

    The half-time whistle goes

  • 45'

    Liverpool fans go crazy after Lucas is penalised for another foul. Not happy!

  • 45'

    Two minutes added on.

  • 45'

    Kuyt went down in the box, but Berbatov and Kuyt were both at it so no penalty

  • 45'

    Free-kick to Liverpool - Sir Alex aint happy about it - which Lucas takes only for Van der Sar to punch away

  • 44'

    Torres wins a corner for Liverpool. Aurelio takes, Vidic heads away

  • 43'

    We're back in action

  • 42'

    Benayoun is down with a head injury after clashing with Evra, a bit of a break

  • 41'

    Woeful cross from Johnson, sails over the crossbar

  • 40'

    Berbatov tries a cheeky turn and spin but there's too much on it and eventually Reina can collect

  • 39'

    Lucas brings down Evra - gets away without a card again

  • 38'

    This time Benayoun gets his cross wrong, hitting it over everbody

  • 37'

    Berbatov goes into the book now, not exactly sure what for!

  • 36'

    A great cross from the right by Benayoun finds Aurelio in space. It's a decent header but almost comfotable for Van der Sar to claim down low

  • 35'

    Valencia wins a battle of strength against Insua, chases to the byline but the cut back is poor and Liverpool clear

  • 34'

    Carragher steams in on Carrick in the box just as he was about to pull the trigger. It's a good job he got that one right!

  • 33'

    Man United fans chant "ladyboy" at Torres. Razor sharp wit.

  • 32'

    Now Giggs fouls Mascherano

  • 31'

    Lucas trips Carrick in frustration, the ref has words

  • 30'

    United enjoying extended possession now

  • 29'

    Evra almost gets in around the back, Reina is wise to it and comes out to intercept

  • 28'

    Giggs tries to find Valencia in the box but there's too much on it

  • 27'

    It's suddenly gone very scrappy. Sort it out, lads!

  • 26'

    Looks like the fans have run out of beach balls - no sign of them anymore

  • 25'

    The game has calmed down a little now

  • 24'

    Mascherano unleashes a wild effort from 30 yards

  • 23'

    Vidic barges into the back of Torres, free-kick on the half-way line

  • 22'

    66/1 for Michael Owen to come on and score in a 0-1 win. Tasty.

  • 21'

    Now United break again, Valencia delivers from the right for Rooney, but there's no power on the header which makes it easy for Reina to catch

  • 20'

    Giggs plays a searching ball to Berbatov who takes it down with consumate ease... and then wastes the pass by taking it early and placing it nowhere near Rooney

  • 19'

    Liverpool growing in confidence, United yet to offer anything

  • 18'

    Liverpool break. Lucas runs with it and plays in Kuyt. The Dutchman gets the ball stuck under his feet meaning he needs an extra touch and then has to rush the shot, dragging the effort across the face of goal

  • 18'

    Something to give Liverpool hope there, United only escape thanks to the brilliance of Van der Sar

  • 17'

    The ball is chipped up to Torres who goes for the volley, but he messes it up and Man United survive

  • 16'

    Ooooooh! Great save from Van der Sar, it was going into the top corner. It falls to Kuyt and Van der Sar blocks yet again

  • 16'

    Aurelio hits it from 25 yards, left-footed...

  • 16'

    Evra is into the book for a foul on Torres just outside the area. A real chance for Liverpool this

  • 15'

    Berbatov peels across the line and would be in, but Rooney fails to thread a pass through

  • 14'

    Plenty of drive and determination, but as yet no end product

  • 13'

    Aurelio takes, it's decent but Carrick can head away

  • 13'

    Torres cuts inside from the wing and is clipped by Evra. Seemed to be accidental but it's a free-kick on the right. No Gerrard to deliver, though

  • 12'

    Torres tries to wriggle into a shooting position in the box but finds his way blocked

  • 11'

    Benayoun almost feeds in Lucas - too much on it

  • 10'

    Seems to be a good atmosphere in Anfield. But would you expect anything else for a fixture like this?

  • 9'

    Nothing for the keepers to do yet

  • 8'

    Liverpool have started well, passing the ball around nicely

  • 7'

    Aurelio's corner and Torres had found space, but it's a bit of a nothing header

  • 7'

    More beach balls - this time from United fans - holding up the corner

  • 7'

    Woeful shot from Lucas on the right, but there is a deflection for a corner

  • 6'

    More interesting news from the stands - Hicks and Gillett are sat next to each other. They haven't done that for some time. Maybe they can discuss Rafa's future?

  • 5'

    Good run from Benayoun, he almost creates space but Carrick gets a good challenge in

  • 4'

    Rooney is almost through but the flag is up for offside

  • 4'

    Sami Hyypis in the stands, the man who left for Bayer Leverkusen in the summer

  • 3'

    Carrick tries to send Rooney through the middle but it is over hit

  • 2'

    More inflatables coming on from the Kop. Reina is not amused as he kicks them back into the stand. Not the goal this time, of course

  • 1'

    It's Berbatov and Rooney to kick off.


    The stewards have been caught out by the Kop! They are throwing inflatable football on to the pitch in homage to beach ball gate


    Wayne Rooney is back for United after a lay-off of his own, he partners Dimitar Berbatov. And there's a couple of golden oldies in midfield - Giggs and Scholes.


    Rafa again goes for dual holding players in Lucas and Mascherano, so Benayoun, Aurelio and Kuyt will play in support of Torres.


    Martin Skrtel remains out of favour, meaning Agger and Carragher continue in the centre of defence. Johnson is back fit at right-back.


    There's a huge boost for Liverpool with Fernando Torres returning from injury, but Steven Gerrard misses out.


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