Premier League

April 17, 2010


Man City

0 - 1

Man Utd

Premier League

11:45 +00:00, April 17, 2010

Etihad Stadium

Referee: Martin Atkinson

  • 93'

    United probably deserved it in a game of little quality, but they showed again that they fight to the final whistle. Scholes piled on the misery and City will have to fight again for 4th place.

  • 93'

    And that's it! Game over. More misery for City against their rivals.

  • 93'

    It was the last attack of the game! No-one bothered to mark Evra on the left and Scholes just arrived late to head home, knocking it down low.

  • 92'

    GOAL!!!! And it's another late on! Scholes appears in the box to head home!

  • 92'

    Good hold up play from Berbatov, but Vieira is back. Bellamy has run out of legs to counter...

  • 91'

    City try to push out, but United are holding on to the ball. City break it up and attack with Bridge, who finds space and hits a shot right at VDS.

  • 90'

    City defending in numbers. Good aerial defending from SWP of all people!

  • 90'

    Three mins left...

  • 89'

    SWP pops up on the left and cuts inside Fletcher. He hammers a shot, but it curls well wide of the target.

  • 88'

    A tiny touch may have saved City there.

  • 88'

    Berbatov breaks and passes wide to Nani. Great floated ball in and Giggs was so close to getting onto the end of it.

  • 87'

    The finishing touch has been missing from both sides.

  • 86'

    Shout for a handball against Neville and he tussles with Bellamy on the left. Bridge gets clear and swings the ball in, but it's overhit.

  • 85'

    Neville gievn his last warning for persistent fouling.

  • 84'

    Van der Sar madness causes a scrap in the box. He missed the corner and Vieira stabbed it towards home. Five United defenders on the line scramble it clear.

  • 84'

    Vieira and Onouha go in and both just miss it. That was close, and slides just past the far post.

  • 84'

    Four City men in the box. They're not too fussed about winning.

  • 83'

    Barry beats Scholes to the ball and Obertan brings down SWP. Good chance to cause some danger...

  • 83'

    The crowd are getting into the game a bit now. City chants can be heard across the ground, but their side needs to listen.

  • 82'

    Dare I say it? Rooney might have scored there...

  • 81'

    Berbatov gets in between defenders. Totally free, he heads Nani's cross past Given... and past the post.

  • 80'

    City closing down United in their own half, but they aren't committing too much to the cause as they'd be quite happy with a draw.

  • 79'

    Now Obertan comes on for Valencia and Nani will swap wings.

  • 79'

    Nani gets himself caught offside after interplay with Evra. That was really poor as well.

  • 78'

    Ireland on for De Jong. Vieira will sit and hold.

  • 77'

    Bit of head-tennis in the City box. Nani wasted two good chances though. First with the cross, then with a really poor shot.

  • 76'

    SWP gets away from man and Evra hauls him down. Good change of pace does the Frenchman and he goes in the book.

  • 75'

    Game is livening up now. De Jong hits it from a way out, and it's easy for VDS.

  • 74'

    Rooney makes way for Berbatov now. He's not been effective.

  • 74'

    Adebayor off. Shaun Wright-Phillips comes on.

  • 73'

    Then up the other end, Giggs gets clear. Given comes out quickly to snuff out the danger.

  • 73'

    He went down, but there was no appeal for a pen.

  • 73'

    Really good chance for City. Barry finds himself through, but opts to cut inside instead of shoot. poor decision.

  • 71'

    Tevez gets a chance to run at the defence, but stumbles over the ball and can't get through. Then at the other end, Rooney is one-on-one with Kompany, but the defender gets a boot in.

  • 71'

    Fletcher tries to pull the strings and sends the ball out wide to Giggs. Vieira tracking back as Giggs hits it in low and Nani puts his shot wide.

  • 70'

    Something really needs to change! For both sides.

  • 69'

    Onuoha goes over the ball and brings down Nani. Looked a little nasty, but nothing given.

  • 68'

    City trying to break down United, but they can't find the cutting ball.

  • 67'

    Barry swings a corner in for City and Onuoha gets his head on it. He was falling backwards though and couldn't direct it on target.

  • 66'

    Good ball in for a change, but United head clear. Both sides are tracking back well and there's not much space to open things up.

  • 65'

    Neville holding the shirt of Adebayor. He looks bemused, but he was.

  • 64'

    Johnson is coming off, and Vieira on. Looks like City will try and match United man for man.

  • 63'

    Given holds his hands up as he smashes a clearance out of play. After a good opening, it's one-way traffic at the moment. All United.

  • 62'

    Pstrick Vieira warming up...

  • 61'

    Adebayor with a good defensive header. And Bridge does really well to give himself some space and clear the ball. It just keeps coming right back though.

  • 61'

    He was up to the task there though, as he blocks Nani's cross.

  • 60'

    Nani is already causing problems. Onuoha looks a little troubled by his pace.

  • 59'

    Giggs does very well down the left to get his cross in and Toure just sneaks in ahead of Rooney as he was shaping to head it home.

  • 58'

    Nani coming on for United. Gibson off. So Giggs will play central then.

  • 57'

    That was a good chance. A cooler head, or a better player might have made more of it.

  • 57'

    Great chance for City. Tevez finds Neville way out of position and slides in Bellamy.. who smashes his shot well wide.

  • 56'

    Yellow fever now as Johnson goes in the book for stopping Valencia's run.

  • 55'

    Great trickery from Tevez sends Adebayor away, but his cross is blocked by Neville. It may have hit a hand, but he was sliding in, so nothing given.

  • 55'

    Berbatov is warming up on the sidelines, could he be set to come on?

  • 55'

    Scholes, of all people, arrives late to get his head on a cross. Flies over the bar and Given didn't look too worried.

  • 53'

    Yellow card comes out now. Rooney gets up very quickly after Kompany brings him down. The striker was rolling around for a bit, so the crowd are giving him stick.

  • 52'

    Giggs bashes it in, but the ball never gets past the first man again.

  • 51'

    United are being pressed across the pitch. Bellamy brings down Neville outside the box on the right.

  • 50'

    Evans climbing all over Adebayor gives away the free-kick. Inexperience shows itself there.

  • 49'

    Good touch from Adebayor sees Johnson and Bellamy link up down the left, but Fletcher is there to come across and cover.

  • 48'

    Really poor corner from Bellamy. All that heading ability and it's dribbled across on the floor.

  • 48'

    Tevez forces a corner and City have started a lot better this half. A few decent efforts already.

  • 47'

    Johnson shows he needs a right-foot as he finds space, but then fails to clear the first defender with his cross.

  • 46'

    Giggs swings a great cross in and Fletcher was an inch away from heading it goalwards before Kompany got a touch.

  • 46'

    A one-two between Adebayor and Tevez almost lets the Argentine in. Great defending from vidic though who gets his body in the way

  • 45'

    No changes at the half, which is a tad surprising, especially from City's point of view.

  • 45'

    Second half kicks-off.

  • 45'

    Doesn't last long though. That's the half. Tevez's free-kick was City's best effort, but United have been on top and should really be ahead. More in 15...

  • 45'

    One minute left.

  • 45'

    Adebayor now tracking all the way back to break up Rooney's dribble in the box.

  • 44'

    Valencia steps clear of Bridge down the right. He fires a low cross at the box and Giggs is there at the near post. His sidefoot finds Given's hands and it lacked power. Good chance though.

  • 43'

    United drop back and City are looking for a gap. Keeping possession well, but lacking any real incision.

  • 42'

    Johnson's delivery is poor and headed clear at the near post.

  • 41'

    Adebayor brings the ball down well out of the air, but Vidic brings him down. No yellows yet this half either.

  • 41'

    Vidic easily stops the cross to Adebayor and heads back to VDS. United haven't been overly troubled so far this half.

  • 40'

    Best chance of the half by a distance. You would have put your mortgage on Rooney scoring there!

  • 40'

    Oh what a chance! Valencia gets the better of Bridge on a bouncing ball, heads it across to Rooney who fakes past Toure an unleashes a shot! Wide of the near post.

  • 39'

    City regroup and look to attack again. They've lacked a cutting edge without Tevez finding any space and a change should happen soon.

  • 38'

    Tevez now has a penalty shout as he gets away from Vidic. The defender is on the wrong side, but gets his leg around it to pop it out for a corner as Tevez goes down. No pen!

  • 37'

    Final ball again is broken up, this time for United.

  • 36'

    Bellamy uses his pace to get away from Neville, but he smashes his cross behind for a goal kick. Poor, given that he had found some space.

  • 35'

    Fergie and Evans having another chat on the sidelines. Let's hope it's not like the last time!

  • 34'

    Evans getting the better of Adebayor again. He's down injured, but it's probably more pride than anything else.

  • 33'

    De Jong doing the Tevez role and chasing everything down. He blocks it out for a goal kick after some impressive pressing. VDS has not been too worried yet though.

  • 32'

    But a good spell is broken up by Adebayor lazily getting caught offside.

  • 32'

    Adebayor lays the ball off to Barry, who has his shot blocked. City now pressing forward.

  • 31'

    Valencia almost gets away from Bridge, but the defender does well to shepherd the ball back to Given.

  • 30'

    Rooney sold short and shows his frustration. He's had a limited impact as well!

  • 29'

    Tevez isn't having much impact. He breaks up the possession game but City break slowly and the impetus is lost.

  • 28'

    United now looking to take control of the ball. City haven't had a touch for a minute or so.

  • 27'

    Bellamy gets the ball away from Neville and fizzes the ball across the box. No-one was there though.

  • 26'

    Adebayor gives the ball away again. He's been poor.

  • 26'

    Good delivery from Giggs, but it flies over the heads and finds Given's hands.

  • 25'

    Barry penalised for an aerial foul on Gibson. Evidently Gibson has been hanging around Fletcher too much, he's on at the ref every time there's a break in play.

  • 24'

    Same result though, not given.

  • 24'

    Bridge close to a handball there! The ball moved in the air and there was a feeling of the John Terrys about that.

  • 23'

    Adebayor finding a lot of space, but his header from a throw in goes straight out. He's looked a step off the pace.

  • 22'

    Good trickery from Johnson. He looks a decent young player and perhaps he should be switched to test out Gary Neville?

  • 22'

    City have scored more from corners than anyone else this season. But Vidic made sure they didn't get another one.

  • 20'

    United on the attack as Rooney drops deep. But it's broken up, Bellamy and Adebayor looking dangerous on the counter. United getting men back quickly though.

  • 19'

    Adebayor showing strength and power and nearly gets in behind Vidic. VDS out quickly though to claim the ball.

  • 18'

    Scholes smashes in on Johnson. For a change, he got the ball.

  • 17'

    Neither side can get hold of the ball at the moment. Waiting for someone to grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

  • 16'

    That was a yellow in anyone's book. Lucky boy.

  • 16'

    Rooney has a kick out at De Jong. Cynical and shocking. I can't see a card though! Why on earth not?

  • 15'

    Gibson now does well defensively as a long ball tries to find Bellamy spriting clear. Neville was nowhere!

  • 14'

    That was an opening for United. Very poor from Kompany and he's lucky that Toure had his back.

  • 14'

    Poor from Kompany! A sliced clearance sends Rooney clear. Rooney has options, but that's brilliant from Toure, who blocks his pass.

  • 13'

    Toure shows strength to block out Rooney and Giggs from a chipped ball and City can break. Bridge fails to beat Valencia though.

  • 12'

    Giggs sprays it to Rooney, who crosses wide to Fletcher. A square ball and Scholes has time.. but his shot is dragged wide. He should be disappointed given how he can hit them!

  • 11'

    De Jong crunches Evra, but it's legal. Evra back on his feet now, and doesn't complain too much.

  • 10'

    Bellamy goes sprawling under Evra's presence. Actually Bellamy kicked the ball away from himself and was made to look a little foolish. Perhaps that's why he's so angry?

  • 9'

    Adebayor streaks clear down the right - his pace is proving to be a worry with balls over the top. United get men back though.

  • 8'

    The Argentine tries his luck. And it arrows towards the top corner. Good save from VDS, who holds onto it as well. A little more power and that was in.

  • 7'

    Gibson hauls Tevez over. 35 yards out and spits venom at the ref. Tevez probably went over a little easily.

  • 7'

    Not seen a lot of Rooney and a sharp turn has him done. Was that a hobble?

  • 6'

    City now putting some passing together and Adebayor breaks to slip a through-ball to Tevez. Good covering from Evans snuffs out the danger.

  • 5'

    Calm defending from Scholes, Vidic and Van der Sar. Tevez was chasing air there.

  • 4'

    Johnson, up the other end, swings the ball in, but Adebayor was behind the play and couldn't get near it.

  • 4'

    First real chance for United. Nobody picked the Scot up just outside the box and that wasn't far off.

  • 3'

    Fletcher has a crack! No pressure and that probably had the beating of Given. The keeper is irate!

  • 3'

    Tevez helps the ball on to Adebayor, but he miscontrols badly and it trickles out of play.

  • 2'

    United finding Valencia on the right with regularity. Bridge is in for a tough day.

  • 2'

    Rooney heads back across goal, but Johnson is there to take the ball out when Fletcher was lurking.

  • 2'

    United controlling the ball in the opening exchanges.

  • 2'

    Tevez charging around and there's some good pressure on the ball. Valencia hammers a cross in and Toure is there to clear at the near post.

  • 1'

    Of course the ref today is Martin Atkinson. He's the man who added on 6 mins of extra-time in the first derby... Not popular at City.

  • 1'

    Tevez uses his strength early on to hold of Scholes and De Jong blasts in with a crunching tackle.


    Here we go...


    Ticker-tape is everywhere. No balloons though, so there shouldn't be a repeat of the Sheff Utd fun from a few years back.


    Derby games rarely follow a script. This one could be explosive.. two mins to kick-off.


    Oh, and keep an eye on Neville's first tackle on Tevez. Remember their little disagreement last time?


    United have an extra man in their midfield, but Tevez will drop back with his usual stamina. Neville, Giggs and Scholes all have a lot to do.


    City will line up 4-4-2 with Johnson and Bellamy testing the width of United. De Jong and Barry the destroyers in the middle.


    United fans will think that their title challenge is gone already, but City would enjoy putting the final nail in the coffin.


    Fergie is a patronising man isn't he? Going on about how much City haven't achieved in the past and how it's ''good for them'' for be fighting for something..


    But of course City did the double over their rivals last season and were so close to upsetting them again before Michael Owen popped up last time.


    United have the results in the past, with 15 wins out of the 25 league meetings.


    All the focus is, of course, on Tevez. Playing against his old club, there are a few scores to settle.


    For City: Bellamy, Tevez and Adebayor start up front. Wayne Bridge plays and so does Adam Johnson.


    Rio Ferdinand doesn't make it though. Evans comes in for him. Berbatov benched and Scholes and Gibson make up the central midfield.


    And it's the news that all United fans wanted to hear. Wayne Rooney starts...


    Join us at 12.45 BST for what promises to be a classic at Eastlands. Will Carlos Tevez finish off his old friends' title hopes?