UEFA Champions League

February 24, 2009



1 - 0

AS Roma

UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, February 24, 2009

Emirates Stadium, England

Referee: Claus Bo Larsen

  • 90'

    Arsenal certainly deserved their victory but their play deserved more than one goal. Will it be something they rue in Italy in two weeks' time?

  • 90'

    And that's it - full time

  • 90'

    It's taken from the right and Song gets up above everyone to head it away

  • 90'

    Vela brings down Motta on the right flank, a chance to create a goal for Roma with 30 seconds left

  • 90'

    Clichy shoots straight into the stomach of Doni, no power

  • 90'

    Totti tries to feed in Vucinic, the flag goes up for offside - but it shouldn't have

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added on (from somewhere)

  • 89'

    Song tries a reverse ball into the box for Van Persie but it's poor and Motta intercepts with ease

  • 88'

    Not long now, this last 15 minutes has largely been a non-event

  • 88'

    Van Persie lays the ball back for Song, his shot is shanked well wide from 25 yards

  • 87'

    Nasri takes from the left but Sagna fails to get purchase on the header

  • 86'

    Shot from Nasri takes a deflection and it's a corner

  • 85'

    Ramsey breaks forward, space opens up for him and he opts to shoot - it deflects and loops harmlessly up into Doni's arms

  • 84'

    Vela tugs back Taddei, free-kick

  • 83'

    Vucinic's first job is to be offside from Totti's pass

  • 82'

    And a change for Roma too as Vucinic is on for the disappointing Baptista

  • 81'

    Eboue is off and on comes Ramsey

  • 80'

    Arsenal just doi not have the fluency to trouble Roma any more. But they should have extended their lead long ago

  • 79'

    Motta is down with cramp, he'll need a bit of a stretch

  • 78'

    Arsenal just keep giving the ball away, in total contrast to the first period

  • 77'

    Riise should have been in on the left but his control lets him down. Goal-kick

  • 76'

    If anything now you fancy Roma for a goal

  • 75'

    Cross from the right by Sagna, Nasri can't direct it goalwards and it's a goal-kick

  • 74'

    Arsenal have looked a bit slack since Diaby went off, the drive has gone

  • 73'

    Atletico 2-2 Porto. Lisanrdo Lopez again. More fantasy league joy!

  • 72'

    Pizarro clips in the free-kick, Gallas heads away

  • 72'

    Loria goes off after a horror show, Diamoutene is on

  • 71'

    Denilson brings down Pizarro, free-kick 30 yards out

  • 70'

    Loria is so, so poor. Imagine Titus Bramble in the Champions League.

  • 70'

    Barca have levelled at Lyon from Henry

  • 69'

    Shot from Riise and it goes an inch wide. It was deflected and it's a corner. It goes over everyone and Arsenal escape

  • 68'

    At last Bendtner is coming off now, and he'll be replaced by the young pup Carlos Vela

  • 67'

    ...and he fires wide of the post. He hesitated and hesitated and made the chance far more difficult than it already was and could not hit the target

  • 67'

    Loria misses a mis-placced pass and Eboue is in, he should have shot first time but opted to beat Loria again...

  • 66'

    Nasri is booked for a foul on Pizarro

  • 66'

    It's all gone a little flat - the crowd are silent

  • 65'

    Denilson will be okay to continue

  • 63'

    Two players are down injured but the play goes on. In the end it comes back with De Rossi and Denilson down. The Gunners looks the worse off after getting studs from Totti

  • 62'

    Change for Arsenal with Song on for Diaby

  • 61'

    Diaby is tugged back by De Rossi. He goes into the book and could easily have seen a second yellow

  • 60'

    Cross from Nasri finds Eboue, but he can't get his head on it properly

  • 59'

    Roma have settled again now

  • 58'

    If you think Bendtner is poor, well Baptista is no better

  • 57'

    A change for Roma as Pizarro is on for Brighi

  • 56'

    Diaby works a snap shot and Doni has to make a fine save low down to his left

  • 55'

    All Arsenal now, wave after wave of attack. Roma rocking again

  • 54'

    Bendtner again, this time he opts to feed the ball across the face of goal but Nasri cannot get on the end of it

  • 53'

    ...woeful. Simply woeful. He was lethargic when receiving the ball then fired over the bar

  • 52'

    Eboue finds Van Persie on the penalty spot, he can't control but it falls to Bendtner who is unmarked...

  • 51'

    Another foul by Mexes, on Van Persie, and he's walking a red card tightrope

  • 50'

    Van Pesie gets a little space but fires well wide. It seems as though he'd lost where the goal was

  • 49'

    Arsenal under a bit of pressure but Roma cannot fashion a chance for Totti

  • 48'

    Roma have come out with a purpose in this second half

  • 47'

    Toure is booked for trying to run on the pitch without the ref's permission. Comedy! 11v11 again now

  • 46'

    Well, well. The game kicked off with only eight Arsenal players on. The ref didn't check

  • 46'

    Arsenal kick off the second period

  • 45'

    A fully deserved lead for Arsenal but they should have had more on the balance of play, if not efforts on goal. They must now push on

  • 45'

    And that's it, half-time

  • 45'

    Atletico now lead Porto 2-1 through Diego Forlan

  • 45'

    No graphic for injury time for us. So we'll guess at two minutes

  • 45'

    Gallas is down after being kicked in the face by a stray boot, which Motta is down following a Bendtner challenge

  • 44'

    Roma look to be losing their composure here. Arsenal really should look to increase the cushion after the break

  • 43'

    Motta gets it on the right and produces a great deep ball to Perrotta at the back stick, he should head on goal but instead goes across the area and Arsenal clear. A half-chance wasted

  • 42'

    De Rossi goes diving in studs first on Nasri on the wing, flying throug the air. It's a yellow card and lucky not to be red. Even so, he will still miss the second leg

  • 41'

    Bendtner tries to slip in Van Persie but the flag is up for offside

  • 40'

    ...but Bendtner fails to connect and Motta gets there first to clear. Arsenal's best striker....

  • 39'

    Van Persie gets the better of the woeful Loria and is marching to the byline. He's in a great position to cut to back for Bendtner...

  • 38'

    Finally Arsenal have the reward that their play demanded. Though perhaps it was always going to be a penalty as Arsenal refused to force the door in open play

  • 37'

    Van Persie sends Doni the wrong way and finds the bottom right corner of the net. Easy for Van Persie

  • 36'


  • 36'

    It's going to be Van Persie. Drama as the ball is re-spotted...

  • 36'


  • 36'

    It comes back in to Van Persie and Mexes goes in late...

  • 35'

    Sagna takes advantage of a slip by defender and gets down the line. He crosses deep for Bendtner who again produces woeful control and it's cleared

  • 34'

    Taddei finds Totti with a square ball across the edge of the box, but Totti's first time shot finds row z. Roma have now had more shots than Arsenal

  • 33'

    For all Arsenal's dominance they've had three shots. The same as Roma. It's simply not enough

  • 32'

    Sagna crosses from the right and Loria makes a right hash of it, missing the ball. Luckily there is no red shirt behind him and he gets away with it

  • 31'

    Clichy's cross finds the gloves of Doni

  • 30'

    Nasri gets it in the area but again delays the shot and eventually has to try and cross - it's poor

  • 29'

    Baptista finally gets on the ball but shoots horrendously wide and it goes nearer the corner flag

  • 28'

    Arsenal having a bit of a breather? Preparing for another burst before the break

  • 27'

    Clichy gives away a free-kick, De Rossi brought down

  • 26'

    Brighi enters the book now for preventing Eboue from taking a quick throw - grasping the ball out of his hands

  • 25'

    A 30 yard effort from Diaby put its always rising and never of real concern for Doni

  • 24'

    Sagna produces a poor cross from the right and Doni claims with a catch for the cameras

  • 23'

    Atletico 1-1 FC Porto. Lisandro Lopez and more joy for my fantasy team.

  • 22'

    Arsenal have got to stop this tippy tappy football and attack the goal

  • 21'

    Again Bendtner's control lets him down and Mexes mops up, good ball from Eboue in that move

  • 20'

    Snap shot from Nasri from 25 yards out goes a few yards wide of Doni's right post

  • 19'

    This is a cracking game. Not a dull moment

  • 18'

    Toure penalised for a foul on Brighi, free-kick midway in the Arsenal half. It's floated in and Loria fails to connect properly on the stretch. A decent half chance

  • 17'

    Roma break and Motta tries his luck from distance and forces Almunia into a fine save. The corner goes into the grasp of the keeper

  • 16'

    Sublime ball over the top by Diaby is right into the run of Van Persie. The Dutchman's control is, for once, poor and it runs away from him to Doni

  • 15'

    Arsenal press again, it comes to Diaby in the area and he tries to feed in Nasri rather than shoot. Arsenal are, as often is the case, trying to be too precise. If they don't shoot they won't score

  • 14'

    Van Persie floats a free-kick to the far post. It;s nodded back across the six yard box by Toure and Roma hack it away

  • 14'

    Arsenal break and Eboue has options left and right. He dwells on the ball too long but is brought down by Mexes - who sees yellow

  • 13'

    Totti tries to find Baptista in the box, Sagna heads clear. A rare attack

  • 12'

    Arsenal are completely bossing possession, Roma unable to get out of their own half

  • 11'

    Bendtner is playing on the left. It's an unexpected formation and clearly wrongfooted the Roma gameplan

  • 10'

    Great cross from Clichy finds Nasri in space 10 yards out - but he places his header a few yards wide. That was a decent chance

  • 9'

    It's all Arsenal. Roma are rocking right not but Arsenal cannot carve out a chance

  • 8'

    Cats and pigeons aplenty in France as Lyon lead Barca thanks to a fluked cross from Juninho which went straight in

  • 7'

    ...the pass is slightly behind Bentner put his first touch is more akin to a walrus and defenders converge. A waste from the self-titled best striker at Arsenal.

  • 6'

    Great run by Nasri down the right and he's clear. Red shirts run into the box and Nasri looks to pick out Bendtner...

  • 6'

    Arsenal on top early doors, probing around the area

  • 5'

    Good run by Eboue through the centre but Perrota stops him progress

  • 4'

    Early goal in Spain and it's gone to Atletico Madrid against Porto. Maxi Rodriguez getting my fantasy team off to a flyer

  • 3'

    No Cicinho and Juan for Roma, that could leave them a little vulnerable at the back

  • 2'

    Two fouls in quick succession by Diaby, ref looks over accusingly

  • 1'

    And we're off!


    Tonight's English born player? That's right, Simone Perrota who was born in Manchester


    Arsene Wenger knows a victory at the Emirates is vital, and if at all possible without an away goal for Roma.


    AS Roma will need to end their poor recent form on English soil, not having won here in the last five visits.


    AS Roma are captained by striker Francesco Totti, who has shaken off a groin complaint to start. Julio Baptista, who had a spell on loan with the Gunners, and former Liverpool defender John Arne Riise are also named in the starting XI.


    Abou Diaby returns to the Arsenal side against Roma at Emirates Stadium. Alex Song drops to the bench, while Emmanuel Eboue came in for Andrei Arshavin, who is cup-tied following his deadline-day transfer from Zenit St Petersburg.


    Join us at 1945 GMT to see if Arsenal can turn around their recent form and beat visiting Roma in the Champions League last 16.