UEFA Champions League

March 10, 2009



2 - 2


UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 10, 2009

Olimpico Grande Torino

Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco

2nd Leg: 2 - 3 (Agg)

  • 94'

    There it is! A tie that came to life just before half time sees Chelsea deservedly go through. Juve were brave and had they had the full compliment for the last third then who knows? See you tomorrow for more Champions League action...

  • 93'

    Possession football from Chelsea now and the ole's come out from their fans. Juve's supporters can't even be bothered to boo.

  • 92'

    Ballack aims a weak header goalwards as Chelsea's fans celebrate...

  • 91'

    Belletti is a donut. He's clean through, gets round Buffon, delays and delays before shooting and the keeper gets back to block.

  • 90'

    Four mins added as Chelsea nearly score their third. Anelka crosses, Belletti heads down and Buffon saves well from Ballack's drive.

  • 89'

    Chelsea spread the ball around as they run down the clock. They can start celebrating though. They are through to the last eight again.

  • 88'

    Liverpool are 4-0 up against Real Madrid! Even Dossena has scored!

  • 87'

    Lamps picks out the wrong ball as Anelka found some space. Cole gets a yellow now after pulling down Giovinco.

  • 86'

    Carvalho is preparing to come on.

  • 85'

    Salihamidzic bundles Cole to the floor but nowt is given. But now Alex fouls Amauri and Juve can get the ball in the box.

  • 84'

    Wow, what a breathless last 20 minutes! But Chelsea didn't panic in the face of a Juve onslaught. They held firm, picked their right passes and have made the tie safe.

  • 83'

    A lovely goal and a smashing finish. Ballack feeds Belletti, he drills low into the box and Drogba's outstretched leg powers the ball past Buffon!

  • 83'

    GOAL! Drogba! Chelsea through!

  • 82'

    Tiago hauls down Anelka. Cute play from the Frenchmen.

  • 81'

    A big battle between Bosingwa and Del Piero ends in the Blues favour. Cech can waste a bit of time over the free kick.

  • 80'

    If Chelsea retain their cool here they can put the tie to bed. They need to stay solid at the back, pick the right pass on the counter and there'll be chances galore for them.

  • 79'

    Amauri is on and Trezeguet is off. Ranieri has now taken both Iaquinta and Trezeguet off. Interesting.

  • 78'

    Anelka bursts down the left and crosses for Belletti, but he can't control a fizzing ball. There's got to be another goal in this. Juve are pouring forward and hopelessly exposed at the back!

  • 77'

    Bosingwa marauds forward and hits one but it dribbles into Buffon's arms. Now Giovinco crosses and Alex boots clear. Giovinco now shoots and it hits alex. Corner.

  • 76'

    Ballack finds Drogba inside the area and he tries to back heel into the path of Lampard but Juve clear and the noise has been cranked right up in the Stadio Olimpico!

  • 75'

    This referee is about as convincing as Gordon Brown's VAT cut. He dithered there, allowed the players to have a fight then finally gave a penalty. To be fair, it probably was. Belletti's hands were up and diverted the ball away from goal.

  • 74'

    What a schimozzle. Anyway, the upshot is that ... Del Piero scores and we have a game on!!

  • 73'

    There's a melee on the pitch as Mellberg and Terry square up. The ref still hasn't given an inkling as to what he has decided. Is it a penalty or what?! Belletti's hands were up as Del Piero hit the free kick goalwards and the penalty has been given!

  • 72'

    Del Piero fires in a free kick, it hits the wall and now confusion reigns. What's happened? Penalty?!

  • 71'

    Oh look out, Chiellini has got his second yellow and he's off. Not sure if it was for a challenge, or something he said but now Juve need to score two goals in 20 minutes and they're down to ten men.

  • 70'

    Mikel blocks a Marchisio piledriver and immediately it sets Chelsea off on the counter attack. Lampard's ball for Belletti is overhit though.

  • 69'

    Giovinco is pulled back by Drogba and the Ivorian gets a yellow. Silly foul.

  • 68'

    You can't keep a tiny man down though as Giovinco swings in a dangerous free-kick. Cech claims, but only because the three Juve players around him missed the ball.

  • 67'

    Giovinco has looked lively since he came on but there he chose the wrong option. He got a return ball from Trezeguet and should have busted it, instead he tried another pass and stuffed it.

  • 66'

    Essien is off and Belletti is on. A great shift on his return from the Ghanaian.

  • 65'

    Great save Cech! A super move from Juve as Giovinco fed Del Piero, he crossed and a firm header from Trezeguet was tipped over by Cech. Football's the winner there.

  • 64'

    Molinaro is fortunate to get a free kick after Essien closed him down. Drogba was away if the ref hadn't blown.

  • 63'

    Belletti is about to come on for Chelsea.

  • 62'

    Del Piero fired it in from the angle, it broke to Giovinco but even though the ball was only a foot off the ground, it was far too high for him to get over the top of. Goal kick.

  • 61'

    Giovinco gets involved early on the right, attempting a couple of crosses, then a shot. As the ball span away Cech went to get it, prevented the corner, slipped, handled the ball and gets a yellow. What a mess.

  • 60'

    Giovinco is on for Iaquinta. Surprising. The big man has played well. He's replaced by the little man, five foot three to be precise.

  • 59'

    Terry gets a vital nick on a Trezeguet cross to prevent Iaquinta meeting it. Then Del Piero gets a free header at the back post but plants it right at Cech.

  • 58'

    Now it is Juve pumping balls into the box with no result. Marchisio the culprit this time.

  • 57'

    Molinaro should be seeing a red after that. Essien shielded the ball out of play and Molinaro had a swipe at the Chelsea midfielder's heels with his left foot. Nasty.

  • 56'

    Salihamidzic trips Drogba and Chelsea have a free kick. The Bosnian's been booked already too - he'd better be careful.

  • 55'

    The ball just seems to be breaking Chelsea's way this half. A cross from Marchisio evades Terry and hits Iaquinta but Lampard is there to mop up.

  • 53'

    Drogba had a go from the free kick but no doubt about this one as it buries into Buffon chest.

  • 52'

    Chiellini gets a very harsh yellow card for a tackle on Ballack. On seeing the replay it wasn't harsh. Ii was spot on. My mistake.

  • 51'

    Monty strikes again and England have nine overs to get three wickets and save the series! Sorry, that was cricket again...

  • 50'

    It's a different Chelsea this half. A lot more fluid, a lot more composed. The goal helped I'm sure but I'm also sure Hiddink tore a strip off them at HT.

  • 49'

    Cole gets a toe end to the ball before Marchisio and Anelka threatens to break, but Grygera intervenes.

  • 48'

    The second half is barely 90 seconds old at Anfield and Liverpool have scored again! Gerrard this time!

  • 47'

    You'll be pleased to hear I managed to soothe my battered hands in an ice bath for five minutes during half time and a fire marshall doused my keyboard with foam after the flurry of activity at the end of the first half.

  • 46'

    Right, 45 minutes for Juve to save their Champions League campaign, by scoring TWO goals..

  • 45'

    Wow! What an end to the half! Drogba's free kick WAS over the line replays show but it matters less now that Chelsea have their away goal. Juve now need two, and I need a lie down!

  • 45'

    What an unbelievable passage of play! Chelsea were still aggrieved about the Drogba 'phantom' goal as Lampard's shot was deflected, hit the bar and Essien piled it over the line! Justice done!

  • 45'

    GOAL! Essien!

  • 45'

    Guus Hiddink heads straight to a TV near the dugout - he's convinced that was in! But from the angle the main camera .... wait .... GOAL! Essien!

  • 44'

    Oh what controversy! Drogba hits it down low, the ball looks like its over but the ref waves play on! I'm sure that was in!

  • 43'

    Handball against Tiago and a decent position. About 25 yards out, to the right of the area. Drogba, Ballack and Lamps showing interest.

  • 42'

    Bosingwa stretches his legs but his ball inside is poor. It's not happening in the final third for Chelsea at the minute. At all.

  • 41'

    Anelka has a shot after Mellberg clears but the ball goes out for a throw in.

  • 40'

    Tiago spins in a ball looking for Trezeguet but Terry nods away. Essien wins a free kick off Del Piero now - wide right, 50 yards from goal.

  • 39'

    A good spell of pressure for Chelsea quietens the crowd a little, but like most of their play it doesn't end well. A poor cross is cleared.

  • 38'

    Essien looks for Lampard inside the area but the ball is slightly overhit. The sort of ball a match fit Essien would have got right.

  • 37'

    Lampard looks for Drogba but Mellberg steps up and catches the striker offside.

  • 36'

    That's better from Chelsea, spreading the play as Anelka takes up a position wide left. His ball in for Drogba is poor though, in keeping with their delivery so far.

  • 34'

    Del Piero is over another free kick after a bitty passage of play. Cech claims this one comfortably enough though.

  • 33'

    Drogba battles hard on Juve's penalty area but then lunges into Marchisio and gives away a free kick.

  • 32'

    Mellberg wins his battle in the air with Drogba and Juve are defending superbly at present. Well, they have conceded only 21 in 27 Serie A games.

  • 31'

    Del Piero tries a flick when faced with Bosingwa on the touchline but the right back wins that particular duel.

  • 30'

    Bit of space for Anelka but his cross is poor. Mikel is down after a clash with Salihamidzic.

  • 29'

    Gerrard slots the penalty at Anfield. Tie well and truly over.

  • 28'

    Del Piero thinks he's away but Salihamidzic - who replaced Nedved by the way - brought down Lampard to win the ball.

  • 27'

    Del Piero does have a pop but though the ball was swerving Cech was right behind it. Penalty for Liverpool at Anfield!

  • 26'

    Anelka avenges Chiellini's foul of a moment ago by bringing down his opponent. Free kick for Juve 40 yards out. Del Piero over it.

  • 25'

    Taigo nicks the ball from Drogba and tries to find Iaquinta over the top. Bosingwa gets the ball away.

  • 23'

    Chiellini is now penalised for a bump on Anelka. They are bang up for this Juve!

  • 22'

    Cech looks less than convincing as he comes for a cross and is forced to palm it away when he realised he'd misjudged it. Good pressure from Juve, Chelsea wobbling.

  • 21'

    Ballack is robbed and Del Piero has a punt with his left. It's well hit, and on target, but Cech parries over the bar reasonably comfortably.

  • 20'

    Chelsea try to hit back as Drogba attempts to meet a Ballack cross but his header is off target. Fiver on extra time anyone?

  • 19'

    Well, how simple? A delightful pass from Trezeguet and a wonderfully precise finish from Iaquinta! We are all square in the tie!

  • 19'

    GOAL! Iaquinta scores!

  • 18'

    Neat play from Chelsea for a time, but Cole was screaming for it on the left hand side in space. Shame no-one saw him.

  • 17'

    Right, we need a goal in Turin now to spark this game into life. Not much in the way of chances from either side yet.

  • 16'

    Goal at Anfield - Torres. Tie over.

  • 15'

    England have taken another wicket in the West Indies! Many of you won't know what I'm on about, fewer will care but believe me, it caused a whoop of delight in the soccernet office. Largely thanks to our neighbours cricinfo.com

  • 14'

    Awful cross from Cole. Straight into the hands of Buffon. Criminal really. Chelsea pour forward on the counter and Ballack has a pop but it started off wide and got wider.

  • 13'

    Pavel Nedved is unable to continue and that could be his last ever involvement in the Champions League, given he's retiring at the end of the season and Juve could be out in a little over an hour.

  • 12'

    Good defending from JT as Del Piero floated a ball in towards Iaquinta. A diving header clear...

  • 11'

    Del Piero clips Essiena nd concedes a free kick. Juve's talisman hasn't had a kick yet.

  • 10'

    Nedved is back, but moving gingerly.

  • 9'

    Again the stretcher flies onto the pitch on one of those golf buggy things. They really are keen those St John's Ambulance lads. He's hobbled off but looks in a bad way. A rib injury apparently.

  • 8'

    Nedved is down again. Anelka banged into him this time. What's wrong with him? Is he made of papier-mâché or summat?

  • 7'

    Ballack gets up well to nip the ball away from Iaquinta at the back post.

  • 6'

    The world's least fabourite full-back has his first run down the left. Ashley Cole, in case you've been on the moon for the last four years. Another Juve corner.

  • 5'

    Juve win a corner after good work from Grygera but the ref blows for a foul on Drogba.

  • 4'

    Torres has just missed a superb chance at Anfield to score for Liverpool. Clean through 12 yards out but Casillas got a nick on it.

  • 3'

    Nedved is looking dazed and confused after feeling the full force of Essien's bulky thigh. A stretcher is on already. I don't know if that is due to the gravity of the injury or an over excited medical staff.

  • 2'

    The first noise is from Juve as Molinaro busteles down the wing and sends over a delightful cross. Trezeguet meets it but his header goes high and wide.

  • 1'

    We begin..


    The teams emerge into the very bowl-like Stadio Olimpico. Its no Stadio delle Alpi in terms of atmosphere, but at least it looks tidier. Come on then teams, let's have a ripper.


    The press just won't let it lie; apparently a bunch of Dutch hacks have been pestering Hiddink about staying at Chelsea. His reply was the same though, 'I'm off back to Russia in the summer'.


    Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Cole, Terry, Alex, Mikel, Essien, Lampard, Ballack, Drogba and Anelka. Subs from: Hilario, Carvalho, Malouda, Deco, Kalou, Belletti and Mancienne.


    The line-ups in full, starting with Juve: Buffon, Mellberg, Chiellini, Molinaro, Grygera, Tiago, Marchiso, Iaquinta, Nedved, Trezeguet and Del Piero. Subs from: Manninger, Zebina, Salihamidzic, Amauri, Poulsen, Giovinco and Ariaudo.


    Chelsea field both Anelka and Drogba and Michael Essien makes his first start for, oooh, ages. Mikel is there as an anchorman too. And JT and Lamps are included, naturally.


    Juve are going to throw the kitchen sink at Chelsea tonight, in a very Italian way of course. Patient and measured, but sinister in their attacking intent. They certainly have the firepower, and can count themselves unfortunate not to have scored in west London two weeks ago.


    Good evening one and all. Welcome to live coverage of Chelsea's trip to Turin to face the Old Lady for a place in the Champions League quarter finals, with me Chris Murphy. For the uninitiated, kick off is at 7.45pm UK.


    Join us at 1945 UK to see if Guus Hiddink's winning start at Chelsea extends to Turin.