UEFA Champions League

March 5, 2008


Real Madrid

1 - 2

AS Roma

UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 5, 2008

Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

Referee: Kyros Vassaras

2nd Leg: 2 - 4 (Agg)

  • 95'

    Thanks for your company. Until next time....

  • 95'

    That's it! A huge roar goes up from the travelling fans and they've every right to be delighted. Their team has beaten the Spanish champions 2-1 home and away and should prove a very stiff test for whoever they meet in the quarter finals.

  • 94'

    This is the FOURTH time in a row Real have exited the Champions League in the knockout stages. Not good enough for a club of their stature.

  • 93'

    Vucinic has been SUPERB since he came on and thoroughly deserves his goal. Cannavaro goes to sleep, the striker gets in front of him and nods past Casilla, who was in no man's land.

  • 92'

    GOAL! It's all over now. Vucinic gets his head to a Totti free kick and we have a winner.

  • 91'

    Guti is having a go at Pannucci for diving there. That's the pot calling the kettle black int it?

  • 90'

    There will be four minutes added...

  • 89'

    Awful football from Roma. Pannucci smashes the ball well over the bar when Taddei should have been given the ball. He would have been clean through!

  • 88'

    Torres delays his cross and wins a corner for Real but the delivery is poor yet again. How many times have I said that tonight?! I mean, I could at least deliver a corner for £100,000 a week!

  • 87'

    Ooh, De Rossi goes close after Taddei nodded across goal. Oh, the flag was up though.

  • 86'

    Cicinho is off and Christian Pannucci is on. One former Real player makes way for another.

  • 86'

    Vicunic wins a free kick from Torres. He's looked mustard since he's come on.

  • 85'

    Roberto Soldado is on for Baptista. Five minutes left for Real to find a goal.

  • 84'

    Roma break from the free kick and have three on three before cicinho is selfish and tries to chip Casillas from 40 yards. Bad decision.

  • 83'

    Now Tonetto is carded for hauling down Drenthe. Another chance to get men in the box for Real.

  • 82'

    Aquilani gets booked after chopping down Guti, who was in full flow. It was frustration more than anything, as it was his misplaced pass which gave possession away.

  • 81'

    Robinho and Raul find time for a high five after winning a throw in. Come on lads, get in the box.

  • 80'

    Roma could have profited from Real's attacking abandon with a decent counter there but Vucinic can't find Totti who was unmarked.

  • 79'

    Drenthe again goes on a mazy run and delivers a cross which Doni fumbles slighty and concedes a corner.

  • 78'

    The crowd are bang up for this now as Robinho wins a corner.

  • 78'

    Finally, a little respite. Its all Madrid now though, as you'd expect.

  • 77'

    Drenthe curls in a cross and Doni tips over, unsure of where his crossbar was.

  • 76'

    So, Real need one more goal to draw level on aggregate. If they do we'll have extra time.

  • 75'

    Well, you wait all game for a goal then two come along at once, swiftly preceeded by a red card. I'm struggling to keep up!

  • 75'

    Robinho lays it off, Raul turns (but looked suspiciously offside) and plants a lovely right footed strike wide of Doni. Game on. Again.

  • 74'

    GOAL! Raul. Real back in it! Its all happening.

  • 73'

    Taddei has stolen into the area and stuck a bullet header past Casilla after a wonderful swinging cross from Tonetto. Real now need two goals to go through, and they've only got ten men remember!

  • 73'

    GOAL! Romas have done it!

  • 72'

    Totti tries to pick Vucinic out from the free kick but it is poorly executed. Pepe's dismissal is a huge tonic for Roma and if Madrid are going to win this game they'll have to do it with ten men!

  • 71'

    Vucinic is at it again, he pokes the ball round Pepe who hauls the striker down and gets a second yellow card to add to his earlier one, and he's off!

  • 70'

    Another chance for Robinho! Guti crosses deep and the youngster meet the rising ball with his head but fails to make good contact and though Doni dived the ball was always going a yard wide.

  • 69'

    Vucinic has given Roma an edge they didn't have when Mancini was involved. He looks big, strong and lively, and he's only been on five minutes!

  • 68'

    Vucinic's effort was sublime. Tonetto crossed and the striker met it on the half volley with his left foot and it flew past Casillas and nack off the woodwork. So close again for Roma!

  • 67'

    Then Robinho has a clear opening as Real break! Guti played him, the Brazilian steadied himself but struck his left foot shot into Juan and the danger is averted! Game on. Again!

  • 67'

    The crowd are getting more than a little restless now. And with good reason as Vucinic hits the cross bar!

  • 66'

    Salgado is off and Miguel Torres is on for Madrid, then Mancini is replaced by Mirko Vucinic for the visitors.

  • 65'

    Lovely work from Robinho who feigns to shoot before chipping a cute ball over the top for Drenthe but the winger can't reach it.

  • 64'

    Just over 25 minutes left for Real to rescue their Champions League dream.....

  • 63'

    Raul has a pop now, this time with his bonce, but Doni watches disdainfully as it flies wide.

  • 61'

    Totti's hold up play has been decent tonight, but he's had several sights of goal and has done precious little with them. I'm disappointed in him and might text him later to say so.

  • 60'

    Dairra is coming off for Madrid and Drenthe is coming on.

  • 59'

    Decent ball in from Tonetto for the visitors and when it breaks to Totti he hits one goalwards but it doesn't have the pace to trouble Casillas.

  • 58'

    Real fashion Diarra a shooting chance and his drive was heading for the top corner before Doni tips over. Again Madrid waste the corner.

  • 57'

    Great ball in from Cicinho on the right and Perrotta met it with his head, but it was a glancing blow and didn't worry Casillas.

  • 57'

    Perrotta was booked for the foul which led to the free kick, and then the ref blows up for a foul by Diarra and Madrid squander the chance.

  • 56'

    Anyhoo, back to the action and another free kick for Madrid, this time on the left.

  • 55'

    Its still a grey area that rule. In the Premier League it is the responsibility of the ref to stop play, not the players, and he is only supposed to do so if the player down has a head injury. It isn't playing out like that though. At all.

  • 54'

    More conjecture from the Bernabeu crowd as Aquilani rolls around on the floor after a Salgado bodycheck and Gago boots the ball out when a break was on.

  • 53'

    Which they take short and completely waste. Rubbish.

  • 52'

    Nice interchange between robinho and Guti allows Baptista to strike, but a good block from Juan gives Real a corner.

  • 51'

    Now Roma show their attacking teeth! Cicinho crosses and the ball breaks for Perrotta but Casillas gets down to block his shot and then Pepe clears from underneath his own bar.

  • 50'

    What a welcome boost that would have been for Madrid. But for the width of a stapler, they would have had the lead.

  • 49'

    Off the bar! A wonderful, curling drive from Baptista. Doni didn't move and the ball smashes against the bar!

  • 48'

    Baptista spins around Aquilani and wins a free kick. The ref couldn't wait to give that one. Another good set piece chance for Real.

  • 47'

    It's been plain sailing so far for Roma. Can Madrid trouble them in this half and score the goal they need to progress?

  • 46'

    And we are off again...

  • 45'

    And they we are. A disappointing half but still advantage Roma. They very nearly made the breakthrough though after a sparkling display of long range shooting from Alberto Aquilani. See you back here in 15 minutes....

  • 45'

    And they we are. A disappointing half but still advantage Roma. They very nearly made the breakthrough though after a sparkling display of long range shooting from Alberto Aquilani. See you back here in 15 minutes....

  • 45'

    And they we are. A disappointing half but still advantage Roma. They very nearly made the breakthrough though after a sparkling display of long range shooting from Alberto Aquilani. See you back here in 15 minutes....

  • 45'

    The corner ricochets out to Aquilani who clipped in a lovely ball to the backpost but Mexes was offside, so his spectacular scissor kick wouldn't have counted anyway.

  • 44'

    Diarra loses possession allowing Mancini to streak down the right. Pepe comes across and concedes a corner.

  • 43'

    Thankfully the ref doesn't buckle when Mancini throws himself to the floor like he'd be shot by a sniper in the crowd. He theatrically waves play on instead.

  • 42'

    Liverpool are one up against West Hame in the Premier League through Torres. He's a bit good that lad ain't he?

  • 41'

    Now Pepe goes into the book after a late challenge on Tonetto. AS are fuming, as he could have played the advantage because they were breaking...

  • 40'

    Wel, 40 minutes in and just those two minutes of goalmouth action so far. We need a Real goal to bring Roma out a bit more methinks.

  • 39'

    Diarra dinks a lovely little ball for the onrushing Salgado who gets in front of Mancini and gets a boot in the head for his troubles. No penalty, but I bet if it happened outside the box it would have been a free kick.

  • 38'

    Raul does well to sidestep Mexes inside the area but there were no white shirts lurking ominously to meet his cross. These Real lads do know they need a goal don't they?

  • 37'

    The Bernabeu has a big pitch granted, but still, having both Totti and Mancini sat ten yards inside their own half when Madrid are attacking is pretty negative stuff from AS - even from an Italian side.

  • 36'

    Baptista strikes ...... and the wall does its job.

  • 35'

    De Rossi got a yellow for that as well, which was very soft from the ref.

  • 34'

    Now Robinho has won a free kick from De Rossi with a nice shimmy. Its in a decent position too; namely central and 25 yards out.

  • 33'

    Totti hasn't looked too hotti so far (sorry). He's just fluffed a volley from the edge of the box. Poor.

  • 32'

    For a brief second Roma look a little bit stretched but numbers are soon back and Madrid are reduced to a shot from 30 yards by Baptista which fails to trouble Doni.

  • 31'

    Tonetto crosses from the left looking for Mancini, but his ball is too long and trickles out for a throw in, the Robinho takes on Mexes but the ball rebounds off the Brazilian and behind for a goal kick.

  • 30'

    Roma are soaking up pressure pretty comfortably here, and evidence of how deep they are sitting comes in the form of Totti having to drop into his own half to get the ball.

  • 28'

    Aquilani is at it again at the other end but this time his shot isn't as well hit and it squirms two yards wide of the post.

  • 27'

    Another free kick sees Juan rise well to clear and then from the corner Doni waves his arms about and manages to pursuade the ref to give him a free kick.

  • 26'

    Frank Lampard has made it 2-0 for Chelsea against Olympiacos, if you are interested.

  • 25'

    Pepe rises high and clears well.

  • 24'

    Mancini had a sniff there but Diarra closed him down before the striker could get his shot off. Corner.

  • 22'

    More intricate build up play from Madrid but its all a bit tight on the edge of the Roma box. Raul eventually brings down Tonetto and the attack is over in the blow of a whistle.

  • 21'

    The game has come to life!

  • 20'

    Now Real have a great chance! A Raul flick on finds Baptista inside the area in space but his shot splices high and wide with Doni advancing.

  • 19'

    What a passage of play that was! Two efforts by Aquilani, both superbly hit, and but for the bar and Casillas, Roma would have a precious away goal!

  • 18'

    Off the bar! Then what a save! Roma pile on the pressure! Aquilani fires one in from 30 yards way out on the right and with Casillas beaten, the ball cannons back off the bar. Then Mancini picks up the rebound and feeds Aquilani again and this time his low drive is brilliantly saved by the Madrid stopper. Great stuff!

  • 17'

    Baptista hit it from the free kick and the ball took a nick off the wall forcing Doni into a low save. First decent chance for Real.

  • 16'

    The pressure has told on the ref who has now given real a free kick for a miniscule bump on Robinho by Taddei. Weak, very weak.

  • 14'

    The Madrid crowd are howling at the ref again as Guti bears down on De Rossi - who was dithering with the ball deep in his own half again - and takes ball and a tiny bit of man and is pulled up for a foul.

  • 13'

    Heinze has been booked after flying in on De Rossi. Robinho was looking for him after a lovely little flick past Cicinho.

  • 12'

    Cannavaro nipped in front of his marker at the back post there but misjudged the flight of the ball and failed to make tangible contact.

  • 11'

    A decent spell for Madrid, they have a corner. And another as Taddei heads behind.

  • 10'

    At the other end Real win a free kick which Guti swings in and Doni looks far from confident when he attempts to claim and does his version of the 'European goalkeeper flap'.

  • 9'

    Ooh, cracking ball across the edge of the area from Cicinho and with the ebuillent Totti running on to it Real must have feared the worst. But his lovely wavy hair must have got in his eyes because he's fluffed that horribly.

  • 8'

    Real are furious with the ref here, Robinho thought he should have had a free kick, then when Baptista challenges De Rossi he is penalised.

  • 7'

    Diarra looks for Raul inside the area with a lofted ball, but the ageing striker can't get the better of Juan.

  • 6'

    Roma are enjoying a nice chunk of possession here, spreading the ball around nicley. At the end of the spell Cicinho puts in a whipped cross and pepe nods behind for a corner.

  • 5'

    Chelsea have scored against Olympiacos. Michael Ballack has made it 1-0 at the Bridge.

  • 4'

    Nice early touch from Robinho but his pass looking for Raul is poor and Roma can clear.

  • 3'

    A poor touch from pepe allows Mancini to break down the left. The centre back manages to catch up and atone for his error by winning the ball back.

  • 2'

    Now Mancini stretches his legs for the first time but Guti is across again. He's a busy boy early on.

  • 2'

    Real win an early free kick and Guti swings it over but the ball is long and goes out for a throw.

  • 1'

    And we're off...


    Raul and Totti shake hands in the centre circle and we are poised for lift off...


    Here come the teams to a packed, and vibrant Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in the Spanish capital. This is what European nights are all about; two great teams, a wonderful stadium and plenty of stars on show to light up proceedings. Let's get it on.


    AS Roma lead 2-1 from the first leg in Italy two weeks ago, so the emphasis is on Real to come out and break them down. Remember, a 1-0 win will do it for the Spanish league leaders. It should be a cracker.


    And the visitors, Roma: Doni, Cicinho, Juan, Mexes, Tonetto, Aquilani, De Rossi, Taddei, Perrotta, Mancini and Totti.


    Without further ado, here are the teams. Madrid: Casillas, Salgado, Pepe, Cannavaro, Heinze, Diarra, Gago, Guti, Julio Baptista, Raul and Robinho.


    Good evening one and all and welcome to live coverage of Real Madrid v Roma in the UEFA Champions League...