May 28, 2007



1 - 0

West Brom


14:00 +00:00, May 28, 2007

Wembley Stadium, London, England

Referee: Graham Poll

  • 94'

    For Derby the glory and the joy is all theirs. It is a horrible way to lose, but an amazing way to win promotion. The promised land of the Premiership lays ahead for Derby. Congratulations to them.

  • 94'

    The West Brom players are down on their haunches, they played the better game and had the better chances but ahve lost and must begin their assault on the Championship again next season.

  • 94'

    The ball comes into the box but no-one can connect and the final whistle is blown!

  • 94'

    Clement wins a corner after his freekick is deflected out. This is the last chance saloon...

  • 93'

    A spell of pushing and shoving after an Oakley foul - which he got booked for. Is he hobbling in pain or jest?

  • 92'

    Kiely has the ball for a second before pumping a long-ball forward

  • 91'

    The freekick for West Brom runs tantilisingly across the face of goal but no-one was there to apply the final touch

  • 91'

    A booking for Jones for some time wasting to deny Koumas a quick freekick

  • 90'

    Four minutes of added time are signalled as the tension mounts - the crowd know it's nearly all over, but West Brom must press, there is still time to force extra-time

  • 89'

    Bywater thumps the ball deep and West Brom feed it back towards the Derby keeper

  • 89'

    Koumas lumps his ball into the box and Greening heads over. Is that it? The last chance?

  • 89'

    Tired legs from both sides as Carter is blocked by Pearson - corner

  • 88'

    Cater with some neat footwork carves a half chance at the back, but Kamara loses his footing and Derby break

  • 87'

    Three minutes to go: Derby fans are cheering, West Brom supporters have their head in their hands. Is it all over?

  • 86'

    Johnson is subbed to great applause as David Jones, once of Man Utd, comes on for Derby. Boos from West Brom as they claim time wasting.

  • 85'

    Perry, holding his tooth in his hand, points at the gap in his smile and asks the ref why he's not booking Howard - he didn't see the incident is the answer to the question

  • 84'

    Amazing tackle by Mears to deny West Brom a shooting chance - The Baggies cry 'penalty', not so says Poll

  • 83'

    Barnes is his own worst enemy as he allows Greening to tackle him in the penalty area - but the forward should have pulled the trigger and controled the ball sooner

  • 83'

    Another throw for Derby in an advanced position - ideal for them; they must hold the ball and stifle West Brom

  • 82'

    Referee Poll jogs off the pitch with Fagan to ensure the subbed player can't waste too much time - the new Derby player Marc Edworthy

  • 81'

    Derby have a throw deep in West Brom territory - but West Brom leave three strikers up the other end of the pitch

  • 80'

    Mowbray makes a final change - off comes Sodje, on comes Neil Clement

  • 79'

    Signs a moment ago that as West Brom press for a winner they are exposed at the back and with the pace of Barnes they run the risk of conceding a second - but they need to gamble and to get themselves back into the game

  • 78'

    Leacock puts the ball out for a West Brom corner - Phillips judged to have handballed

  • 77'

    Barnes takes the ball to the byline but can't pull it back to Howard - the game is really stretched now as West Brom counter

  • 76'

    A huge tackle from Johnson denies West Brom and Derby break

  • 75'

    15 minutes to go and Derby launch the ball deep into Baggies territory from a Bywater clearance - some respite for the Derby defence will be gladly recieved

  • 74'

    Oakley gives the ball away cheaply in the centre of the pitch and he's lucky that West Brom don't punish his mistake

  • 73'

    Kamara and Phillips somehow miss the gaping goal - they were offside, but more signs of profligacy

  • 72'

    It's all West Brom pressure as they press Derby down both wings with Carter, Greening and Koumas in the thick of things

  • 71'

    Two changes fro West Brom; the fresh legs are Nathan Ellington and livewire winger Darren Carter with Koren and McShane the sacrificed pair

  • 70'

    A number of missed Derby clearances go unpunished by West Brom - poor

  • 69'

    Greening wins a corner - but he should have pulled the ball back to three unmarked strikers rather than seek glory for himself

  • 68'

    Sodje is a lucky boy not to be sent off - he took out Barnes at full speed and having already been booked the defender is very fortunate to be on the pitch

  • 67'

    Gera fires a stinking shot in on Bywater's goal - the keeper spilled the shot at first but gathered at the second time of asking

  • 66'

    All of a sudden there is less then 25 mins to go and West Brom are fightin for their lives

  • 65'

    Referee Poll books Perry for a scything tackle on Barnes - some afters followed but the ref had it under control

  • 64'

    The atmosphere has been cranked up a notch and tempers a fraying

  • 63'

    Here's when West Brom fans find out what they're side is made of. They've shaded the match but are losing; can they claw their way back?

  • 62'

    Stung into action West Brom again put Bywater under perssure - Kamara this time failing to get his foot on the ball in the danger area in front of the keeper

  • 61'

    Despite pressure from McShane Pearson slotted home after Barnes pulled a ball back sqaure along the byline after being set free by Howard. A very well worked goal.

  • 61'


  • 60'

    An hour gone and still West Brom press - but again they are unable to finish

  • 59'

    Koumas has been on top in the game so far, but with Barnes now on the pitch both sides have playmakers and one is fresher

  • 58'

    Barnes is straight away involved opening the way for Fagan to feed a pass to Oakley who is denied a great goal by a great save from Dean Kiely

  • 58'

    This could be the moment the game changes; bye-bye Paul Peschisolido, hello Derby's Giles Barnes - a quick, talented ball playing attacker

  • 57'

    Koumas tries his luck with a shot from range but it bends wide of goal

  • 56'

    Howard is again totally isolated as Derby come under sustained pressure

  • 56'

    Sodje with a theatrical dive after a 50-50 challenge from Pearson

  • 55'

    Koumas claims a foul after a few agricultural tackles - but being critical his choice of route drew the tackles, a more direct route would have made more sense

  • 54'

    West Brom fans singing to a man - their in fine voice as they cheer their side on

  • 53'

    Moore fells Phillips - he's dazed and confused, but then you would be if that mountain of a man had run into you!

  • 52'

    Oakley drags his shot wide of the post after a promising move

  • 51'

    The not 100% fit Giles Barnes is warming up on the sidelines - Derby need his invention

  • 50'

    Koren with some decent defending to close the door on Pearson as he tried to break down the left

  • 50'

    Is it unfair to say that on today's performance neither of these sides deserve to get promoted?

  • 49'

    Moore ruled to have fouled as he clambers all over McShane

  • 48'

    Until Derby win a corner in front of their own fans

  • 48'

    Scrappy play as heads get in the way of hopeful balls from deep

  • 47'

    Kamara's tries his luck from range with a freekick - but it was too far out to for him to really be able to control the ball; goalkick

  • 46'

    Three chances in 45 seconds - Gera witha shot for the Baggies; Bywater coming of his line to denby Phillips and an awesome tackle from Leacock to stem West Brom's attack

  • 46'

    PFA Championship player of the year Jason Koumas was the player of the first half - who will shine in the next 45?

  • 46'

    We're back underway at Wembley

  • 46'

    Personally I'm hopeful that there will be an end to this £60m game within the standard 90mins. If you want to cross your fingers for me, feel free. Join us for the second half.

  • 46'

    With both sides feeling the tension and with so much at stake it is little surprise that it's not been a classic. However, West Brom should have made more of thier chances, by not doing so they have let Derby back into the game.

  • 46'


  • 45'

    Oakley takes a whack on the foot in a 50-50 challenge with Greening - the break will suit the Derby skipper as he limps on

  • 45'

    One minute of added time signalled

  • 45'

    Good defending from Derby to close the door on another attempted West Brom sortie

  • 44'

    Gera wastes possession trying to slip a ball inside his marker but to no avail

  • 44'

    I'm looking forward to a cup of tea and biscuit in the break

  • 43'

    He picked the ball up in an unmarked position in the edge of the peanlty are before firing on goal, great strike just a fraction too high

  • 43'

    Kevin Phillips hits the bar with what must be one of first touches of the game!

  • 42'

    West Brom press as we head to the halftime break

  • 41'

    Vital touch from Bywater to alter the flight of the ball after another great ball from Koumas

  • 40'

    Koumas turns Fagan inside out before unleashing a drive on goal, I say on goal, it was actually high and wide

  • 39'

    West Brom's Strawberry blone Paul McShane gets a booking for a dangerous tackle

  • 38'

    Pearson with some good defending for his side to deny Robert Koren

  • 37'

    For Tony Mowbraw he'll be quite happy so far with West Brom's start to the game, they've had the better chances and more possession; his only quibble will be that they have not opened the scoring

  • 36'

    Come on Derby! Every time the get the ball in decent areas they just seem to get caught - that will anger Billy Davies

  • 35'

    Brave defending from West Brom snuffs out some decent Derby work

  • 34'

    Derby with some classy build-up work, nice give and go, touch and move play. The move ened with an Oakley effort which bobbled wide

  • 33'

    The Rams try and take it short but Kamara is on hand to help out at the back and Derby are hustled off the ball

  • 32'

    Johnson drives the freekick on straight at the wall and Derby have a corner

  • 31'

    Sam Sodje plants his foot straight into Howard's hip as the two climb for high ball. Howard should really go to casualty the tackle looked that bad, but freekick will have to do

  • 30'

    A booking for Peschisolido after a typical striker's tackle

  • 29'

    A spell of Derby possession comes to nothing after a silly ball launched from Moore is tidied up easily

  • 28'

    A hopefull hoofed ball looking for Howard is ruled offside - not the most thoughtful approach from Derby

  • 27'

    Derby try to break but they are too deep and Chris Perry is happy to snuff out the danger before it really starts

  • 26'

    Derby are not exactly a poor side but so far West Brom are clearly on top and look so much stronger

  • 26'

    Leacock this time blocks Kamara after a great pass inside from Koumas

  • 25'

    Great ball from Greening finds Kamara and but for James McEveley West Brom could have been ahead

  • 23'

    Gera with some neat tricks on the right wing; he tries to find Greening and does but only after Seth Johnson first wins then loses the ball

  • 22'

    Pearson again posing questions down the left for Derby

  • 21'

    The corner leads to another freekick, this time Gera takes and after another deflection Kevin Phillips is left blushing after the ball hits him unaware on the head and out for goal kick.

  • 20'

    Bywater turns a deflected freekick over his bar

  • 20'

    Dean Leacock doing the defencsive duties at the back under pressure from Gera

  • 19'

    Fagan with a great run and shot for Derby. He drifted in from the wing before snatching his shot

  • 18'

    The set-play is header clear easily and Derby are immediately on the back foot from a promising position

  • 17'

    Corner for Derby, skipper Matt Oakley to take...

  • 16'

    Peschisolido, who has only made 5 starts all season, looks a little rusty in attack for Derby - not linking too well with Howard, at least not yet.

  • 15'

    Derby look to build on posession in the middle of the pitch and apply some pressure to West Brom - not something they done so far.

  • 14'

    Jonathan Greening lucky not to get booked for a reckless tackle on Craig Fagan

  • 12'

    West Brom have a very, very close call on a penalty go thier way. Mears timed his tackle on a rampaging Jason Koumas to perfection - but I can only tell you that after several replays on TV. Poll got the descision totally correct - not that the Baggies were impressed

  • 11'

    Derby getting to grips with the game after a full-on start from West Brom

  • 10'

    Zoltan Gera's attempted cross is deflected and Tyrone Mears reads it and tidies up at the back

  • 9'

    Paul Peschisolido has a shot saved by Dean Kiely - only a half chance, but warnings for West Brom that Derby are here to play

  • 8'

    This is expected to Graham Poll's last game as a ref in England before retirement; just one international game remains for Poll then it's afternoons in the potting shed.

  • 7'

    Much has been made of the Wembley pitch; it cut up badly in the FA Cup Final and has been played on twice in the last two days with the League One and Two play-off finals, not to mention heavy rain. But today, so far so good

  • 6'

    If Derby are to get a shock win much will rest on Bywater in goal and Steve Howard up front to bag the goals

  • 5'

    The conventional wisdom sees a West Brom win, with the theory going that the Baggies have a stronger squad and man-for-man Derby being less skilled and less fancied

  • 4'

    Derby get the ball down and start running at the Baggies' backline; Stephen Pearson probing down the left.

  • 3'

    Derby central defender Darren 'Big Man' Moores is very lucky to have escpaed without conceding a corner; he shielded the ball from the pressure of Kamara but he actually clipped the ball out, much to Kamara's annoyance. Luckily for Moore the linesman seems to be blind.

  • 3'

    Great atmosphere in the opening few moments of the game - not hurt of course by the Baggies early pressure

  • 2'

    Derby under the cosh as West Brom set up camp in the Rams' half with a few range-finding shots flying in

  • 1'

    What a start - Kamara showing great strength, pace and balance, not to mention a strong shot from the Baggies striker


    Diomansy Kamara with a great run in the opening minute brings a save from Stephen Bywater.


    Hertfordshire's Graham Poll is our referee for the day and he blows his whistle and the Play-off final is underway


    For these two founder members of the Football League today's game is worth in the region of £60m; thanks to the money on offer from the Premier League's television and marketing coffers the lucky winner will net £35m and then there's £12.5m for two years in parachute payments in the event of relegation. Not too shabby!


    And for West Brom: Kiely, McShane, Perry, Sodje, Robinson, Koumas, Greening, Gera, Koren, Kamara, Phillips. Subs: Daniels, Clement, Ellington, Chaplow, Carter.


    Lining up for Derby: Bywater, Mears, Leacock, Moore, McEveley, Fagan, Oakley, Seth Johnson, Pearson, Howard, Peschisolido. And the subs: Camp, Edworthy, Jones, Macken, Barnes.


    The team news is in for the biggest game in English football; The Champiobship Play-off final...