UEFA Champions League

May 1, 2007

Final score - after penalties


(4)1 - 0(1)


UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, May 1, 2007

Anfield, England

2nd Leg: 1 - 1 (Agg)
Liverpool win on Penalty Kicks.

  • 120'

    Liverpool have done it again. They progress to the Champions League final for the second time in three seasons. Chelsea are shattered and in tears while Liverpool and the whole of Anfield rejoice. Reina is the hero of the shoot-out as Liverpool again knock-out Chelsea and You'll Never Walk Alone rings out around Merseyside.

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  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea (Kuyt)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea (Geremi miss)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea (Gerrard)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea (Lampard)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea (Alonso)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (Robben miss)

  • 120'

    Penalties: Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (Zenden)

  • 120'

    So here we go...

  • 120'

    The takers have been picked and the players set themselves for the shoot-out. The goalkeepers receive encouragement and take their posistions at the away end - not the Kop.

  • 120'

    So it's come to penalties. It's a cruel way to settle the match but the two sides could have gone at each other all night and not have scored. It's a test of nerve now. Who will crack?

  • 120'


  • 119'

    Steven Gerrard smashes a hopeful effort well wide from 35 yards and the referee's assistant indicates one more minute will be played.

  • 118'

    Wonderful chance for Kuyt to steal the show as he cuts in from the left past Ferriera and fires in a fierce effort that Cech does well to beat away.

  • 117'

    Rather bizarre effort from Lampard from a free-kick. It was in a threatening position but was humped high over the bar.

  • 115'

    Drogba comes close to diverting Wright-Phillips' accurate cross into the Liverpool net. Carragher just does enough to put him off balance and it rolls through the box to safety.

  • 114'

    Liverpool are struggling to get out of their own half because of their deep back line. Chelsea are dominating possession now but do they have the knock-out blow?

  • 112'

    Neither side look to keen on pushing men forward and Liverpool in particular are sitting deep and inviting pressure on to their back line. Are they settling for penalties?

  • 110'

    It's been a bruising, physical tussle and the players are starting to feel the effects now.

  • 109'

    Zenden is badly struggling with cramp and picks up a yellow card for pulling back Robben who had flown past him.

  • 108'

    This time though, it fails to beat the first man as Lampard thumps it clear.

  • 108'

    Rash challenge from Mikel gives Liverpool a free-kick in a dangerous position right near the corner flag.

  • 107'

    Shaun Wright-Phillips comes on for Kalou who was looking leggy and tired.

  • 106'

    There's no let up of support in the stands. They're doping their best to raise their team but you feel it will take something special to break the deadlock now.

  • 105'

    The last period of play resumes and if neither team score now, we're in for penalties.

  • 105'

    The players change ends and take in a quick refreshment and Craig Bellamy comes on for Peter Crouch for Liverpool.

  • 105'

    Still no breakthrough but Liverpool were unfortunate not to have taken the lead through Kuyt whose offside goal was marginal.

  • 105'


  • 104'

    Tactics have gone out of the window somewhat with both teams running on emotion and adrenaline now. It's a test of nerve and who wants it more.

  • 102'

    It's end to end now and both sets of players are looking nervy. The game has become more stretched and some of the clearances are being hurrily hit anywhere away from danger.

  • 101'

    At the other end Kalou rises well to meet Lampard's corner. Reina comes off his line to grab the ball ahead of the onrushing Mikel.

  • 100'

    Incredible scenes! Dirk Kuyt smashes into the roof of the net after Cech had spilled Xabi Alonso's piledriver. He wheeled away celebrating only to look round and see the linesman's flag raised for offside. I must admit, I thought it was in too!

  • 98'

    Here comes Robben on in place of Joe Cole. Is this the fresh impetus they need to unlock the stubborn defence?

  • 97'

    Chelsea enjoying the lion's share of possession this half and Liverpool are being given the runaround slightly.

  • 96'

    Robben looks to be warming up on the sidelines and could be set to come on for Chelsea.

  • 95'

    Drogba reaches Ashley Cole's deep cross but can't get the power on it to direct past Reina and the Spaniard mops up the effort.

  • 93'

    It's as you were in terms of style of play. It's not glamourous and it's not pretty. It's more of a gritty, scrappy game that is balanced on a knife edge.

  • 93'

    Only one change has been made in the whole game so far and that was by Liverpool. There will be some tired legs out there soon and attackers on the bench will relish the chance to get involved.

  • 92'

    We're off. A quick turnaround and play resumes.

  • 92'

    Extra-time will be needed to separate these two sides and maybe penalties too. Stay with us as we bring you the dramatic extra period live.

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  • 90'

    More aerial bombardment from Chelsea. They're looking for Drogba to provide something special but so far Carragher and co are heading everything to safety.

  • 89'

    Liverpool under pressure in the final stages as Chelsea push forward searching for a winner. The Reds hack clear at every opportunity and there will be two added moments to hang on/snatch a winner.

  • 87'

    Neither team wanting to take too many risks in these last few minutes. Not too much composure from either side with safety the only option when presented with an attack.

  • 86'

    Decent hit by Zenden from the left. He cut in and unleashed an effort with his weaker right foot which forced Cech into a fine low save.

  • 84'

    Glorious opening for Chelsea as Drogba evades the offside trap and races through unmarked. Reina is alert though and flings himself at the bouncing ball and hacks to safety.

  • 83'

    Lampard, who has been anonymous this match cracks a free-kick miles over the bar.

  • 82'

    Nervy times this now. If Chelsea were to score it would effectively ruin any chances of Liverpool going through as they'll need two to progress.

  • 80'

    A slight scare for Liverpool as Reina goes up for a hanging ball with Drogba he makes a hash of it but picks up a free-kick after being nudged out of contention by the Ivorian.

  • 79'

    Wicked cross in from the left by Riise forces Cech into a slight spill that interests Kuyt, but the Czech recovers and gathers at the second time of asking.

  • 78'

    Xabi Alonso is stripped and ready to come on for Liverpool. He replaces Pennant who has played well throughout. He is slightly limping and won't be risked.

  • 76'

    At the other end Zenden's corner causes panic in the box before Essien thumps it clear.

  • 75'

    Ashley Cole gets to the byline for the first time in the match and fires in a cross that is somehow diverted up and over his own bar by Mascherano. It can't have been more than three yards out but it spoons up and into the stands.

  • 73'

    Chelsea's attacks aren't clicking for them and are ending in lost possession or fouls on a Liverpool defender. Something needs to change from Chelsea if they are to unlock this wall of red shirts.

  • 72'

    Both managers leap from their benches to bark instructions at their charges. Benitez is the more animated and is starting to feel the pressure.

  • 70'

    Mistake from John Terry and Pennant bears down on goal, as he pulls the trigger, Essien gets across to pull off a goal-saving block. It sat up nicely for Pennant but Essien was quick to react to his skipper's error.

  • 69'

    Liverpool win a corner but Pennant's set-piece is hacked clear by Drogba and Chelsea push out of their own half.

  • 67'

    Due to the high intensity of the game, players legs will surely start to wane and tire soon. Both teams enjoying much of the ball but are taking less and less chances when going forward.

  • 66'

    Ashley is getting a real hard time by Pennant this match. The winger has caused him problems down the left and gone in with a few tasty challenges.

  • 64'

    With time ticking away, both managers will be pondering a change. Both sides have attacking options and it may not be long before we see them.

  • 62'

    Both teams looking to push forward given half a chance but it's Liverpool who look the more likely at ther moment. Kuyt and Pennant are linking up well and Mascherano is keeping things tight in front of the defence.

  • 61'

    Agger goes into the book for a needless push in the back of Drogba. An interesting tussle between those two.

  • 60'

    The home support respond and sense that their side have got another goal in them.

  • 59'

    Liverpool in the asendancy at the moment with two chances in as many minutes. They're making Chelsea work hard for their possession and forcing mistakes from the visitors.

  • 58'

    Liverpool come within a whisker of finding the net as Kuyt heads Riise's clipped cross on to the bar. It was a wonderful header that had Cech beaten all ends up.

  • 55'

    First time we've seen Crouch's aerial threat and it almost brought a goal for Liverpool. Pennant's wonderfully flighted cross is well met by Crouch and Cech does well to scramble away with his feet. Terry completes the clearance and Chelsea survive.

  • 54'

    Joe Cole tries his luck from 25 yards but he's closed down well by Carragher and Finnan and it flies comfortably wide of Reina's post.

  • 52'

    Chelsea starting to make some headway this half. There's more zip and energy about them this half with the midfielders getting on the ball with more ease than in the first half.

  • 50'

    Mourinho looks quite relaxed on the Chelsea bench. He's never too animated but he may well be if the score stays this way for much longer.

  • 49'

    Another scrappy start to the half with the aerial bombardment continuing on both sides.

  • 47'

    Chelsea lose the ball on the edge of their own box and gerrard takes up the attack. He surges into the box but is well blocked off by Ashley Cole.

  • 46'

    An early sighter from Drogba. It was from a long way out and from a tight and - not surprisingly it fizzes well wide.

  • 45'

    We're back under way for the second half at Anfield.

  • 45'

    It's not been the most attractive halves you'll ever see but it has certainly kept us gripped. Daniel Agger's strike has got Liverpool right back in this tie. Stay with us for the second half where one of these two sides will go through to the May 23rd final.

  • 45'


  • 45'

    Last action of the half as Lampard fires in a free-kick near to the corner flag. Drogba goes in with the keeper but Reina fists clear and the referee blows his whistle.

  • 44'

    Chelsea edging their way back into the game but the Liverpool fans are still cock-a-hoop. Their side have the advantage now, but need to concentrate up until the half-time whistle.

  • 42'

    It's been agricultural football from both sides. Plenty of airtime for the ball and not a great deal of incisive passing as yet.

  • 40'

    Ashley Cole is starting to get in the game more now and he's looking to play in Drogba who has been occupying a place on the right side of the Liverpool defence.

  • 39'

    Decent chance for Chelsea from a corner. Drogba powers above the defence to get in his header and although it was going wide, Essien was in place to head it goalwards. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't react quickly enough and it pings off his shoulder and goes behind.

  • 37'

    The game is turning into a slugfest with both teams opting to go long instead of break down their opponents. It's causing havoc for the defenders though.

  • 35'

    Ashley Cole makes a rare run forward and sends in a teasting early cross but it's just behind Drogba and goes out for a throw.

  • 33'

    Chelsea starting to claw their way back into the contest now and Kalou beats Carragher for pace and strength to tee up Mikel who beats Mascherano in the box but is stopped in his tracks by Riise.

  • 31'

    Fantastic chance for Chelsea and it's their first of the game. Drogba beats the offside trap and lashes a shot at Reina from a tight angle. The Spanish goalkeeper does well to get his body behind it and palm it to safety.

  • 28'

    Chelsea are being forced to play it long and bypass their influential midfielders who simply cannot get on the ball.

  • 26'

    There may be a few players on yellow cards this evening, but that's not stopping them from flying into tackles. Ashley Cole is the first to be booked after a late block on Pennant.

  • 25'

    Nothing is coming off for the Blues thus far. There's plenty of energy in the Liverpool line-up and Chelsea are rattled and can't get going.

  • 24'

    More stoppages and Drogba goes down after a challenge from behind by the goalscorer Agger. Chelsea just can't get on the ball at the moment.

  • 23'

    The flags are waving, the fans are singing and the stadium is rocking. The tie is all square and it's game on!

  • 21'

    Liverpool get another free-kick and this time Gerrard rolls it square for DANIEL AGGER who calmly slots it into the bottom corner with Cech rooted to the spot.

  • 21'


  • 20'

    Another Gerrard free-kick, this time from the left. It's aimed at Crouch but Cech fists it away. Liverpool starting to get on top now.

  • 18'

    A break in play after Gerrard rattles Mikel's cage with an uncomprimising challenge on the Nigerian. He's shaken that's for sure.

  • 15'

    It's edgy and nervy so far, both sides seeing alot of the ball but aren't keeping hold of it that efficiently.

  • 14'

    Good opportunity for Chelsea to create a chance. Drogba chases down Lampard's hopeful punt and sends in a fierce cross that Agger thumps clear.

  • 13'

    The fouls continue and it's making for a scrappy spell in play.

  • 11'

    There's 2,800 Chelsea fans in the stadium tonight and they're doing their best to give some opposition to the cacophony of noise emanating from the Kop.

  • 10'

    Liverpool getting their wingers involved well with Riise and Pennant making progressive headway down their respective flanks.

  • 8'

    Couple of tasty tackles fly in as both sides try to establish some sort of authority on the game. Mikel, Mascherano and Cole get stuck in.

  • 6'

    Terrific bending free-kick from the right by Gerrard just evades the outstretched boot of Crouch at the back post. Good pace to the game in these opening minutes.

  • 5'

    A loose ball falls to Stevie G on the edge of the box, he takes a swipe at it but drags it harmlessly wide. Difficult chance for the skipper.

  • 4'

    The crowd are buzzing. Finnan and Agger opt to go long to pick out Crouch. He's found but Chelsea snuff out the danger.

  • 3'

    If Chelsea avoid defeat tonight, they'll go through to meet either Man United or AC Milan.

  • 2'

    Chelsea look to get on the front foot from the off. A quick break from Mikel down the left is brought to a halt by Carragher.

  • 1'

    There will be an English team in the Champions League for the third year running, but who out of these teams will it be?


    And we're under way!


    Here they come, led out by the two skippers Steven Gerrard and John Terry. They take their places for the anthemns as kick-off looms.


    We're almost ready for kick-off now. The players are in the tunnel and preparing for the biggest game of their season. Out on the terraces the Anfield following are in full voice. It is a special atmosphere on Merseyside and You'll never Walk Alone is impeccably belted out by the 45-odd thousand scousers.


    And for Chelsea: Cech, Ashley Cole, Essien, Terry, Ferreira, Mikel, Lampard, Joe Cole, Makelele, Drogba, Kalou. And on the subs: Cudicini, Boulahrouz, Geremi, Robben, Bridge, Diarra and Wright-Phillips


    First up Liverpool: Reina, Carragher, Finnan, Agger, Riise, Gerrard, Pennant, Mascherano, Zenden, Kuyt and Crouch. And on the bench: Padelli, Arbeloa, Hyypia, Fowler, Gonzalez, Alonso and Bellamy.


    The team line-ups for the Champions League second leg at Anfield are in.