UEFA Champions League

October 18, 2006



1 - 0


Group A

18:45 +00:00, October 18, 2006

Stamford Bridge, England

  • 90'

    Drogba won it with a special strike - and it was no less than the home side deserved. The bossed it as Barca's superstars failed to get into gear. First blood Chelsea - and it's off to the Nou Camp in 13 days time.

  • 90'

    That's it! The final whistle goes

  • 90'

    Chelsea eat up some time with a substitution. Didier Drogba gets a standing ovation as he is replaced by Saloman Kalou

  • 90'

    Drogba gets it on the right and switches play with a superb ball to Robben on the left. He gets to the edge of the area before shooting wide

  • 90'

    Two minutes to be added on

  • 90'

    Ballack breaks down the left, he plays the square ball across the face of goal but Robben just can't get on the end of it and Valdes takes

  • 89'

    Ronaldinho plays a shot ball into Deco, he creates space for himself and shoots - Hilario is down well to smother it

  • 88'

    Iniesta shoots from the edge of the area - and it crawls into the gloves of Hilario

  • 87'

    Robben again has space to make the run, but the diagonal takes him onto his weaker foot and he shies away from the shot, inviting the tackle from Marquez

  • 87'

    Another booking for Barcelona - this time Deco enters the book or a foul on Essien

  • 86'

    Xavi does well down the right, he gets the cross in despite the attention of Cole - and Messi's there with the header... the header over the crossbar

  • 85'

    Robben shows great pace and purpose on the left, he gets towards the byline but the cut-back isn't the greatest and Barca clear

  • 84'

    Ronaldinho races over to the left to take the corner, and promptly over-hits the cross and it bends out for a goal-kick on the opposite side

  • 83'

    It's Ronaldinho who looks for options. He decides to cross and it flicks off a Chelsea head for a corner

  • 83'

    Barca move forward and now Deco is felled by Ballack in a dangerous area - just shy on 25 yards out on the right of goal

  • 82'

    Cole is penalised for a nudge on Deco, free-kick in midfield

  • 81'

    Barca are resorting to the long ball, this time angled down the right for Giuly who fails to keep it in play

  • 80'

    Drobga looks for Robben down the left flank - he's offside

  • 79'

    Barcelona are enjoyed plenty of possession now, but they can't find any way through the Chelsea rearguard

  • 78'

    Chelsea still look comfortable, but will they be made to pay for missing those gilt-edged opportunities? Will Ronaldinho come to life?

  • 77'

    Giuly gets into the area but there's not much on for him. It's a painfully tight angle but he still shoots - but it's wayward

  • 76'

    Now Chelsea make a change. And it's the pace of Arjen Robben who comes on for Andrey Shevchenko. Chelsea will go with one up top and look to use the pace of the Dutchman

  • 75'

    It's a free-kick to Chelsea on the right. Again it's lumped long by Lampard and he finds Sheva at the back stick - he heads wide

  • 74'

    Barcelona will make their final change. Skipper Carlos Puyol goes off for Oleguer. Ronaldinho takes over the armband

  • 73'

    Deco finds Messi in space inside the area. He holds off Cole gets to the byline and tries to cut it back, but the pass lacks pace and that enables Terry to clear

  • 72'

    Ronaldinho gives the ball away once more, Makelele intercepting. It's been a disappointing night for the Brazilian superstar

  • 71'

    Ballack tugs back Deco, free-kick to the visitors which is taken short

  • 70'

    ...Valdea gets down low to make the save and grasps it again just as Essien is about to pounce. Drogba should have sealed the match there

  • 69'

    Lampard finds Drogba inside the area. His first touch fools the defender and opens up the goal... it's a great chance...

  • 68'

    Makelele plays Ballack in who's clear - but the flag is up for offside against the German

  • 67'

    Chelsea are dominant now, Barca struggling to get any kind of foothold in the game

  • 66'

    Lampard looks for a deep kick into the area again, but he fails to get enough on it and an orange shirt can head away

  • 65'

    Xavi is the latest to enter the book, a late slide on Drogba

  • 64'

    Zambrotta bursts into the area - but over-runs it and is unable to cut back into the box

  • 63'

    Xavi tries a snap shot from the edge of the box - straight at Hilario who collects at the second attempt

  • 62'

    Barcelona are struggling to make an impression, Ronaldinho and Messi not seeing enough of the ball to influence the play

  • 61'

    Deco catches Terry as he looks to clear his lines, free-kick deep inside the Chelsea half

  • 60'

    Barca make their second change - and it's Eidur Gudjohnsen coming off for Ludovic Giuly

  • 59'

    The ball drops back to Makelele who's advanced to the edge of the box - his rare shot lacks venom and is easy for Valdes

  • 58'

    Now Shevchenko is bundled over on the right flank. Makelele shows intelligence to play the quick pass down the link which Lampard runs on to, but his pass into the danger area only finds an orange shirt

  • 57'

    Barcelona make their first change of the match as Giovanni van Bronckhorst is replaced by Andres Iniesta

  • 56'

    Lampard plays a first time ball to find Sheva in acres of space inside the area. His first touch is poor which forces him to rush the shot - and it's fired over the bar. Great chance, but clearly a man out of sorts

  • 56'

    Chelsea break and break with purpose. Essien brings it 50 yars up the pitch - he's got Carvalho on the left and Sheva on the right - but he shoots instead and it hits the defender. Terrible effort and extremely greedy as Chelsea had three on two

  • 55'

    Ronaldinho crosses into the area, it's Drogba who'se back to head away

  • 54'

    Now Messi is tripped, Lampard is the offender and he gets booked. Another free-kick, this time in a dangerous position on the right

  • 53'

    ...it's on target, but Ronaldinho fails to find the corner and it's comfortable for Hilario

  • 52'

    Barcelona win a free-kick 30-yards out in a dead-central position. Marquez and Ronaldinho stand over it but of course it's the Brazilian...

  • 51'

    Ronaldinho is left unmarked at the back post, but he fails to either head on target or for a team-mate and Chelsea clear

  • 50'

    Deco finds Xavi on the right, he lofts a cross into the box but it's poor and over the top of everyone for a goal-kick

  • 49'

    Valdes had no chance, the finish was of the highest quality and now we have the spark this game needed

  • 48'

    What a superb finish from the Chelsea striker - a carbon copy of the goal he scored against Liverpool a few weeks ago. But this time it was with his right and not his left!

  • 47'


  • 47'

    Cole finds Drogba inside the D, it's not the best control but it gives him the chance to shift the ball and hit it...

  • 46'

    Chelsea gets us underway for the second period

  • 45'

    The match has threatened to ignite at times, but not really taken off. We can only hope for more.

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    Lampard lumps it deep into the area, it's headed back across only for Shevchenko to be penalised for a foul on Valdes. He didn't touch him in the slightest... but the keeper had hold anyway.

  • 45'

    Essien's run down the flank is blocked off by Van Bronckhorst and the Dutchman enters the referee's notebook.

  • 45'

    Two minutes to be added on

  • 45'

    Lmapard takes from the right and finds Ballack unmarked on the penalty spot, luckily for Barca his header is straight into the arms of Valdes

  • 44'

    Lampard switches the play to Boulahrouz - he's got space to run into and his cross is deflected behind for a corner

  • 43'

    Messi wins a corner off Cole. Ronaldinho takes it, Marquez wins the second header but it lacks power and Hilario collecs

  • 43'

    Drogba's back again, still looking dazed and confused

  • 43'

    Messi bursts in between three blue shirts to drive into the box - great last-ditch tackle from Carvalho just as he's about to pull the trigger

  • 42'

    Drogba comes back onto the pitch, but he looks far from recovered... and immediately goes back to take on more water

  • 41'

    Messi shifts it to the left looking for space for the shot, he tries his luck but it's always wide of Hilario's right-hand post

  • 40'

    Drogba's still off the pitch and is looking somewhat groggy at the moment

  • 39'

    Lampard floats in the free-kick - headed away with ease

  • 38'

    Drogba gingerly leaves the pitch after a couple of minutes of treatment - but he'll be okay

  • 35'

    Drogba needs some treatment after being caught in a Barcelona sandwhich going up for a header

  • 34'

    Gudjohnson is penalised for a foul on Terry, but Chelsea can feel themselves lucky as Hilario had come out for the ball with a comedy punch

  • 33'

    Messi is bundled down by Essien, free-kick

  • 32'

    A woful pass from Edmilson is intercepted by Drogba, but he can't take advantage as the Brazilian gets back to atone for his error

  • 31'

    Deco strides forward with acres of space to run nito. He opts to shoot from 25 yards out - Carvalho makes the block

  • 30'

    Lampard shoots from distance but sends his shot well over the bar

  • 29'

    Fantastic play from Barca, Ronaldinho flicks it to Messi who finds Deco. Deco's first time ball comes to Xavi - he cuts back inside only to shoot wide. It would have been a beautiful goal

  • 28'

    The ball finds Ronaldinho on the left, he moves forward into the box and look to lob Hilario and find the opposite corner - but it's too high, goal-kick

  • 27'

    Essien takes the ball down the left, and has options. He tries the backheel into a team-mate - but the only man there is Xavi and Barca can break

  • 26'

    A good period of possession for Barca, Chelsea happy to sit back and wait for the Spanish side to make a move

  • 25'

    Lampard lofts a high ball to the back stick, Carvalho wins the header but goal for goal rather than the knock back across - and the ball drifts harmlessly wide of the net

  • 24'

    Ballack wins a free-kick for a block by Van Bronckhorst just outside the box on the right. Another great chance for Lampard to deliver

  • 23'

    Good break by Barca, Messi's played into the area on the right and he has just enough space to release the shot - Hilario makes a good one-handed stop. Carvalho hacks it away from in front of his goal

  • 22'

    Ronaldinho tries to embarrass Boulahrouz by twisting and turning on the touchline - but he's spin outside simply takes the ball out of play

  • 21'

    Cole takes a hack at Messi, though the Argentine made the most of it. Free-kick on the half-way line

  • 20'

    Messi shows good footwork on the right flank and spots Deco for the ball inside. Deco's been left which gives him the option to shoot - but only into the onrushing defender

  • 19'

    ...Oooh, he's headed it over the bar. Valdes was nowhere, but maybe the ball was a little behind and a little on top of Sheva. Another decent chance and Chelsea are piling on the pressure

  • 18'

    It results in a corner to Chelsea. Again Lampard takes and it's better this time, there's Shevchenko unmarked in the centre of goal...

  • 17'

    ...the loose ball falls behind the Ukraine international, and just as he tries to hook it round and into the empty net from five yards out Marquez gets back with a superb sliding tackle

  • 16'

    ...his first touch is poor and it forces the Ivory Coast player to stab at the ball, it's blocked on the line but Shevchanko is there...

  • 15'

    Essien breaks well and looks for the pass left, it falls kindly for Drogba who's through on goal...

  • 15'

    Free-kick given against Messi for a foul on Cole

  • 14'

    Another corner to Chelsea. Lampard delivers only to see it headed clear.

  • 13'

    Ronaldinho and Deco link up beautifully as the Portuguese chips over for Zambrotta who has a sight of goal - but mis-kicks his attempted first-time volley

  • 12'

    Lampard takes the free-kick and looks to drive it in low - it's a disappointing cross which fails to get past the two-man wall

  • 11'

    Another foul, this time Zambrotta with a poorly timed challenge on Drogba. The ref has a few words - free-kick to Chelsea in the corner on the left flank

  • 10'

    Edmilson tries a speculative effort from 25 yards - it's well wide of Hilario's goal

  • 9'

    We've seen little of Ronaldinho so far - you can't imagine him staying this quiet

  • 8'

    Chelsea enjoy possession at the back, happy to the bide their time for an opening

  • 7'

    Lampard swings a deep one into the box, Terry and Marquez both go to the ground and it's the Barca man who gets the decision

  • 6'

    Marquez brings Shevchenko down from behind - free kick to the home side

  • 5'

    You can't help but feel that this will be a game full of chances - and maybe even goals - such is the talent on show even though Chelsea are more known for their sterdy rearguard

  • 4'

    Chelsea mount the first serious attack, Lampard swings in the corner and Drogba fails to get real contact on the header - that was a decent chance

  • 3'

    Hilario gets his first touch of the ball - and the Chelsea fans give an appreciative cheer

  • 2'

    It's a cagey opening, both sides taking a look at each other

  • 1'

    Barce get the match started


    Former Chelsea hero Eidur Gudjohnsen returns to the club for the first time since he left in the summer - taking his place in a Barcelona line-up which also contains Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.


    Chelsea's third choice goalkeeper Hilario makes his debut for the club in tonight's Champions League match against Barcelona, because of head injuries sustained by Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini in Saturday's Premiership win at Reading. Yves Ma-Kalambay is the substitute goalkeeper for the Blues, who recall fit again England left-back Ashley Cole and French midfielder Claude Makelele for the group A clash at Stamford Bridge.