UEFA Champions League

March 28, 2006



2 - 0


UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, March 28, 2006

Highbury, England

  • 90'

    The Gunners could easily have had more, they were so superior. Now only a fool would back against them.

  • 90'

    An amazing game at Highbury. Arsenal take two goals to Turin, while Juve will be without Vieira, Zebina and Camorenesi due to suspension

  • 90'

    And that's full-time.

  • 90'

    Now Chiellini drags back Hleb, clueless at what to do with the Arsenal man

  • 90'

    It's Pires who takes - but it's straight down the throat of Buffon

  • 90'

    Hleb is brought down on the edge of the D. One more chance for a third - surely Henry to take

  • 90'

    Two minutes of injury time pain for Juve

  • 89'

    Zebina had clearly forgotten he'd been yellow carded - he looks as foolish as his play has suggested

  • 88'

    Now Zebina hacks Henry to the floor. And it's a second yellow card - he's off! Juve go down to nine and if it was embarrassing before now it's a disgrace

  • 87'

    Now Arsenal are facing ten downtrodden players. Can they snatch a third?

  • 86'

    Cameronesi hacks Van Persie to the ground with a crude and very late challenge. It could have been a straight red but it is a second yellow. He's off to complete a miserable night for Juve

  • 85'

    Henry completely does Vieira on the left and is seemingly at the byline at the blink of an eye, the low cross is cut out though

  • 84'

    Lehmann scurries across the face of goal, isn't getting there but the ball just drifts past his right-hand post. Very close

  • 83'

    Henry gives the ball away just outside his own D, Camoranesi is alive to the opportunity and tries a chipped shot...

  • 82'

    Arsenal make a change now, Robin van Persie returns from injury in place of Jose Antonio Reyes

  • 81'

    Reyes looks to break from Lehmann's throw. Zebina blocks his path and becomes the latest from Juve to enter the referee's notebook

  • 80'

    The game finally seems to have calmed down, maybe Arsenal are looking to settle for a two-goal advantage?

  • 79'

    A second change for Juve now, as David Trezeguet is replaced by Marcelo Zalayeta. How they need him to produce an away goal now

  • 78'

    Now Thuram and Emerson get it all wrong and gift a throw-in to the Gunners. It's getting embarrassing for Juve now

  • 77'

    Free-kick to Arsenal, fed down the right for Eboue whose dangerous cross is knocked behind for a corner. Arsenal make nothing of it

  • 76'

    A change for Juventus as the ineffectual Adrian Mutu is replaced by Giorgio Chiellini - a necessary defensive move

  • 75'

    It's Reyes who opts for it with his left, but it bounces in front of Buffon and into his gloves

  • 74'

    Henry turns on the edge of the box, looking to despatch another shot - the floored Thuram drags him down. A free-kick just outside of the D bu amazingly no card for such a cynical foul

  • 73'

    The Arsenal fans are now giving the 'ole' as their heroes stroke the ball around Highbury.

  • 72'

    Henry outstrips Zebina and Cannavaro has to come across to rescue the situation with a sliding challenge. Desperate stuff

  • 71'

    Now Reyes is tripped by Vieira - and he's booked for that. Vieira is OUT of the second leg. The problems mount

  • 70'

    Juve have 20 minutes to simply protect a two-goal deficit. That's the way it surely is

  • 69'

    Fabregas' cut-back was not quite perfect - but it took Buffon out of the game and Henry's second touch was the simple task of hitting an empty net. Arsenal are rampant here

  • 68'


  • 68'

    This is amazing. Juve don't know which way to turn. Hleb slides in Fabregas who has space in the box again, he will surely shoot but neatly cuts it back for Henry...

  • 67'

    This is sublime from Arsenal. They are all over a side which is far and away the best Serie A has to offer. But could they rue not getting a second?

  • 66'

    Now Hleb takes a pass from Henry, again on the right of the box. He's been left alone and takes the shot early. Buffon again has to get down smartly and just thwarts the onrushing Pires, who was under pressure from Cannavaro

  • 65'

    Now Eboue drives forward - fantastic stuff from Arsenal - and the Juve defence can't live with his pace. He gets to the byline looking for the cross but the defender's block comes back off his body for a goal-kick

  • 64'

    Arsenal are forced back, but eventually it's worked back to Fabregas inside the box on the right - he's powerful drive is kept out by Buffon and hacked away by Thuram

  • 63'

    Henry shows great skill to nick the ball round a defender. There's a real scramble as both Henry and Fabregas show their ability to hold up the ball desperate to find space for the shot

  • 62'

    Arsenal seem to be in complete control now. They are a constant threat on the break, while Juve's passing is wayward and they look downtrodden

  • 61'

    The corner comes in from the left, but Buffon is there to fist away

  • 60'

    Fabregas suddenly finds acres of space just outside of the D, but this time unselfishly feeds in Henry on the right. He cuts inside and forces a superb save from Buffon diving away to his right

  • 59'

    Vieira sends Reyes tumbling again, and again escapes a card. Another foul and surely he will be out of the return leg

  • 58'

    Eboue is getting forward all the time now, using his great pace to good effect. Juventus are unsettled

  • 57'

    Reyes delivers the corner from the right - Senderos is penalised for a push

  • 56'

    It's Arsenal again and Eboue is right up there again. He looks for a pass into the box, the cross is deflected and it lands just over the bar on the netting - corner

  • 55'

    Hleb is penalised for a foul 10 yards outside the box and this is dangerous. Mutu delivers but it's a woeful effort. It was so poor you can't be sure if it was a cross, a shot or just plain rubbish

  • 54'

    Trezeguet and Senderos go up for the ball - the Frenchman seems to lead with his arm and catch Senderos. It's a free-kick and also a booking

  • 53'

    Henry floats the resulting free-kick to Senderos at the back stick. There's too much on the pass and it's out for a goal-kick

  • 52'

    Arsenal look to break and it's fed to Henry - but his progress is halted by a combination of Camoranesi and Zebina

  • 51'

    Ibrahimovic does well down the right and plays in a dangerous low cross - but it's too close to Lehmann

  • 50'

    Ibrahimovic and Camoranesi play a neat one-two and the Swede is through on goal - and again Toure gets in with an amazing last-ditch tackle. Great defending

  • 49'

    Arsenal reclaim possession and it's worked to Pires on the edge of the box, but he sees his shot blocked from close range

  • 48'

    Eboue comes bursting forward to latch onto the pass from Fabregas - he just can't bring the ball under the control and that allows the tackle

  • 47'

    Reyes looks for Henry over the top - the pass is too strong and through to Buffon

  • 46'

    It's Juve who get the second half underway, looking for a vital away goal

  • 45'

    A pulsating first-half which Arsenal probably did just manage to edge. It promises to be more of the same after the break

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 44'

    Great play again by Arsenal to work space in the final third - but again Hleb is the cause of a move to break down as he gives it away with a poor square pass

  • 43'

    Henry looks to send Hleb in down the middle - but Cannavaro shows his strength to hold him off

  • 42'

    Arsenal are well on top now and can smell blood. They're passing the ball around with great confidence

  • 41'

    And Henry just drags his shot wide of the far post - so close to a second

  • 40'

    Suddenly Thuram miscontrols just outside his own area, Cannavaro slips and Henry gets in down the side. It could be 2-0...

  • 39'

    Fabregas took his time and picked his spot in the bottom left-hand corner. Buffon was maybe just unsighted and left rooted to the spot. Vieira robbed, Fabregas scores. 1-0 to the Arsenal

  • 38'


  • 37'

    Pires comes forward with purpose and finds Henry. He waits for runners and has three options - he slides it in to Fabregas on the edge of the box...

  • 36'

    Vieira strides forward but he's dispossessed by a superb Pires challenge from behind and Arsenal can break

  • 36'

    Vieira gets the better of Reyes with a fine challenge - but Fabregas takes out revenge by tripping his former mentor

  • 35'

    It's Henry who takes it, but it's always going over and Buffon just puts up a cautionary glove

  • 34'

    Pires finds Henry, who in turn passes to Eboue - but Henry had been clattered into and it's a free-kick in a superb area 20+ yards out

  • 33'

    It comes back to Zambrotta on the left, his first time cross is going though to Trezegust but Senderos just gets a boot to the ball first

  • 32'

    Zambrotta does brilliantly down the left, getting the better of Hleb and Eboue to get to the byline and cross - but Gilberto is back to clear his lines at the near post

  • 31'

    It's been a breathless game - but also one short on goalmouth action.

  • 30'

    Fabregas is perhaps luckily to escape without a card after a strong, two-footed challenge on Camoranesi

  • 29'

    Back up the other end now and Hleb feed Henry on the edge of the D, he looks a little slugglish for once and is forced to rush a shot which is skewed well wide

  • 28'

    Juventus get the chance to break and Ibrahimovic gets a sniff of goal. He's about to pull the trigger when Toure gets across with an outstanding tackle to snuff out the danger

  • 27'

    Hleb receives the ball on the right. He steps inside and has the overlapping Eboue as well as the option of a shot. He hesitates and hesitates... and gives it away

  • 26'

    The free-kick is over on the left-flank. The ref has a word about pushing and shoving between Senderos and Emerson before Henry delivers - Trezeguet hacks clear

  • 25'

    Camoranesi again brings down Reyes, this time from behind just outside the box. If he hadn't already been booked he surely would have been there. He's walking a tightrope

  • 24'

    Now Eboue is sent to the deck by Mutu, Juve struggling to get into the final third of the pitch

  • 23'

    Camoranesi then shows his frustration in tripping Reyes and he enters the book - and will miss the second leg back in Turin

  • 22'

    Flamini shows great determinstion to win the ball from Camoranesi, a strong and robust challenge

  • 21'

    Trezeguet clatters into Gilberto, free-kick to Arsenal in their own half. Toure takes and looks long - but it's too long and through to Buffon

  • 20'

    Pires wants a free-kick for a block by Emerson - but the ref is having none of it

  • 19'

    Henry tries one of his 'early takes' but it curls wide of the right post with Buffon helpless. Confusion among the Juve players but they've escaped

  • 18'

    Arsenal are stepping it up now. Reyes goes on a fine run before being tripped by Cannavaro just outside the box. A free-kick in a great area

  • 17'

    Free-kick to Arsenal 30 yards out. Henry taps short to Toure, who shifts past Ibrahimovic and finds space to shoot - but it lacks power and is an easy claim for Buffon

  • 16'

    ...Fabregas accepts the pass but drags his shot well wide of the left-hand post. A bit more composure and that was 1-0

  • 15'

    It's taken quickly, Pires controls on the chest just inside the area and shows great awareness to backheel into the path of Fabregas...

  • 14'

    Hleb twists and turns but only manages to run into the corner and has to be content with a throw-in

  • 13'

    Another strong challenge from Vieira in the centre of the park, he's desperate to impress

  • 12'

    The game is moving at great speed. Neither side is looking to build slowly from the back. It's frenetic

  • 11'

    It's a fast surface at Highbury tonight. There's been plenty of rain in the north London area today

  • 10'

    Another foul from Vieira, this time on Reyes, out on the left-flank. Free-kick taken short... and ends up being worked all the way back to Lehmann

  • 9'

    Arsenal muster a break with Hleb. He comes forward with menace but as is so often the case is hesitant at the vital moment. The Gunners do win a corner, but it's wasted

  • 8'

    Emerson takes the corner from the right, it's poor but Juve keep the ball and the pressure

  • 7'

    Camoranesi, Ibrahimovic and Mutu both stand over it. The Romanian rolls it to Ibrahimovic and his sliced shot comes off a defender for a corner

  • 6'

    Ibrahimovic goes down under a clumsy challenge from Senderos in the D. A great chance for Juve here

  • 5'

    Zambrotta turns on the left, trying to get the better of Eboue. He cuts inside, working the space for a shot, but the Ivory Coast defender does brilliantly to get a toe to the ball

  • 4'

    Pires breaks well and looks for Henry. For once the skipper's touch is too heavy, Camoranesi tries to intercept but brings down Reyes in the process

  • 3'

    Now Fabregas goes down from a late Vieira challenge - and there's a few audible boos. For the record, a yellow card would rule Vieira out of the second leg

  • 2'

    Camoranesi backs into Flamini, and that's a free-kick to the Gunners

  • 1'

    Arsenal get the game underway and look to make an immediate impression


    Jose Reyes returns for Arsenal after missing three games through injury, but Freddie Ljungberg is not fit. Robin van Persie is back on the bench again after making his comeback against Charlton on Arsenal's last outing.


    Former Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu also starts, but Pavel Nedved's suspension keeps him out while Alessandro Del Piero is sidelined by a thigh injury.


    The former Gunners captain, who left north London last summer, was applauded by home fans in the warm-up and lines up alongside Emerson in an experienced midfield for the Serie A champions.


    Patrick Vieira is back at Highbury for the first time since leaving for Juventus. It's sure to be an electric atmosphere