UEFA Champions League

March 7, 2006



1 - 1


UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 7, 2006

Estadio Camp Nou, Spain

2nd Leg: 3 - 2 (Agg)

  • 90'

    What happened to the lost minute while Barcelona were protesting is anyone's guess - but Chelsea were deserved losers and Barcelona rightly the winners

  • 90'

    And there's only time for Barcelona to kick-off before the ref blows up for full-time

  • 90'

    GOAL!!! Lampard slots it home by sending Valdes the wrong way. But surely it's too little too late

  • 90'

    Protests galore from the Barca players, time added on is already up but more will be added on

  • 90'

    Van Brockhorst fells Terry from behind. Penalty to Chelsea!

  • 90'

    Robben has it on the right, he squares it across the edge of the box for Gudjohnsen to shoot - but he's always on the stretch and it's well over

  • 90'

    Two minutes to be added on.

  • 89'

    Eto'o tries to get the better of Ferreira down the right but just runs the ball out of play

  • 88'

    The Barcelona fans are in full voice now, ready to celebrate another victory against a club which has become a fierce enemy

  • 87'

    It's been a disappointing performance from Chelsea - very little attacking flair or impetous - and only one team deserves to go through

  • 86'

    Huth is penalised for a push on Puyol... time running out

  • 85'

    ...Eto'o tries to curl a shot into the far corner but just doesn't get it right as the ball clips the outside of the post and goes behind for a goal-kick

  • 84'

    Eto'o manages to get away from Ricardo Carvalho, he bursts into the box and only has Cech to beat...

  • 83'

    Lampard finds Crespo on the left with a fine ball, the striker looks to cut back into the box but the ball rebounds off his shins and out for a goal-kick

  • 82'

    Huth is on, strangely for Joe Cole, and he's gone up front to play alongside Crespo. Has the Special One lost it?

  • 81'

    Chelsea are looking a tired side now - and bizarrely it appears that Robert Huth is going to come on

  • 80'

    Cole tries to find Crespo in the box, it's a decent ball but the Argentine can't quite control it

  • 79'

    Despite Barcelona getting on the scoresheet the task does remain the same for Chelsea - they still need to score two to send the match into extra-time

  • 78'

    Ronaldinho received the ball from Eto'o, superbly held off Terry and powered a low shot past Cech. And from nowhere, Barca have what is a deserved lead

  • 77'


  • 76'

    Space open up for Ronaldinho, he shows great strength and ability to hold off two challenges and still get in a shot...

  • 75'

    Puyol is booked for a late challenge on Gudjohnsen, he'll miss the next match which will surely be a quarter-final first leg tie

  • 74'

    Barcelona are just beginning to sit a little deeper now, not so ready to attacking knowing that victory is so close

  • 73'

    Jose Mourinho has one more change to make, will he look to bring on the unpredictable play of Shaun Wright-Phillips?

  • 72'

    Oleguer tries to find Larsson in the box, Ricardo Carvalho does well to shield it out for a goal-kick

  • 71'

    Chelsea are giving the ball away very cheaply. There's no fluency, no drive, no command of the game

  • 70'

    That brief spell of Chelsea pressure now seems a thing of the past. Surely the onslaught has to begin now

  • 69'

    Motta needs a bit of treatment - he got a knee in the back from Makelele when jumping for a high ball

  • 68'

    Makelele finds Robben with a long ball, again Marquez does brilliantly and forces the Dutchman to run it out of play

  • 67'

    Lampard swings a free-kick in from deep again, once more it's to Terry - whose header is straight at Valdes

  • 66'

    Eto'o again tries his look from more than 25 yards, and again fires well wide

  • 65'

    Chelsea look to be improving now with the new personnel - Robben and Cole dangerous on the flanks

  • 64'

    ...somehow Crespo prods it inches wide of the right post, great chance and by far and away the best for the match for Chelsea. It should be 0-1

  • 64'

    Cole has it on the right, he spots the run of Crespo into the near post and produces a delightful cross...

  • 63'

    Lampard finds Robben down the left - superb defending by Marquez who watches the ball rather than jumping in and wins it

  • 62'

    Ronaldinho shoots from the angle of the box, it's deflected and loops into the hands of Cech

  • 61'

    Barcelona remain on top. It's hard to see Chelsea mustering a shot - let alone two goals

  • 60'

    Gudjohnsen's first involvement is to send Oleguer tumbling

  • 59'

    Larsson finds Eto'o on the edge of the box and Cech is forced into a smart save from the Cameroon star's snap shot

  • 58'

    Double change for Chelsea now. Didier Drogba and Damien Duff are replaced by Eidur Gudjohnsen and Hernan Crespo - same system

  • 57'

    Cole is again fouled, 35 yards from goal now, producing a great chance to deliver into the danger area. Lampard takes, looking for the head of Terry, and it's nothing more than a goal-kick

  • 56'

    There's a litany of fouls now, Cole the latest to go down

  • 55'

    Crespo is already warming up on the sideline, suggesting thre's be a change soon

  • 54'

    Chelsea really are struggling to find any rhythm and any route to the Barca goal. There's only going to be one team going through with this set-up

  • 53'

    Now Deco goes down, again Duff the culprit

  • 52'

    Duff is somehow penalised for jumping into Van Brockhorst - seemed to be a 50-50 ball

  • 51'

    Free-kick again to Barca, this time on the left flank. Ronaldinho takes again, floating into the near post and Lampard is there to head away

  • 50'

    Motta goes down, not the best of challenges from Duff, and Barca win the free-kick

  • 49'

    Again it's Ronaldinho, from the right this time, bodies go down in the box but play carries on - Marquez's shot is blocked and Chelsea clear

  • 48'

    Up the other end and Barcelona win a corner on the left. Ronaldinho takes again and it's punched behind by Cech

  • 47'

    Chelsea start the secon period impressively, Duff finds space in the box but it tracked well and Lampard's cross is poor

  • 46'

    Markus Merk gets the second period underway

  • 45'

    Barcelona have certainly been the better side, led by the sublime skill of Ronaldinho, and Chelsea will need to improve markedly to stay in the Champions League.

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    One minute to be added on

  • 44'

    Free-kick to Chelsea ten yards inside the Barca half. It's played long, Terry wins the header and Cole's attempt to flick over Valdes ends up on the top of the net. So close to the opening goal

  • 43'

    Motta is the second player to be booked, bringing down Cole as he looked to run into space

  • 42'

    Great defending by Gallas again, he's having a good game

  • 41'

    We haven't see nearly enough of Chelsea in the final third of the pitch. They won't get two goals playing this way

  • 40'

    Ricardo Carvalho is penalised for a push on Eto'o, free-kick 35 yards out which is taken short

  • 39'

    Deco shows great pace down the right to get the better of two Chelsea players and deliver. Cech palms away the cross, only to Motta but his shot is blocked by two onrushing defenders

  • 38'

    Robben finally gets the chance to run at the defence, cutting in from the right flank to shoot with his left. Valdes is down smartly to claim. Chelsea need more incisive runs like that one

  • 37'

    Much like the first half at Stamford Bridge, this game has yet to explode. Chelsea are going to have to push on in the second period

  • 36'

    Eto'o shoots from 25 yards out - Terry makes a super block to save Cech from being called into action

  • 35'

    Chelsea get the chance to break, it's floated to Drogba in the centre but is too long. Duff picks it up at the back stick, goes for the ambitious shot and can only find the sidenetting

  • 34'

    Amazingly, the ref gives a goal-kick - much to the chagrin of the Barca superstars

  • 33'

    Carvalho tugs Eto'o just outside the box, great chance for Barca on the left corner. Ronaldinho stands over it, there's a deflection over and Barca have a corner

  • 32'

    Chelsea finally show a bit of fluency, until Drogba shows poor control and is robbed by Puyol

  • 31'

    Barcelona have been massively on top, Chelsea only able to muster the one chance of note via Drogba's head

  • 30'

    Ronaldinho's skill frustrates Makelele, forcing the foul and he's held back

  • 29'

    Lampard gives the ball away cheaply outside his own box, Ronaldinho's superb flick looks to have sent Motta it - Ferreira is there with a fantastic challenge to thwart the move

  • 28'

    Free-kick to Chelsea now, 30 yards out in a central position. Lampard goes for glory and struggles to keep it in Camp Nou

  • 27'

    Eto'o tries to hold the ball up 25 yards out, there's a bit of luck as it breaks loose to Larsson - but his snap shot lacks any power

  • 26'

    Ferreira rugby tackles Ronaldinho to the floor, free-kick to Barca in centre field

  • 25'

    Lionel Messi has to go off with that injury, and it's former Celtic striker Henrik Larsson who comes on in his place

  • 24'

    Chelsea waste the free-kick, played in too loo by Lampard and it's cleared

  • 23'

    Messi looks in trouble after that. He appears in some discomfort and he won't be able to continue - may be his hamstring

  • 22'

    Robben is blocked off by Messi and it creates another chance to deliver into the box, 30 yards out to the left of the pitch

  • 21'

    Gallas tugs back Messi, free-kick to the home side in their own half

  • 20'

    More great skills from Ronaldinho, consecutive back-heels work space for Van Bronckhorst - but the Dutchman overhits the cross. Great stuff

  • 19'

    Free-kick to Chelsea, the chance to pump one long into the box. Robben floats it to the back stick for Drogba - his header is into the arms of Valdes

  • 18'

    Great skill by Ronaldinho flicks into the path of Messi running into the box, forcing Ricardo Carvalho to rush out and block the shot

  • 17'

    Barcelona camp outside the Chelsea box. Ronaldinho and Messi try to find a way through - Ferreira is having to be tight to the Brazilian on the flank

  • 16'

    Barcelona enjoying lots of possession, playing the ball around and looking on top

  • 15'

    Messi's shot from 20 yards is also weak, and again easy for Cech

  • 14'

    Chelsea yet to get sight of goal, prepared to bed themselves into this game. How long can they wait to step things up?

  • 13'

    Ronaldinho shows great skill down the left to get back his man and stand the ball up at the back post... but there's no-one there

  • 12'

    Cole goes in the book for a late foul on Van Bronckhorst in the centre circle

  • 11'

    Messi finds Motta 25 yards out and he tries his luck - Cech is down well, low to his left, to save

  • 10'

    Cole floats a cross into the box from the right, there's just too much on the deliver as it ball goes over Drogba's head and out for a goal-kick

  • 9'

    Edmilson fires miles over the bar from almost 30 yards

  • 8'

    Robben cuts across the edge of the box looking for options. Duff and Drogba try to make runs but it doesn't open up for the Dutchman and he loses out

  • 7'

    Makelele is felled again, this time by Deco, in the centre circle

  • 6'

    Chelsea break. Duff has it on the left with Cole in the centre - the Irishmen opts to cut it back and amazing the offside flag goes up... when the ball was cut back!

  • 5'

    Eto'o tries an ambitious shot from more than 35 yards which trickles to Cech

  • 4'

    Barcelona are on top in the opening exchanges, enjoying possession in the Chelsea half

  • 3'

    Remember, Chelsea HAVE to score twice to stand any chance of progressing into the last eight. It's a big ask

  • 2'

    Makelele is caught late by Motta and it's an early free-kick to the visitors

  • 1'

    Barcelona get the game underway in an electric atmosphere


    No English team has beaten them in the Nou Camp in the European Cup and Chelsea have conceded 14 goals on their previous four appearances in the stadium. The Spanish champions start with the same team which began at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago.


    Jose Mourinho has made his intentions clear by springing a selection surprise and abandoning his favourite formation to play Arjen Robben up front with Didier Drogba. Damien Duff and Joe Cole start wide, with Claude Makelele and Frank Lampard, fit after his hamstring injury, starting in the heart of midfield.


    The drama starts early in the tunnel as Chelsea make Barcelona wait and wait before appearing alongside their rivals