UEFA Champions League

February 22, 2006



1 - 2


UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, February 22, 2006

Stamford Bridge, England

  • 90'

    The referee has a lot to answer for after showing a first half red card to Del Horno, and given Barca's onslaught the 2-1 scoreline is perhaps acceptable

  • 90'

    The final whistle goes with Chelsea needing to score twice in the Nou Camp to stand any chance of going through

  • 90'

    Drogba is penalised for a push on Puyol

  • 90'

    Barcelona are happy to play the ball around in their own half now, it looks like they're happy with their lot

  • 90'

    There'll be three minutes to be added on

  • 89'

    Drogba is through from Makelele's ball over the top. He's given offside but replays clearly show he's about two yards onside. Another poor decision

  • 88'

    Barca win a corner. Ronaldinho goes over to take with Deco off the pitch. It falls to Eto'o who sees his shot hit Drogba and run away

  • 88'

    Finally a quiet spell in what has been a pulsating second half. Surely there can't be a fourth goal in the dying seconds?

  • 87'

    Iniesta becomes the second Barca player to enter the book as Lampard stands over a free-kick on the left. Larsson gets his head to the curving cross, and it loops up to Valdes

  • 86'

    Eto'o tries a snap shot but again Carvalho is there with the block

  • 85'

    Barca make their third and final change as Iniesta is introduced in place of Deco

  • 84'

    Lamprd's wastefulness on the corner proved costly as Barca were able to break which blue shirts committed at the other end. And how they made it count

  • 83'

    Barca are still hungry for the third, a goal which would put the Catalans close to the quarter-finals

  • 83'

    What a ball from Ronaldinho! It invited Eto'o to simply plant his head onto it and beat Cech, which he did with ease. An excellent break full of quality resulting in a 1-2 lead for Barca

  • 82'


  • 81'

    The corner from Lampard is a waste, not getting past the man at the near post and Barca break menacingly. It's fed out left to Larsson who cuts it back to Ronalindho - in comes a sublime whipped cross to the back stick...

  • 80'

    Drogba races through from a superb ball by Gudjohnsen. He only has Valdes to beat but takes one touch too many which enables the keeper to make a save. Corner

  • 79'

    That's Robben's last action of the game as he's replaced by Shaun Wright-Phillips

  • 79'

    Robben goes on a great, twisting run to try and create some breathing space. He's hacked down by Puyol who somehow does not get a second yellow. Amazing

  • 78'

    ...Ronaldinho shifts it inside to create the angle and curls a shot at goal - Terry is back there on the line to hack it away. So close again, Chelsea under real pressure

  • 77'

    Eto'o breaks clear now, he's through but shoots straight at Cech. The loose ball comes to Ronaldinho...

  • 76'

    Again Messi finds space in the box and again he sees his shot blocked, this time by Carvalho, was a goal appeared a certainty

  • 75'

    It's all Barcelona now and it seems just a matter of time before they score again. Chelsea cannot get out of their own half

  • 74'

    Now it comes to Silvinho, who shoots straight at Cech

  • 73'

    Ronaldinho again shows great skill to spot the run of Larsson, it looks certain to be a second as the Barca man got the run of the ball against Cech - but Terry gets back to hack it away as Larsson prepared to tap in from three yards

  • 72'

    Larsson picks out Messi on the right, he cuts inside and produces a sublime shot which comes back into play off the bar, so close to a second for the visitors

  • 71'

    GOAL! The curling ball flicks off the back of Terry's head as he desperately tried to get it away and we have our second own goal of the night. 1-1

  • 71'

    Larsson wins a free-kick on the left corner of the box, Carvalho into the back of the forward. Ronaldinho stands over it, curling to the far post...

  • 70'

    Drogba shows great control to take a long, high ball on his chest. He gets the snap shot in only for it to rise over the bar

  • 69'

    Another chage for Barcelona as former Arsenal defenders change over, Gio van Bronckhorst replaced by Silvinho

  • 68'

    Messi again shows great control in the box but Ferreira makes a superb block on the the shot after some great defending

  • 67'

    Ronaldinho clips a delightful ball into the box for Larsson, who's unmarked eight yards out and somehow fails to hit the target. So close.

  • 66'

    Terry goes into the back of Eto'o and it's a free-kick around 35 yards out. Surely there won't be a shot from here

  • 65'

    Chelsea make an attacking change as the unfortunate Motta is replaced by former Celtic striker Henrik Larsson

  • 64'

    ...it's a good try by the skipper as the ball hits the post and goes behind. Another interesting decision by the ref gives the corner to Chelsea, which ends up in the gloves of Valdes

  • 63'

    Now Chelsea have another free-kick, just outside the box after Robben is tripped by van Bronckhorst. It's in a similar position to the goal, this time Lampard opts for the shot...

  • 62'

    Messi does brilliantly in the box, turning inside Ferreira and it looks a certain goal - but Messi cuts the ball back to no-one and somehow Chelsea escape

  • 61'

    Deco feeds it back in once more, this time Terry is there to head over the bar. Chelsea mop up after Deco plays the corner short and wastefully

  • 60'

    Corner to Barca. Deco takes from the right and Drogba rises highest to clear

  • 59'

    Motta was so concerned with the presence of Terry in behind him he decided to deal with the cross himself and ended up in a real tangle with his goalkeeper, Valdes, and the ball spun off the Barca man and rolled into the net

  • 59'

    But no! Motta gets in the way and send the ball into his own goal! Chelsea have the lead and it's a disaster at the back for the Catalans! 1-0 Chelsea with ten men

  • 59'

    Lampard stands over the free-kick on the right flank. He delivers a curling ball to the edge of the six yard box and it's meat and drink for Valdes

  • 58'

    Gudjohnsen breaks brilliantly but his pass out wide to Robben is not so good. Even so, Oleguer clatters into the back of the Dutchman and is booked

  • 57'

    Chelsea are trying to show some attacking adventure, determined to avoid the second half being nothing more than a rearguard action

  • 56'

    The ref gives a corner to Barca - it was clearly a goal-kick - as the injustices build up. It eventually comes to Motta, whose shot dips just over the bar

  • 55'

    And on comes Motta as though nothing has happened. And so the gamesmanship begins

  • 54'

    Motta was caught late by Gudjohnsen. He has some treatment and hobbles to the sidelines - he's sure to miraculously recover

  • 53'

    Chelsea play on while Motta is down. Barca want the ball putting out but Lampard and Robben have none of it before the latter loses the ball

  • 52'

    Corner to Barca, taken quickly by Deco to Messi. He tries a shot from the corner of the box on the right which Cech takes well

  • 51'

    Makelele is penalised for a high-foot

  • 50'

    Ferreira brings it forward and has the confidence to try a shot from distance, but there's no problem for Valdes

  • 49'

    Chelsea have come out with confidence. Robben shows great skill on the left to work into the box and fire in a cross show which goes inches wide of the post

  • 48'

    Lampard floats in the free-kick but it's headed away with ease

  • 48'

    Straight away Drogba almost finds himself in on goal, but the ref pulls the play back fot a handball on the cross on the left flank

  • 47'

    Drogba has replaced Crespo at the break to provide Chelsea with a different option at the top

  • 46'

    Chelsea get what promises to be a fiery second half underway

  • 45'

    The half-time whistle goes, the score may be goalless but the red card count it not

  • 45'

    Deco shoots from just outside the box, it takes a deflection off Terry for the corner. It's floated to Marquez whose show hits Geremi

  • 45'

    It looks like Chelsea are going to make it to the break without any further damage to their hopes. The second half is sure to be the alamo

  • 45'

    Numbers behind the ball for Chelsea now. Stamford Bridge remains stunned

  • 45'

    Four minutes injury time have been added on

  • 44'

    Yet more keep-ball from Barca as Messi is jeered by the Chelsea fans for his 'simulation'

  • 43'

    Crespo tries to give his team a break with the ball in the final third, finally some possession for the Blues

  • 42'

    Chelsea hanging on here, trying to get to the break

  • 41'

    Deco plays a cross into the box from the left, former Porto team-mate Carvalho heads away

  • 40'

    Looking at the challenge again, Messi looked at the ref before staying down as though he'd been shot. Shocking, and he's helped get a player sent off

  • 39'

    Barca had been on top anyway, now they have a man advantage and are being invited to keep possession

  • 38'

    Chelsea will be determined to see it out until half-time so Jose Mourinho can work his magic in the changing rooms. It's going to be tough against the talented La Liga leaders

  • 37'

    After Robben has lost out to Messi, Del Horno attempted to hoof the ball out of play. He missed it and his momentum carried him into the Barca man. Del Horno did not actually kick the Barca man, just crashed into him. A stunning, stunning decision to show a red card

  • 36'

    Joe Cole is sacrificed in order to bring in extra cover at the back. Ferreira moves over the left back and Geremi comes on at right-back

  • 35'

    Ronaldinho takes the resulting free-kick from right in the corner, it's poor and headed clear with ease

  • 34'

    Chelsea are down to ten and Geremi is set to come on at full-back. Now they certainly will look for the 0-0

  • 33'

    He's off! Stunning! Del Horno tried to get Robben out of jail after an awful piece of work at the back and his tackle was extremely clumsy but a yellow card at the most

  • 33'

    The ref has to sort this out, tempers could now boil over. Rijkaard is making his feelings known from the touchline

  • 32'

    Del Horno crunches into Messi with an awful tackle, both players are on the deck as others converge on the officials looking for a card

  • 31'

    Barcelona are on top now, Chelsea struggling to make an impact

  • 30'

    Free-kick to Barca on the right. Ronaldinho drifts in a high one, Motta's header loops up and into the gloves of Cech on his line

  • 29'

    Del Horno wins the ball ahead of Messi, the Barca players and Frank Riijkaard are incensed at the challenge but there's no whistle

  • 28'

    Gudjohnsen has had to change his boots twice already, trying to find a way to move freely on a woeful surface

  • 27'

    Barcelona carve out a chance from nowhere, Eto'o laying the ball off for the onrushing Ronaldinho to strike - Cech got down brilliantly to his right to keep the ball out and the loose ball is hacked away

  • 26'

    For all the flair and quality on the pitch, there's been little in the way of goalmouth action - Messi's weak shot from distance the only one to test a goalkeeper

  • 25'

    Cole tries to make a move into the box but good defending from van Bronckhorst foils him

  • 24'

    Barcelona enjoy some possession, but Chelsea get numbers back to leave the Spanish side encamped outside the box with nowhere to go

  • 23'

    It really is an evenly matched game, and could take all of the 180 minutes - and more - before we have any clear idea who will advance

  • 22'

    Lampard spots the run of Gudjohnsen who's not been tracked - but a fine last-ditch out-stretched foot from Puyol stops the ball from getting through

  • 21'

    It's a bit of a prolonged stoppage while Crespo is attended to in the centre circle. The stretcher comes on but the Argentine player does not need it, choosing to walk off

  • 20'

    Puyol becomes the first to go into the referee's book for a crunching tackle from behind on Crespo. The striker needs a bit of treatment

  • 19'

    ...rather than take the shot Ronaldinho tries a bit of trickery to cut back inside for the shot. A sea of blue shirts converge on him and get the ball away. For once it should have be substence over style

  • 18'

    Now Barca attack, it's cut across the box from the right by Messi and Eto'o let's it run to Ronaldinho arriving unmarked in the box...

  • 17'

    ...there's no blue shirt to get on the end of a fine cross, it only needed a touch. It runs through back to Lampard who feeds it to Robben on the edge of the box, and the shot is blocked this time

  • 16'

    Lampard takes from the left and the ball to the back post evades everyone - apart from Gudjohnsen. He puts it across the face of goal...

  • 15'

    Lampard swings one in, van Bronckhorst heads it behind

  • 14'

    Chelsea win another free-kick, midway inside the Barca half. Up goes Terry as Lampard looks to deliver again. Motts is all over Terry and the ref again has words

  • 13'

    The ref has a few words with Edmilson after another tough tackle, it may be a yellow card next time

  • 12'

    The flag goes up against Crespo as Lampard tries to send him through over the top - good decision

  • 11'

    Makelele does well to stop the run of Oleguer just as the Barcelona man looked set to start a move

  • 10'

    Terry finds Gudjohnsen on the left with a sublime ball. The Icelandic star controls the ball well and cuts inside - but his fine cross is cleared ahead of the run of Crespo

  • 9'

    This pitch is in such a state it's hard to imagine flowing football - or Barcelona being able to play in their usual style

  • 8'

    Free-kick to Chelsea. Lampard works it short to Cole and accepts the return pass before trying a trademark shot - but it's always floating away from the target

  • 7'

    Del Horno breaks down the left, Deco does well to make the challenge before he can feed in Robben

  • 6'

    It's a good start to the match between two sides eager to make a statement to the other, hopefully there'll be goals

  • 5'

    Barcelona break with young Messi, he's allowed time to pick a shot from just over 20 yards out - but it's straight at Cech and an easy claim

  • 4'

    Edmilson fells Ferreira on the right just outside the area, Robben floats in the cross but it's cleared with ease

  • 3'

    Lampard feeds in Robben down the line with a quick free-kick, he looks to cut it back to the end of the area for the skipper, but Deco intercepts

  • 2'

    The Chelsea fans are in fine voice at the start, looking to push their team onto an early goal

  • 1'

    It's Barcelona who get the game underway with Deco and Eto'o.


    Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard, meanwhile, leaves former Arsenal defender Silvinho on the bench with Giovanni van Bronckhorst preferred at left-back. Samuel Eto'o, still rumoured to be a summer transfer target for Chelsea, spearheads Barca's attack.


    Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is without versatile French defender William Gallas after he failed to recover from a hamstring strain while Michael Essien misses out through suspension. Paulo Ferreira and Asier del Horno claim the full-back positions while Joe Cole and Arjen Robben are handed the task of supplying lone striker Hernan Crespo with the necessary ammunition in attack.


    The tension is building at Stamford Bridge for one the biggest European clashes of the season. Can Chelsea follow Arsenal in gaining the advantage over their Spanish opponents?